Lemon diet experience | Lemon as a medicine

Lemon diet experiences

Lemon diet for weight loss is kept for 14 days and during this time period you can lose up to 10 kilograms. Diet with lemon will not be effective if you do not follow a diet plan and its menus.

Why is it good to eat lemons?

Lemon diet is created in the United States. The basic principle and postulate of this diet is that lemon helps dissolve fat and hinders the accumulation and creation in the body.

The acidity of the lemon reduces hunger, so as to soothe the stomach and the gastric acid and at the same time cannot harm mucosa, although most of us just thinks that it can.

Citric acid concentration is significantly lower than the gastric (hydrochloric) acid. Here it is important to name potassium, which also neutralizes the acid in the stomach part. This mineral is very important for the exchange of nutrients and the normal exchange of water.

Lemon is rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate the tissues - especially the skin, speeds up metabolism in the body. Also it is a great fighter against the deposited fat in veins and lemon as a remedy is great for multiple health benefits besides weight loss.

It is often used for skin care is often part of cosmetic products. It has multiple purposes, whether it comes to wrinkles, acne, dandruff, pimples and others.

Detox of the organism, treatment of chronic fatigue are almost unimaginable without the presence of lemon.
How to keep the diet with lemon?

One squeezed lemon in a glass of water without added sugar drink every morning. Rub lemon marmalade (1 teaspoon) or orange marmalade (if you are not able to obtain with lemon) on two pieces of bread (required integral, not white). Drink unsweetened tea or coffee after breakfast.
This breakfast needs to be eaten every morning during the diet.

  • Snack: an apple and lemon juice (1 cup)
  • Lunch: a plate of lentils (lens) in which you squeeze the lemon juice, wholemeal bread (1 slice)
  • Dinner: Baked sea fish with squeezed lemon juice, a proposal baked mackerel.

  • Snack: the lemonade and banana
  • Lunch: a whole plate of beans sprinkle with lemon juice and a slice of whole-wheat bread
  • Dinner: sprinkle with lemon juice to two fried eggs

  • Brunch: seasonal fruit with a glass of lemonade
  • Lunch: boiled rice sprinkled with lemon juice
  • Dinner: chicken breast (150 grams) sprinkled with lemon with a slice of whole-wheat bread

  • Snack: an apple and a glass of lemonade
  • Lunch: 100 grams of spaghetti (preferably with integrated test) with yogurt and lemon.
  • Dinner: fried beef in pieces, a total of about 150 grams with slices of lemon and a slice of whole grain bread.

  • Snacks: banana and one glass of lemonade
  • Lunch: lentils with squeezed lemon (1 plate), a slice of whole-wheat bread.
  • Dinner: pork chops sprinkled with lemon juice (250g)

  • Snack: the lemonade and apple
  • Lunch: beans sprinkled with lemon juice (1 plate), a slice of whole grain bread
  • Dinner: turkey (breast) sprinkled with lemon juice (about 200 grams)

  • Snack: juice of one lemon with chocolate
  • Lunch: boiled rice with lemon juice (1 plate)
  • Dinner: cutlets of salmon with lemon juice, a slice of whole-wheat bread.

Lemon diet after 7 days can be repeated but not longer than 14 days.

What are the experiences with lemon diet?

As with any other diets with lemon it varies from person to person. If you are disciplined and apply the menu prescribed - success will follow. While it is possible to lose up to 10 kilograms, expect a minimum of 4 to 5 kg in 2 weeks. Do not eat anything off the menu as prescribed by the lemon diet.

Lemon diet other notes
  • Lemon and water during the diet is drunk in large quantities
  • Coffee drinking is mandatory after breakfast and lemonade.
  • Fruits be sure to eat lunch, before or after the lemonade.

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NOTE: be sure to consult a doctor before dieting.

Why should you drink lemon juice?
  • Lemon juice cleanses and stimulates better liver function,
  • Lemon is a natural antioxidant and antiseptic, prevents colds, flu and various kinds of infections,
  • It soothes the stomach, excessive secretion of the gastric acid and helps with colic,
  • Lemon dryer is an excellent remedy for oily hair and dandruff,
  • Water helps digestion, because they are similar in composition to gastric acid,
  • Lemon juice stimulates creation of enzymes in the liver,
  • It enables easier bowel movements and normal operation and also lemon diet,
  • For the treatment of ulcers, stomatitis and gingivitis lemon is essential, which should be instilled in the mouth,
  • It's great for lowering high blood pressure and controlling good cholesterol,
  • Lemon juice alkalizes our body,
  • Lemon and water to dilute the uric acid, which helps patients suffering from gout and arthritis,
  • Resolves and eliminates excess mucus in the body,
  • Lemon relieves pain and prevents muscle cramps,
  • It regulates the metabolism,
  • Treats stress and depression,
  • Reduces the risk of aneurysms and strokes,
  • Eliminates the formation of new stones in the gall bladder and kidney,
  • It works preventive against osteoporosis,
  • Lemon diet is excellent for weight loss.