Green diet experience | recipes

Green diet experience | recipes

Green diet is designed primarily by vegetarians and people which do not prefer meat in their diet. In time of modern technology, the Internet, Facebook pages and groups where there is much talk of a healthy lifestyle and it is possible to find a lot of interesting articles and recipes related to this topics. Among those topics famous are diets based on fresh fruits and vegetables for 2 weeks and during this period it is possible to take off a few kilograms.

Green diet and Vegetarian diet 

Green diet can be freely called healthy diet for weight loss because the basis consists of whole grains, fruits and nuts and unavoidable vegetables. This menu is very healthy because it contains vegetable fibers that help better digestion, eliminates toxins from the body and thus make us healthier and slimmer. In fruits and vegetables in addition to fiber there is a large presence of water (over 70%) which is very useful for our organism. Green vegetarian diet is recommended by dieticians and nutritionists as well as a prevention of many modern diseases about which we wrote earlier. Important note: so do not start a diet without consulting your doctor.

  • Breakfast: every morning start with a glass of fruit juice. Always use freshly squeezed juice do not buy. 
  • Lunch: eat only fruits (bananas eat moderately).
  • Noon: vegetable soup, fresh vegetables, salads and integral toast.
  • Main meal of the day: it is best to start with the juice of fresh vegetables, followed by cooked brown rice (white rice is in no way recommended because it contains a lot of calories) instead of rice you eat a portion of boiled potatoes or potato salad, or in the form of stews.
  • Afternoon snack: low-fat yogurt - bread and other foods.
  • Dinner: carrot juice and mixed salad. 
Green Diet Recipes

Fruit salad:
  • Chop finely fruits that you can get their hands on and add the nutmeg, mint and cinnamon.
  • You can also add half a small teaspoon of honey, sugar is not recommended.
  • If you must add a little unrefined brown sugar


The combination of ingredients is very important because it allows better digestion. Potatoes are to be consumed with other vegetables or other soups. Detoxification of organism is most effective with fresh fruit, which should be eaten as large quantities. Green diet does not recommend mixing fruits with other food and dairy products (yogurt, sour milk, and kefir) which are also eaten independently. Fruits are eaten on an empty stomach and after that you should not eat for the next half an hour. Also three hours after potatoes and brown rice do not eat.

From vegetables be sure to eat: spinach, chard, kale, cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, because they are extraordinary rich with amino acids that our body needs. Eat cottage cheese combined with fresh vegetables, avoid processed and hard cheeses.


This vegetarian diet and proposed green diet lack iron (read lack of iron in the body), and therefore do not supply the body with sufficient amounts of energy. Nutritionists do not recommend that you keep it more than 14 days, which is quite enough to recover the body and to take off the extra pounds.

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