Domestic cocoa cream recipe that you have to try

Domestic cocoa cream better than the original

Cocoa cream can now be purchased under various trade names and product labeling. Mostly it is synonymous with carefree childhood, when we did not count calories and were even wary of excessive intake of sugar. However, nutritionists recommend we reasonably read composition of each product from the supermarket.

We buy spreads despite extremely harmful sugar, full of additives whose task is to make it more inviting, more compact and more palatable. However, if you prepared cream cocoa yourself, you can get delicious, but also a healthy treat. It will not contain excessive amounts of sugar and unnecessary ingredients.

Unfortunately, if you count calories or you are on a diet, you will still have to control your passion. If the dosage is moderate, domestic spread of cocoa can be nutritious and healthy meal.

What is the part of composition of this healthy spread of cocoa?

The basis of this spread consists of hazelnut and cocoa, which gives it its famous rich chocolate taste. Delicate structure is provided by the butter, and within it is an indispensable sweetener.

Although most recipes for cocoa spreads provide us with the use of sugar, artificial are certainly not welcome. Today there is an abundance of natural sweeteners that provide a sweet taste, and without risk to health.

This simple combination of ingredients provides an ideal scale of nutrients to meet the daily requirements of minerals. It is also is rich in good fats and vitamin E and those of the B-group.
Cocoa spread for children is an ideal meal. The children's daily activities require energy, but also the building blocks of muscle - protein and carbohydrates.

In its composition cocoa contains calories in small amounts. In a bucket of raw powder (5g) there 5 calories. In small quantities, these foods are not grown, so feel free to consume them. But when it comes to domestic Nutella, be careful not to overdo it with the consumption.

What natural sweetener is used?

The main problem with chocolate and cocoa spreads is large amounts of sugar, as it needs to overcome the bitter taste of cocoa. However, instead of the notorious white sugar, stevia may be used, or some other natural sweetener.

Phenomenal stevia

If you use stevia in granules, inform yourself well on its concentration. Because depending on the manufacturer, it can replace the same amount of sugar, or be stronger. Then you need to use half as much.

Learn more about this extraordinary natural sweetener that does not increase weight.

Local honey

Many instead of sugar use local honey. In that case, one should bear in mind that, depending on the viscosity and the type of honey, it may change the structure of the spread. Obtained cocoa cream will be somewhat smoother than usual.

Maple syrup

It is also a good substitute for sugar, but you should pay attention to the information in the declaration. Many products, especially those cheaper contain glucose syrup or sugar.

Cocoa as a medicine for heart and nerves

Cocoa is a food rich in phosphorus, and contains a high percentage of iron, even much more than, for example, spinach. Thanks to the high percentage of magnesium, it has a therapeutic and soothing effect on nervous system and muscles. It is useful in the case of neurological and cardiovascular diseases, since it increases the elasticity of blood vessels.

The content of B vitamins, especially B3, is very important. This vitamin plays an important role in lowering blood cholesterol levels, and in the protection of various cardiovascular diseases.

It is also important for the synthesis of sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), and insulin. Therefore, eat organic cocoa cream, other than the above, it is necessary for a healthy nervous system and brain function.

Hazelnut is a valuable source of energy

The core of hazelnut contains an extremely high percentage of easily digestible matter, protein and good fats. It is rich in vitamins B group, important for building muscle mass, mechanisms of deposit of energy. Indispensable to strengthen the nervous system.

Vitamin E maintains the perfect skin vitality and has a positive effect on our blood vessels. As a result it keeps the heart muscle. Just like the healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which in hazelnuts are found in ideal proportion.

Thanks to the large reserves of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron and calcium, hazelnut is one of the most valuable energy supplies. Domestic cocoa cream is rich in this ingredient, so be sure to include it in your menus.

How to make cocoa cream in a home version

The best and healthiest cream of cocoa you will make yourself at your home. Unlike the purchased products here you always know where you are, because you have a complete overview of each ingredient.

Here is how to make a homemade Nutella:
full cup of peeled hazelnuts,
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder,
  • 5 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup,
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract,
  • a tablespoon of butter,
  • a pinch of sea salt.

Preparation of the spread:

Hazelnuts bake at 180 degrees for eight to ten minutes, until slightly darkened and until they start to put out the aroma. Then put them in a cloth and rub well until the shell falls from them. In a blender grind them until they turn into a smooth butter.

Add all other ingredients and stir well, pour in a glass container and refrigerate. Before using, remove from the fridge the domestic cocoa cream so it can be on a room temperature.

NOTE: Part of hazelnuts can be replaced by the same amount of almonds or cashews. Instead of butter you can use hazelnut oil.

Where to buy a good purchased product?

If your time does not permit it, nor are you able to make your own spreads, you can buy it. You'll find it in health food stores, and supermarkets. The thing to look for is the packaging and the composition of such products. It is required that on it there must be a stamp that it does not contain sugar or glucose syrup.

For such a purchase cocoa cream price is slightly higher than the ordinary and it is more than 4 dollars for a jar of 250 grams. Usually these spreads are wearing tags such as Bio or Organic. If you are buying online, also perform a thorough check.

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