Diet with grains experiences | grains for weight loss

The diet with grains

The diet with cereals is quite simple than the conventional diet for weight loss, especially those heavy restrictive ones. Many will view it as a strength, but of course it has negative sides.

Diet with grains 14 DAYS

The basic concept with these diets is to replace two regular daily meals with grains, so it is not necessary to have a complete renunciation of every meal. Maybe at first glance, it seems easy, but it is not quite so simple, two meals should be replaced with a cup of whole-grain cereals and milk with as a lower percentage of fat. You can opt for two variants: breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. You can make a decision and start. As we all already mentioned this diet should not be kept longer than two weeks.

Breakfast with grain 

Whether you opt for a variant 1 or 2 which we mentioned above, breakfast in both cases will be healthy, because then the grains are required in this diet. Important note: be sure not to buy unverified fitness cereals, muesli cereals or porridge in the supermarkets, because here, as well as with all the other there is risk. Believe it or not there are those with a lot of sugar and stuff in it that we certainly do not need when we are on a diet. Keep to proven products, and our recommendation is to buy oatmeal, muesli cereals, and grains in health food stores in bulk. Be sure milk is low fat.

Cereal for dinner

If you decide that your lunch is the main daily meal then eat milk with cereals in the evening, otherwise your dinner will be the main meal. In both variants (lunch or dinner) is essential that your main meal does not have a lot of fat, but that it contains a lot of vegetables, clean meat (fish or boiled chicken) and to be healthier. Our proposal is Mediterranean cuisine.
What are the best grains for weight loss?

What makes grains good for weight loss is very favorable to our digestion, and therefore the health in general. Diet with grains does not starve us, because of the fact that they keep us satiated for a longer period of time, and our bodies do not feel constant hunger but with time reduce appetite. We certainly would recommend oatmeal to start and then you can combine the other grains.

Diet with grains; experiences 

Since it is easy to follow, it does not require counting the calories and no special preparation of foods, diet with cereals has rapidly become a hit among the population and even with Hollywood divas. All you need are healthy grains, low fat milk and a decent Mediterranean meal during the day and you will lose about 3 kilograms in two weeks. This result is not as spectacular as in many fierce restrictive diets, but certainly is not small. On the economic side it is also very acceptable, because the diet is inexpensive and does not spend money on some special foods. Please note that the main meal is prepared with a little oil (roasted chicken for example.), our proposal is olive oil, boiled vegetables, fish, whole-grain bread etc. Regular physical activity and adequate fluid intake per day is definitely recommended during dieting, alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Diet with grains, bad sides

One of the bad sides of this diet is that it knows to become dull. If you are extremely creative and combine different grains in the diet, after 5-6 days this diet some can be quite monotone. Luckily period of 14 days is not so long and you should not get could feet. Other bad side is that the diet with grains includes carbohydrates in the diet as well as other foods.

Diet with grains; CONCLUSION

If you are ready for the big challenge, we recommend that you try this diet. If you follow the basic guidelines you will lose weight. In case of any health problems, consult your doctor before you start your diet. Experts do not recommend that diet with cereals is used frequently because of potential health problems primarily due to reduced intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber, and should not be kept longer than 14 days. If you encounter on the Internet the following names: diet with oat flakes, muesli diet for weight loss, it is probably a very similar concept of weight loss.

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