Citrus diet | experience | results

Citrus diet melts fat. It is great for fat burning and leads to a fairly significant reduction of weight.

What are citruses?

Citrus or citrus plants belong to the family Ruticeae and come from Southeast Asia. In Europe were brought over by Spanish Conquistadores around the 15th century.

Citrus species are: lime, tangerine, lemon and pomelo while most are hybrids: grapefruit, lemon, and sweet orange, Tangerine.

Citrus diet supplies our body with copious amounts of Vitamin C, helps digestion, cleanses the body of harmful toxins-detoxifies the body and removes up to 6 kg in 14 days.

Citrus diet breakfast

Every morning on an empty stomach, begin with citrus juice; 1 lemon diluted with 1.5 dl of mineral water.

Breakfast for each day:

Breakfast is based on 1 slice of whole wheat bread, a piece of low fat cheese, then one glass of squeezed orange juice, lemon or grapefruit. Also instead you can drink a cup of yogurt with low fat and 3 tablespoons of healthy cereals with no added sugar or cornflakes.

Citrus diet menu

Day 1
  • Lunch: 1 hard-boiled egg, cucumber salad, sauce with yogurt or a cup of sour milk, pepper and parsley. One citrus mandarin, grapefruit or orange.
  • Snack: Juice of half a grapefruit or lemon, or a cup of low fat yogurt
  • Dinner: half a cup of mushrooms (cooked) with a cup of cooked pasta (preferably integral) with soy sauce. 

Day 2
  • Lunch: soup (1 plate), carrots (2 cups) fresh lemon juice (2 tablespoons), olive oil (1 tablespoon) of finely chopped onion (medium size), soy sauce and cooked rice (1 cup).
  • Snack: juice of 1/2 lemon and 1 cup of low fat yogurt
  • Dinner: boiled chicken breast without skin with 2 tablespoons of "light mayonnaise", coleslaw, lemon juice and black pepper, one citrus fruit (grapefruit or orange)

Day 3
  • Lunch: 1 cup and a quarter of pork tenderloin grilled with salt, pepper and lemon juice + same amount of boiled potatoes.
  • Snack: lemonade and cups of fat free yogurt
  • Dinner: potatoes (1 cup), onion cook in olive oil (2 tablespoons), add the chicken breast without skin (2 cups), when the vegetables soften add the parsley, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Day 4
  • Lunch: boiled or baked potatoes cut in half and add 1 tablespoon of cream, a tablespoon of yogurt, a small onion (finely chopped), black pepper, with 2 fish fillets (preferably smoked)
  • Snack: a cup of low fat yogurt and juice of 1/2 lemon
  • Supper: a slice of bread from whole wheat flour with 1 small spoon of butter.

Day 5
  • Lunch: 1/2 cup of cooked pasta, served with sauce and pork tenderloin baked without fat (1 cup) 2 tablespoons cream, tablespoon of lemon juice seasoned with basil and pepper
  • Snack: lemonade and 1 cup of yogurt with low fat
  • Dinner: potato salad (of boiled potato -1 cup), 5-6 black olives, finely chopped onion (1 main head). Pour a spoon of lemon juice, salted, pepper and eat with smaller slice of whole-wheat bread.
Citrus diet experience

The key to success with this diet is to start metabolism and improve digestion. Agrumes are most responsible for it. Acid from citrus fruits highly supports all processes. Daily practice - daily physical activity will help to preserve good health and will definitely help you in melting the fatty deposits. Aerobic exercises, need to be done for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. Combination with citrus diet will make your efforts visible within 2 weeks. As with other diets, citrus diet has a different effect among participants, mainly depends on discipline. If you follow diet plans and menus and conscientiously implement it, I'll take off 5-6 kilograms in two weeks. Citrus diet experiences are in some participants a lot worse and melt down only about 2-3 kg. Again all the individual and the question is how the aforementioned users comply with the menu. Many other diets as well as citrus diet is not a long term solution, but is closer to instant diets on which we also wrote about in the category of fast diets.

Citrus diet results

In order to achieve optimal body weight, slim waist and to maintain the slim figure necessary are changes in lifestyle and dieting. There is no diet that will help us in 3-5-7 or 14 days. Permanent ejection of carbonated drinks, fruit juices with artificial sweeteners, alcohol is in our opinion a much better option. Mentioned juices replace with freshly squeezed citrus fruits, as citrus diet recommends and you will melt 6 kg. Read the mandatory articles medical diet, diet with lemon.

NOTE: be sure to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before opting for citrus diet.

There are several varieties: Orange diet, a diet with biscuits, but they have a different diet plans and menus.