Cholesterol diet | Diet against cholesterol

Cholesterol diet in six weeks, you can take off 8-10% of LDL cholesterol-a (bad cholesterol) as claimed by the authors of this diet. It is required that each participant strictly adheres to the prescribed menu and diet plan in order to achieve these results.

Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides

From vascular diseases and cardiovascular problems one person dies every 5 minutes. Also 50% of the population in the world have high blood pressure. Some of the main causes of such conditions come from stress and neglect towards personal health. Unhealthy diet is the main cause of these problems.

Cholesterol values 

The recommended maximum levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood:
  • Total cholesterol levels: less than 200 mg / 100 mL (<5.2 mmol / L)
  • HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol): over 35 mg / 100 ml (1.0 to 1.54 mmol / L)
  • LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol): Less than 130 mg / 100 mL (<2.6 mmol / L)
  • Triglycerides: less than 1.7 mg / 100 ml (<1.7 mmol / L)

Cholesterol diet or TLC diet

Since high blood cholesterol is a global problem, the US National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Health) has made a diet that involves therapeutic lifestyle changes abbreviated TLC diet. In many countries the name has not yet been adopted, so the terms are used: cholesterol diet, cholesterol and triglycerides, etc., which are mostly the same.


The essence against cholesterol is proper nutrition, which excludes a large amounts of food of animal origin. Cholesterol diet involves daily intake of large quantities of boiled vegetables and fresh fruit, chicken without skin and of course the fish that is especially recommended because they contain omega-3 fatty acids that are an integral part of therapy.

LDL cholesterol greatly increases the risk of stroke and heart attack but precisely for this reason the authors recommend the expulsion of such food. Bad cholesterol is found in saturated fats: fat meat, industrial products, and dairy products with high fat and fried food. Find out more about them in our article on trans-fats in the diet. Cholesterol diet requires each participant to include monounsaturated oils such as peanut oil, flaxseed and natural quality olive oil in their diet.

CHOLESTEROL DIET MENU (example for one day)
  • Breakfast: a boiled egg, a slice of whole grain bread or integral roll, an apple
  • Snack: a slice of whole-wheat bread and 40 grams of lean cheese, orange
  • Lunch: servings of green salad prepared with olive oil, cooked brown rice (1 jay), and 60 grams of chicken without skin (baked goods).
  • Snack: healthy snacks - a handful of hazelnuts or almonds, 2 dl of yogurt with low fat and 1/2 banana
  • Dinner: grilled fish (50 grams), cooked Swiss chard (1 cup) with a teaspoon of olive oil and a small portion of boiled potatoes.


This diet in addition of reducing cholesterol by 8 -10% in the first six weeks, melt about two kilograms a week, which is commendable because it is a very healthy diet for weight loss. Our recommendation is that when you are making your own plan to mandatory eat fruit 2-4 times a day, also drink yogurt, milk, eat cheese and other dairy products up to two times a day, taking into account that the fat content is below 1%. Lean meat limit to a maximum of 150 grams per day, cakes and sweets are to be avoided and fizzy drinks and alcohol is strictly prohibited.

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