The diet with baby food | baby food diet

The diet with baby food or baby food diet began the moment it is established that baby size portions fit perfectly with the needs of people dieting. This means that a person on a diet has a sufficient daily amounts of calories, eat healthy meal and somehow trick the hunger. As it usually happens, when something like this is published and disclosed, a real chaos emerged. Hollywood was the first in it, because it has been a real commotion and craze for baby food precisely the little jars of it. Many known stars and film divas ate baby food and were pleased with the results. To the rest of the world everything that is going on there, the baby food diet has become a global phenomenon that is constantly expanding to all continents. Since we are in the midst of the holiday season, the situation is somewhat easier when it comes to losing weight.

The diet with baby food concept

Stick to 6 weeks in combination with exercise and physical activity which guarantees the loss of up to 10 kilograms. Tracy Anderson invented the diet and she is known as Hollywood fitness instructor. According to her baby food is very well balanced, especially when it comes to intake of sugar, salt and other artificial additives which are almost not present. One portion usually contains up to 150 calories and less. The actress Jennifer Aniston has also applied this diet and its menu is made up of 14 small baby meals and lunch based on Mediterranean cuisine, mostly fish with green vegetables.
How are functioning diet with baby food?

There are several varieties, many starting with 3-4 jars between the meals. Normal meals are eaten 3 times a day. The baby food contains few calories and provides adults with enough energy.
Another variant is that a few jars of baby food are eaten instead of a meal, usually lunch. Perfect is baby lunch for children who have just learned to walk, it contains carrots, sweet potatoes, and contains up to a maximum of 200 calories. It has little amount of calories but satisfies the hunger.

Diet with baby food experiences

Advantages: The jars are very practical, they do not have to be strictly kept in the fridge, it is easy to carry in a bag and this food has a large selection of the most diverse taste. The food is cooked, well packaged, preservative-containing vitamins and minerals. With baby food you can have full control of daily caloric intake. Food in jars is intended for children who have just learned to walk, it can suppress appetite in most cases and in adults, contains just min. calories needed for the body. With people who practice gluten-free food that is gluten-free diet, there is also a large selection of baby food.

Baby food diet deficiencies

A detailed research on children's food and adults has not been conducted by experts, as well as medical Instruction on proper consumption. So there is a problem to determine an accurate measure of jars while we are on a diet. Children’s food is completely mushy and does not require chewing, which means that it is not good for adults where chewing is essential for proper digestion. Also it is intended for young children and does not contain at all the spices, salt and added sugar and additives to which adults are not accustomed to.

Baby food diet; comments 

These foods cannot possibly meet all the nutritional needs of adults and therefore require caution. It is intended to the youngest and most sensitive babies, and does not contain harmful additives, but it is very healthy and nutritious. Our recommendation is to combine children's food with one normal meal. This way can be very effective for losing weight and healthy weight loss.

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