Zone Diet menu, recipes and experiences


The Zone diet is another high-protein diet in which there is a reduced carbohydrate intake during the day. Dieting in the zone adheres to the concept of the proper balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins at each meal. In this way, the zone diet controls insulin levels and brings excellent results in weight loss, but also gives other benefits to our health as a whole.


The Zone diet is designed by the American biochemist Dr. Barry Sears, based on his concept of the rule of 40:30:30. What does it represent? Zone diet is unique because every meal should contain 40 percent of carbohydrates, then 30% of protein and 30% of fat. This unique concept and a healthy diet has attracted a number of celebrities, especially popular among Hollywood stars, among them are Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock and others.

Dr. Sears claims that diet zone stabilizes blood sugar and balances the work of hormones. According to him every obesity is caused by leaving the zone, and in a way we have a greater intake of carbohydrates, increasing the level of insulin in the blood, which causes increased hunger and desire for food. It is also the main reason for the increased BMI - body mass index as well as the deposition of fat around the stomach and thighs (read anti-cellulite diet)

In his book Barry Sears among other things, answers some of the questions:
  • Are the modern diets and nutritional theories good or wrong?
  • Can eating properly be the answer and antidote to all modern diseases?
  • Why is Zone diet far more successful in athletes than other students?
  • Why should heart patients avoid carbohydrates in the diet?
  • How to balance the level of glucagon and insulin in the body?
  • Does nutrition in the zone permanently remove weight?
  • How to find the perfect form and physical condition?
  • How to reduce the risk of cancer and serious illnesses?

Zone Diet Recipes

Recipes in the zone are based on foods that contain carbohydrates desirable in a greater amounts. They include mostly vegetables and fruits. Limitations still exist in the consumption of potatoes and rice. Also, the bread should be eaten in moderation. Food in the area can be a great prevention for heart disease and diabetes, the recommended amount is 5 servings per day - three main meals and two snacks.
  • Almonds and olives are excellent foods to maintain a balance of fats and carbohydrates in the body. They control insulin secretion and give your body an incentive to burn fat, especially in the area of stomach. All of this is thanks to monounsaturated fatty acids, which they are rich in.
  • Beans, lentils, yogurt, milk and sour cream with low fat and chicken without skin are an excellent source of protein. Zone diet adheres to the rule that 55 grams of protein daily is a minimum needs of our body to function normally. This number is adjusted to our kilograms and years.
  • Eat bread made from barley because it is very rich with carbohydrates, avoid white bread.
  • A much better source of carbon fiber than pasta, bread and potatoes are fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and contain much less calories. Recommendation for every day is vegetable salad - large in volume and low in calories, helps better digestion and eliminates constipation which cleans the blood.

Zone diet menu 

Dr. Barry Sears in the 70s began to explore this diet, and in 1995 published the book Life in the z one which has since then produced many editions with complete menus for this diet. The premature death of his father (in 53-years of a heart attack), Sears has studied the role of fat as the most common cardiovascular disease in modern man. Presenting the concept 40:30:30 aroused the interest of the professional public and his book has become a real bestseller. We will use this opportunity to give you an example menu for one day.
  • Breakfast: omelet 4 egg whites, two cups of cooked vegetables with olive oil (1 teaspoon) and 1.7 dl of freshly squeezed oranges.
  • Snack: Gouda cheese 30 grams
  • Lunch: tuna (120g) in tomato sauce
  • Snack: yogurt with low-fat (1%)
  • Dinner: 120 grams of steak marinated in port, mushrooms, green peppers and olive oil.

What are the experiences with Zone diet?

From the above menu, you will notice that the Zone diet is not exactly cheap and this may represent a problem for some. If you opt for this concept of weight loss, make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water daily and exercise regularly.

Zone diet has helped many and after one month normalized overall health and took off excess of kilograms. Studies have shown that a diet 40:30:30 significantly reduces the level of triglycerides, cholesterol, regulates insulin levels, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Zone diet on average reduces half a kilogram per week, is not difficult, you will feel good and you'll be in the mood all the time, because it does not fall in quick diets and is not good for those who want to achieve good results in a quick time.

NOTE: be sure to consult your doctor, the Zone diet is not recommended to kidney patients. We recommend you to read the following texts: the treatment of cancer in a natural way diabetes symptoms and treatment, meat diet for weight loss, chrono nutrition, etc.