Toast diet experiences

Toast diets 

Toast diet is an effective, quick and easy way for losing weight and eliminate toxins from the body, and especially suitable for persons who cannot give up bread from their menu. Some authors call it a diet with oranges and biscuits, and many people confuse it with medical military diet, with which it definitely has similarities.

We certainly liked it because it is rich in fruit and vegetables and whole grains, which together form an excellent basis for good health, mostly due to the abundance of vitamins, minerals and foods we intake. For a complete menu read below, as well as about experiences of other participants.


The combination of healthy dietary fiber from oranges and other citrus fruits which is recommended by toast diet, favors better and faster digestion of food, the faster burning of calories and melting of fat. With this method not only will you speed up the metabolism, but you will eliminate fat around the waist and reduce the accumulated weight. Diet with a toast lasts for 15 days. Here is the case of five-day menu, which later is applied during the remaining two weeks:

Breakfast for all 15 days is the same: One toast, fresh orange (as a replacement you can use cantaloupe, watermelon, peach, pear ...), unsweetened coffee, unsweetened tea or fresh lemonade.

  • For lunch, take back one orange, sour cream and hardboiled egg. Dinner should be richer with vegetables, eat two whole tomatoes (if it is out of season, use boiled and one cup of 2 dl), half of lettuce or one whole cucumber with two boiled eggs.

  • Lunch is the same as the first day, only add the two pieces of toast. For dinner prepare 125g of ground beef, moderately sized tomato of toast bread, a cup of tea or coffee is understood without sugar or sweeteners.

  • The main meal is the same as in the first two days instead of 2 slices of toast, add a whole head of lettuce, as a replacement you can take two cucumbers. Toast diet recommends for dinner minced meat (125 g) with a piece of toast, an orange and a cup of unsweetened coffee

  • For lunch prepare cottage cheese (125g), medium size tomato (liquid as a substitute), a piece of toast. Again for dinner have minced meat (about 125 grams) with two tomatoes, a piece of toast and an apple.

  • On the fifth day toast diet recommends fish for lunch or cooked meat (200 grams in both cases) with tomato and a piece of toast. For dinner eat 500 grams of boiled or cooked vegetables (potatoes, carrots, and peas), one boiled egg and fresh tomato.


One of the questions which you have previously asked on our Facebook page was whether has a lot of calories? Thus, in 100 grams there is 361 calories, it probably looks like a lot but in one or two pieces there is a lot less than 100 grams. Second thing that goes in its favor is that it makes you full easily since you have to chew it a lot. What makes a person obese are various greasy bakery products, which can quickly be chewed and swallowed within 15 minutes.
We know well that it takes time for a signal that tells our brain we are full to reach it. Obese people are doing exactly this mistake - they eat a lot quickly and in short intervals, when brain is failing to process this information. We recommend an article obesity in adults and children. Arguments are various and it is up to you to decide whether the toast diet is good for you or not. The fact is that toast is eaten significantly less than white and soft bread, and we should not neglect the fact that precisely this food is included in a large number of popular diets.

Diet with oranges?

Maybe you are little confused with this title but believe us there is no reason for it. As we just wrote about the toast, we are completely neglecting the main star- orange. We have already said to toast diet, could comfortably be called a diet with orange as this citrus fruit is present in all 15 days. Its effectiveness is known from long time ago. It is extremely rich in vitamin C, increases the body's resistance to various infections, preventing a further decline of immunity, it is rich in minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus).

Cleanses us from toxins, eliminating all chemical waste, it is very aromatic and delicious, children and adults love it. This low-calorie fruit is unparalleled, and is present in almost all diets except for the hard protein that entirely dismisses fruits from the menu. Orange improves mood, is useful for our skin and strengthens hair.


Authors and creators of this and many other diet for weight loss are often inclined to sensationalism - especially when it comes to titles. Toast diet is also not spared of this, and here is the title we encountered a few years ago: "diet in 15 days 15 kg less" which is far fetched? Back then, it seemed utterly frivolous and incredible and to this day nothing changed. Practice has shown that a diet with toast effectively removes excess fat, and that 15 kg in 15 days is too much, and for us that is a case of bad marketing.

The discussion about these titles and diets is lead on well-known international portals about weight loss. We do not have to mention how many are of those who allegedly lost many kilograms and but let’s leave it at that. In order not to reject all the useful things that toast diet offers because of the title, we give you a few suggestions that will certainly help in losing weight.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water and try to be physically active every day (bike, walk, exercise)
  • Do not season the meat when preparing
  • toast diet strictly prohibits alcohol, and cigarettes if preferably should be avoided
  • follow the menu according to your own plan and change it as you prefer,
  • Potatoes should not be combined with other vegetables that are on the menu and try to be creative about it,
  • eat fruit separately from other food, and do not eat them immediately after the main meal.

The experiences of the participants are that toast diet reduces around 7 to 10 kilograms which is not even close to 15 kilograms. Our only complaint was a slightly higher number of eggs that are to be eaten for 15 days, if that does not represents a problem, consult your doctor or a nutritionist, and in agreement with them, start the diet. Note: only a healthy person uphold this diet.

If toast diet is not particularly interesting we recommend: chrono diet, alkaline diet, un diet, etc.