Medical military diet and experiences of participants

Medical military diet; 15 and 18 day

The struggle with overweight often brings many frustrations, sacrifices, restrictive diet methods that are exhausting for your body. Medical military diet brings an effective solution for the regulation of body weight, without incurring the risks that would endanger the general health. Eminent experts from the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade during the multi-year analysis created this diet, especially for patients who need to lose weight because of surgery that awaits them.

In addition to weight loss this diet provides vitality, accelerates metabolism, and detoxifies the whole body and there is a feeling of fullness. Fatigue, as opposed to other methods of exhausting diet, is completely eliminated, thanks to the efficient and a select menu that is applied when it comes to this diet.

How does this diet work?

There are many diets that are similar to it, some even claim that they are better and more efficient and faster. However, you must know that all the other diets are based on the rapid loss of excess body weight, which results in serious distortion of the overall state of health. While, on the other hand, medical military diet is used primarily to accelerate the metabolism and improve health, which ultimately leads to a natural and healthy weight loss.

During the implementation of this diet, body weight is reduced due to the significant reduction in fat intake and carbohydrates, and increases their conversion into energy that the body will spend. This principle is completely natural way to lose weight, because it is based on processes that are not exhausting for the body, and the results are noticeable and, most importantly, sustainable for a longer period.

Medical military diet includes elimination of fruit, potatoes, sugar, pasta and cereal products from the diet, and recommended moderate consumption of eggs, meat, lettuce, fish and coffee. If you correctly follow the rules of this diet for weight loss you will successfully eliminate 5 to as much as 15 kilograms in a period of 15 or 18 days. In the following text we will talk you through the basic rules and the menu of this diet.

The rules of the medical military diet are strict 

Due to the fact that it originates from an institution that is military-style, so this diet itself requires strict adherence to certain rules, which you must keep until the ending.

The most important thing is to completely eliminate sugar – both from the food itself and beverages. You are not allowed to use artificial sweeteners because they very quickly produce hunger. It also includes a ban on drinking alcohol, which is the main cause of creation of fatty deposits in the abdomen, as well as a total ban on smoking cigarettes.

Since it is a diet that works on a cyclical basis, once every fifth day it is repeated. Depending on the desired results you want to achieve, this diet for weight loss is carried out 15-18 days.

An indispensable advice is that you have to drink at least 8 glasses of water, or at least 2 liters of water. You can safely consume lemonade or green tea, which has demonstrated to successfully fight against excess weight, which was confirmed by experts from the Military Medical Academy.

In lines that follow we will present you which foods you can eat. It is very important that you follow the sequence in the right order, because combining them or changing it in any way is not allowed in practice.

Daily menu plan

During the implementation of this diet there are three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure that the distance between them is 4-5 hours and make sure that you do not skip meals.

When breakfast is concerned, it is always the same and is based on the input of natural fruit sugar from oranges. This fruit is also an integral part of the lunch and dinner, because fructose is more easily digested and does not create fat. Therefore, this diet is often referred to as the diet with oranges.

First day

For breakfast we eat 1 orange, 1 piece of toast, a cup of coffee or tea (without sweetener).

For lunch we have a boiled egg, two tablespoons of sour cream, 1 toast, 1 orange. As a substitute for cream you are allowed to eat the same amount of yogurt or a cup of yogurt.

For dinner eat 1-2 biscuits and two boiled eggs, 1 tomato and a cucumber.

Second day

For breakfast, take 1 orange, 1 toast, and drink a cup of coffee or tea (no sugar).

Lunch is similar to the previous day, because we eat a boiled egg, two tablespoons of sour cream, and this time, eat two biscuits, and at the end 1 orange.

Dinner is richer in protein, because with 1 piece of toast we need to eat 125 g of ground beef, you can fry it in a pan with a little oil. Eat also a tomato, and then 1 fresh orange. Make sure you do not eat pork because it is greasy and hard to digest.

The third day

You can start your breakfast with one orange, 1 toast, a cup of coffee or tea, of course without sweeteners.

Lunch is easily digestible, as you will with boiled egg, two tablespoons of sour cream (or sour milk), add one fresh cucumber. For dessert one orange.

Dinner is like in the previous days rich in protein, so with one toast slightly fry 125g of minced beef, then you can drink a cup of coffee or tea without sugar with an orange.

The fourth day 

Breakfast is the same, so eat first 1 orange, 1 piece of toast, and finally drink a cup of coffee or tea (without sweetener). If you are tired of toast, and you want something different you can replace it with four crackers, but note that they must not be salted.

Lunch is light and rich in natural proteins, as you will with a piece of toast slice 125 gr of new cottage cheese and diced fresh tomato.

Dinner is again full of protein, so you will with two biscuits (or eight crackers), fry 125 grams of minced meat and vegetables as well as eat two fresh tomatoes.

The fifth day

For breakfast, eat an orange, one toast, and drink a cup of coffee and tea without sugar.

For lunch, prepare 200 g of cooked beef without salt, as a spice you can use a bit of soy sauce, a piece of toast and a fresh tomato.

Dinner is light, so with hard-boiled egg prepare 500 grams of boiled vegetables.

After the fifth day, return to the first and so on until the fifteenth day. If you want to lose more body weight, you can continue up to eighteen days. After that, you will be lighter and up to 15 kilograms, and you will feel awesome and vibrant.
How to keep a one-day medical military diet

To make sure that the weight you lost will not come back, we advise you to keep this weekly mini-diet. It is conducted according to the following menu:

For breakfast you can drink 2 dl of juice drained from the whole lemon or grapefruit, natural without added sugar nor artificial sweeteners. If you like lime, you can add a single leaf to the morning beverage to give it a nice refreshing taste.

Lunch consists of a single piece of toast or a pastry from whole rolls and one fresh apple.

Dinner is light, and you will for it eat a hard-boiled egg, one tomato and one biscuit or four crackers. If you prefer tomato juice, you can replace it with the fresh vegetables you can drink 2dl of it.

Experiences and comments of users of this diet 

We bring you some comments of participants of this medical military diet.
I successfully lost 3 kilograms after five days of its application, strictly adhering to the rules and the menu, which are provided by this diet. Although I am an athlete and I have a daily training, I did not feel fatigue nor weakness. - Igor, 23 years 
I had a very slow metabolism, so the first five days I did not see that I'm losing weight. That led me to the temptation to stop the diet, but I have strong will and desire so I moved on. After only seven days I noticeably I began to lose weight, but I mostly lost weight in the abdomen area that is most critical. Medical military helped me lose 8 kilograms. - Bojana, 30 years old. 
During the pregnancy I gained a lot of weight, and the most difficult thing for me was after the birth, because I always had the same weight. I was quite depressed, but I was afraid that I would impair my health with diets. A friend told me that the best thing for me was medical military diet for weight loss. I was delighted, and after five days I lost six kilograms! I liked the fact that this is the diet with oranges that I normally love. - Sofia, 33 years

Important information and instructions

Before you decide to apply this diet and solve the problem of excess weight, you should consult your doctor to know whether this diet is appropriate choice for your body. In particular, you should bear in mind that the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited and that you need to follow this principle.

Be sure that the daily intake of water is at least 2 liters per day especially due to the fact that this will prevent dehydration and eliminate the occurrence of hunger during the night. Avoid using salt when storing food (especially meat), since it will help to create a seeming sense of fullness which is, in fact, the result of the accumulation of water. Medical military diet for weight loss will relieve excess fluid from the body, only if you follow its rules.

If you have successfully finished this diet, calorie intake diet should gradually increase to the optimum level. Nutrition should be normalized slowly, without exaggeration, to avoid the so-called calorie shock, or rapid weight gain.

Benefits of medical military diet 
  • Unlike other low-calorie diets, there is no subsequent reaction such as difficulty with memory and maintaining attention, feelings of weakness, drowsiness, excessive irritability etc.
  • Results are visible after a few days and it is recommended that you follow all the rules. This will allow a faster metabolism and fat burning, which prevents yoyo effect.
  • This diet for weight loss is the best choice if you want to quickly and effectively solve cellulite problem.
  • Everybody can use it especially diabetics, people with problems with the thyroid gland and those who have heart problems.
  • For a relatively short period of time you will solve the excess weight problem and your body will be grateful for it. Most importantly, thanks to successful results, medical military diet for weight loss does not have to be repeated at least one year after its implementation.