Malignant tumor | diet against cancer

Malignant tumor and anti-cancer diet

Malignant tumor is more common today than ever and malignant diseases are more common among the population. In the treatment of malignant diseases the official medicine applies surgical procedures, radiation and anticancer drugs, and the choice of treatment depends mostly on the stage of disease, localization and general condition of a patient. In initial stages of cancer, as in the case of certain types of malignant disease, this treatment gives good results, however when the cancerous process spreads, there remains only a palliative therapy (to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life of the patient).

Malignant disease in men and women

In both sexes malignancy is equally present. In hoping to beat the cancer that is malignant tumor, many patients give a clear advantage to alternative medicine, expecting miraculous cure. Meanwhile, you should know that many of these methods are not supported by scientific research and some of them may be life-threatening (treatment of cancer with kerosene or cyanide compounds). Families of patients are still willing to give money and try out various remedies and "traditional medicine" and that they had no proof of their effectiveness. However, an alternate medicine cannot be completely ruled out, since there are methods of treatment that include lifestyle changes, primarily the concept of food and activities, which can be of great benefit to health. Homeopathy, acupuncture, phytotherapy, meditation, yoga, detoxification, healing starvation (Breauss diet), macrobiotic and raw food that is consuming raw food.

HOW TO BEAT CANCER - malignant tumor

Understand the disease in the right way!!! When a person finds out that he or she was suffering from cancer, the first question is: "Why does this happening to me." It is expected for anger, and sadness, and fear to come out, but these feelings are not desirable in the further struggle with the disease, according to experts of holistic medicine. The disease should be seen as a sign that the body needs a change and if the patient realizes this and in time starts to change, there are much better chances to get out of this fight as a winner. If the healing process is accompanied by negative feelings, the patient will have less strength to fight, but needs to know that emotions such as anger and sadness are causes of most diseases. There is evidence that cancer often affects more people who are stressed, nervous, have unhappy life and they do not have inner peace.

Malignant tumors – discard harmful habits

It is known that the development of cancer is a long process and that sometimes it takes years, even decades, for an organism to be exposed to various toxic substances that contribute to the formation of malignant diseases. Many scientific studies have confirmed that long-term smoking causes: lung cancer, throat cancer, cancer of the esophagus, and that alcohol is the trigger for the development of alcohol liver cancer, throat, esophagus and stomach cancer, while obesity increases the risk of all malignancies.

Malignant tumors – believing in a cure

Faith in the healing and positive attitude to life are the most important weapons in the fight with cancer. It has been shown that people with a strong faith in the success and who quite easily tolerate problems, respond better to treatment and win against malignant tumor, even in an advanced stage. Many who had the firm support and spiritual support in their religion, they claimed that it helped them cope with this difficult disease.


According to reports from reputable global health institutions, a third of all cancers is associated with diet, although British scientists cite a figure of about 60%. Thus, nutrition plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. For malignant tumor it is particularly important to remove from the menus sugar, meat, eggs, dairy products, all industrial foods, refined oils and foods that contain additives, preservatives and artificial colors and trans-fats. Food against cancer should be based on fresh, preferably unsprayed fruits and vegetables, squeezed juices, whole grains, seeds, flax, sesame, pumpkin, then it is required to consume cold-pressed sunflower oil and olive oil, legumes, almonds, and it is required to detoxify our body (for example, using a clay or zeolite). The body is not burdened with food and meals which are taken every four hours, except after 17 hours you should not consume any food.

How to treat a malignant tumor

It is advisable to start the day with a fruit and squeezed juices, followed by a breakfast with cereals (millet, oats) and nuts. For lunch eat light or cooked vegetables and legumes, tofu, many fresh salads, mashed peas or lenses with garlic, beans, and for dinner as many fruits and freshly squeezed juices. The affected people are advised not to be burdened with weight loss, which inevitably accompanies such a diet.

Colon cleansing - enema

One of the basic point of alternative medicine is that every type of cancer (including breast, and malignant tumor of the lungs, cervical cancer and even malignant brain tumor), starts in the colon since toxins develop in that part. Poor nutrition, a large intake of trans-fats, insufficient intake of water and slow peristalsis leads to long-term constipation. Constipation is a major problem, because the toxins remain in the body for too long, however, for people who suffer from irregular bowel movements advised is enema.
Cancer Prevention - workout and stay in the open air

Regular physical activity strengthens the heart, lungs, increases metabolism, lowers blood pressure, provide better digestion and expels toxic substances from the body, as well as the energy that helps to overcome stress. It also strengthens muscles, improves durability and elasticity of tissues, improves mental ability and helps maintain optimum body weight. Patients are advised to exercise every day - walk, cycle, and work in the garden or around the house.

It is desirable for many activities to be carried out in the fresh air. Studies have shown that malignant tumor grows much faster if a person spends a lot of time in the house, especially if it is exposed to radiation of computers, televisions and other electronic devices. The air is, believe it or not, one of the elements of food which rarely contemplate about.

Green grain juice against cancer 

In the literature of alternative medicine there have been reported cases of a recovery from bone marrow cancer, breast cancer, bowel, uterus, lymph nodes and the prostate cancer, as well as recovery from cysts, diabetes, arthritis, bronchitis. The official medicine has not confirmed the healing properties of this product in the treatment of cancer, but there is no data on its harmful effects. On the contrary, the juice contains minerals necessary for the organism, proteins and all essential amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, E and K, as well as more than a hundred enzymes. Green grain juice strengthens the immune system, cleans the body, helps in the treatment of intestinal disease, kills harmful bacteria and balances beneficial microorganisms in the gut, normalizes weight, reduces fatigue, restores strength, increases work capacity, relieves symptoms caused by inflammation. Green juice of corn is useful to drink during chemotherapy because it relieves the negative reactions of the body and improves blood count.

GARLIC AND LEMON - a cure for cancer

Garlic and lemon contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, making them an ally of health, but their effectiveness against cancer cells is still not proven. Still many patients apply just the drink for a malignant tumor.

Lemon juice and garlic
  • Finely chop three to four well-washed lemons and 30 cloves garlic. 
  • Boil and cool down a liter of water and add lemon and garlic and let it warm up to boiling point, cover and let it stand for 12 hours.
  • Strain pour into a glass bottle, refrigerate and drink a deciliter per day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

Treating cancer with petroleum

Although it is not recognized in some parts of the world in many Western European countries petroleum can be bought in pharmacies, in liquid form or as a homeopathic preparation in the form of granules. While doctors and pharmacologists remind us that this is a toxic substance, advocates of alternative medicine claim that the whole wisdom is in the doses, as cytostatic are extremely toxic as well and that definitely petroleum cures cancer if properly applied. In the literature of alternative medicine examples of curing cancer in an advanced stages has been found, which is not confirmed in clinical conditions. The use of petroleum in the treatment of malignant diseases was written about by a famous botanist Joseph Pancic, and after that people in Europe have begun secretly to treat cancer and malignant tumor with petroleum.


Experts of the alternative medicine for the treatment of cancer and malignant diseases recommend things such as reishi mushrooms, but also mixtures of different medicinal plant (sage, calendula, yarrow ...), supplements of selenium, coenzyme Q10, apricot kernel oil, because it contains vitamin B17, also known as " cancer killer"!

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