Liposuction diet; experiences with diet and menu

Liposuction nutrition and diet for healthy weight loss

Liposuction diet is a revolutionary method that allows you to in 10 days lose weight up to 22 pounds! It is a hit diet that has become very popular throughout the region and beyond. Thanks to it, a number of celebrities have managed to correct their line and solve the problem of excess fat. Kenan Mandra, a nutritionist from Bosnia and Herzegovina is to be credited for it, who argues that we must return to primitive ways of eating. Specifically, we need to solve the problem of industrial food, and again eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese and homemade foods.

While this certainly sounds incredible, it is true that the food based on cereals packed with additives, sugar and artificially synthesized hormones are most responsible for the increasing obesity among the population. Because of that, this method - a kind of liposuction without the knife is great. If you decide to change your eating habits, learn what liposuction diet is, what diet is connected to it, what kind of results you can expect and whether it is appropriate for you.

What is liposuction diet and why it is good?

First of all, you need to know that every child is different and it does not apply to everybody the same. However, with detailed clinical analysis, nutritionists Kenan Mandra has managed to perfect dietary-therapeutic treatment in which metabolism "awakens" and accelerates its function. During these 10 days, the body starts the process of burning fat. Because of this, liposuction diet is a great way to stop your body to deposit fat and to expel the excess of it.

If you have already tried several diets, and in the end you are not satisfied with the results. Do not blame if you followed all the rules. It is very dangerous to have a diet that is strict and restrictive, and liposuction diet certainly is not. It is a method with no fasting and it gives your body everything it needs during this period.

Therefore, liposuction for weight-loss diet is good for the body, because it is completely harmless and does not have consequences. It meets all the protein needs of every person, and its amino acids play a key role in losing excess weight. In fact, they act to deliver the body energy that drives the process of fat metabolism and activates their spending.

How does this healthy diet works in practice

During 10 days, the duration of liposuction diet, you need to have a regular intake of proteins, and, if necessary, those in the form of supplements. So consume healthy foods rich in protein, including meat, full-fat cheese, eggs, bacon, milk, or whatever. Kenan Mandra, together with his group of prominent nutritionists found that in recent decades, the vast majority of us eats in a wrong way.

By entering the so-called. healthy foods based on cereals and salads we do not really get what gives us energy, but often serve the foods that are rich in sugar to make up for it. This is why we gain weight, because carbohydrates are in this way converted into fat and do not meet our needs for a longer period.

It is important to say that liposuction diet is not intended for those who cannot physically or mentally carry it out and endure it until the end. It is therefore advisable that prior to its usage to mandatory consult your doctor and do all the necessary analysis. After that, you can easily consult with nutritionists who will instruct and supervise the diet during the entire process, to achieve the desired results.

Liposuction diet; what to eat for 10 days

All meals are detailed developed by a team of nutritionists who will tailor them according to your needs and the ultimate goal is to determine which foods best suit your body. When it comes to liposuction diet menu is varied and colorful.

For breakfast you can eat homemade waffles with cinnamon, various smoothie drinks, omelet with cheese and dried meat, tuna, chicken salad and zucchini patties.

For lunch, during this treatment you can consume fried eggplant, chicken burgers, mushroom cream soup, fried chicken, beef, rice, stuffed steak or salmon. Moreover, with the main course you can eat salad, whether it comes from tomato, cabbage, olives, zucchini or cucumbers.

Desserts are based on fruit, and natural sugars that cannot be converted into fat, and you will therefore always be full and satisfied throughout the day.

What makes liposuction diet different from all the other diets is that its central meal is dinner. Kenan Mandra claims that the best time is from 6 to 10 pm to consume food, and it means eating a steak, salad, fish, seafood, shallower wings (with skin). These foods are rich in proteins that are essential for our body.

If you ask whether this food makes you gain weight the answer is - no, because it does not contain sugars that lead to accumulation of fat. On the contrary, these foods will give your muscles the energy that they spend, you will not be hungry, and on top of that you will maintain your ideal weight.

Kenan Mandra recommends us to eat more fat and less sugar, as well as to avoid industrial products that are practically useless for us and can give us a lot of bad effects. Such foods are full of additives that are often carcinogenic, and therefore you need to turn to the diet based on local food, that is why we recommend what liposuction diet.
What are the experiences of people who used liposuction diet?

This diet has become popular among celebrities who are pleased with the results achieved. Among them is the folk music singer Halid Beslic, who knows what is liposuction diet, because it helped him lose weight and plans to lose more through another treatment. According to him, it is not difficult and does not last long, all you need is strong will and set the targets. Monica Bellucci also expressed her happiness with this diet.
I got a recommendation from a friend and it completely solved the problem of excess weight. She told me that liposuction diet is a checked method and it gives results and I can confirm it - and I lost 19 pounds in 10 days. I would recommend it to anyone who has problems with excess weight. - Zeljko, 32 
But after a week I noticed that I significantly lost weight in stomach area. I feel awesome, I tried various diets and none gave the desired results. Liposuction diet helped me to get to my goal, and in two treatments I lost 39lbs! - Peter, 29 
I needed a real diet that will be able to get rid of excess weight that I had after pregnancy. Even two years after giving birth I did not manage to reduce the fat around the stomach, and by accident I found out through TV shows for this treatment. After two rounds of application of this diet I can finally say that I have reached my goal, my body looks slim as before, and any excess belly is finally gone. I lost 15 lbs! - Sabina, 33

There are testimonies that are truly amazing. Thus, for example, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a girl with 242 pounds came to 145lbs in a month! And it did not have any health complications, but it there is no yoyo effect. When it comes to liposuction diet experiences are truly authentic and impressive, and everyone who applied this treatment today feels satisfied, healthy and happy in their body.

What is the price of liposuction diet?

Depending on the desired objective, treatment can last 10, 14, 21 or 30 days, which certainly determines the cost of liposuction diet. The period is determine with BMI index. Thanks to it we see a lot better how many people are obese, as the number of pounds is not authoritative in most cases. This work is done by nutritionists who will make a recommendation and keep track of your progress.

Finally, we recommend that in accordance with its own expectations, needs and desires you decide whether you are ready for this important step toward the goal. If you are interested in any of these treatments, consult with nutritionists that will adequately address the issue, and liposuction diet will help to finally solve the excess weight and you will feel great and satisfied.

Counseling for nutrition liposuction are located in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria, it is enough to type the author's name in your search and you will get all the necessary information.

Other guidelines and important information

As you already may know, every diet works by requriring an entry of water into the body. It is necessary to follow the old rule of 2 liters of fluid a day, but you can drink and a cup of tea (without sugar and sweeteners), because you will thus speed up the digestion.

The thing we must draw attention to is that some people may develop the abstinence crisis. It is inherent in every diet, or at the beginning of a change in eating habits. The desire for food, if it occurs, can easily be eliminated with the intake of water, and you can eat a cucumber which is great when problems occur.

Also, you should know that liposuction diet is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, people suffering from hormonal disorders, diabetics, patients with liver and kidney disease, and those whose immune system is weak. In addition, this diet is not applied by any children under the age of 14, as well as those whose doctor does not recommend the application of this diet.

Liposuction diet side effects may present the appearance of headache, constipation, bad breath, and bloating is possible. All these are transient contraindications that can quickly subside.

You should not be scared by a drop in blood pressure or if you experience tingling of hands, because it is temporary. All these are indicators that the body adapts to the new and the correct mode of food intake, and diet.