Kiwi as medicine | kiwi juice

Kiwi as medicine | kiwi juice

Kiwi as medicine is not so well known in some parts of the world, all the more reason to devote this article to it. Kiwi fruit belongs to the family of kiwis (Actinidaceae). Branches of these bicameral climbing plants can reach up to 7 m in length. It has wide leaves with a strong stem. Kiwi fruit is fleshy, ovoid, with brown hairy skin. To grow kiwi it is necessary to have male and female plant. Whole plant smells and has sour and sweet taste. In order to grow kiwi the most suitable are plantations, although it can be grown around houses. Kiwi fruit flowers from April to May.

Kiwi as medicine

Because of its antioxidant properties, it is advisable to daily eat this fruit. Kiwi juice is an excellent means for expelling sand from the bladder and the bile. Cooked leaves are also edible and you can also make tea from it. Healing parts of the plants are leaves and fruit. Fruit is eaten raw and you can also make kiwi syrup and kiwi brandy. Kiwi as a remedy is recommended by modern medicine as well. Namely today's science recommends to eat two to three kiwifruit for good prevention and in maintaining the cardiovascular system, and as a prevention for diseases of the heart.  This kiwi fruit reduces the density and prevents blood clotting, removes the high-fat levels, preventing and treating heart attacks and atherosclerosis of cardiovascular system. Kiwi cures eye diseases such as cataracts, diverticulosis, and this citrus fruit has proved very effective in the treatment of obesity. Be sure to read our text: graviola cure for cancer.
Kiwi fruit vitamins

Polyphenols, lutein, vitamins E and C reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders, protect DNA from the harmful effects of free radicals and help faster recovery from the consequences of their harmful effects. Kiwi diet is also very popular among the population which is struggling with obesity. Compared to papaya, mango and orange, kiwi is given a slight advantage. It is important to note that the kiwi fruit is recommended with rheumatoid arthritis, liver cancer and esophagus cancer. Also it is effective for the treatment of asthma and cough in children. Healing effects of kiwi can really be surprising.

WARNING: some children may have allergic reaction to kiwi

Kiwi fruit got its name because is brown shape and appearance resembling a kiwi bird. Home country of kiwi is China, from where it spread to the rest of the world. In New Zealand it arrived in 1906 under the name goose berry after taking the name of the bird that lived there.


Tea made from kiwi
  • Take the 1 tablespoon of dried crushed leaves and 2 dl water.
  • Hot water is poured over the leaves, cover and after half an hour, strain.
  • Drink one to three cups of tea if needed.
  • This kiwi tea is effective in the above mentioned diseases.
  • Eat raw 3-6 kiwifruit three times a day: morning, noon and night.

Kiwi brandy

Prepared in the same way as with other fruits except we add a little yeast.

The best taste is a mixed fruit brandy, where the aroma of kiwi is very pleasant.

Kiwi as a drug - user guide for veterinarians

Kiwi leaves tea is a good tool for the treatment of mange in domestic animals.

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