How to gain weight in a fast and healthy way

How to gain weight fast in a week

The question which, believe it or not, is asked by people today is how to gain weight? Although you are used to the fact that on our site you will find diet for weight loss, there is a great interest on how to increase body weight in a completely healthy way. Gain weight is an equally difficult process as is the case with losing weight. It must be conducted in a proper and healthy way, and this is accomplished by a good quality and rich nutrition.

However, food cultivation is only part of the process, because in addition it requires a certain physical activity. An increasing number of women today want to have curves, but it requires some changes in the diet. If you want to know how to gain weight quickly and healthily, we will offer you the most important information on the natural increases in body weight. The road to this goal needs a plan, and we will give some tips.

How to gain weight in a short time

In the world there are many obese people, as a result of improper diet which is full of artificial sugars and bad fats. They have gained weight thanks to these harmful substances which have a very bad effect on the body. On the other hand, there are people suffering from malnutrition, which is equally adverse to human body.

Being undernourished means having a body mass index (BMI) less than 18.5, and it is more common in females. Those who fall into this category certainly eventually ask how to gain weight quickly and naturally. It is not strange to be interested in it, because lack of weight can lead to many health problems, ranging from poor immunity, osteoporosis, infertility, dementia and ultimately premature death.

For those who are interested in how to gain weight we have a simple and tested recipe: better nutrition. This is the basis without which your goal will not be possible. The most important thing you need to do is to eat more calories than your body needs. If their burning is greater than the input, you will not gain weight.

For starters, if you are wondering how to gain weight in a fast and healthy way, in your body you need to enter at least 300 to 500 calories more than it needs in a day. For faster turn effects it is necessary to consume between 700 and 1000 kcal more.

This can be calculated using the number of calories calculators that are available online. And do not worry - you will not have to count them constantly. You will acquire the habit and you will know what foods you need to eat during the day. Our body also operates and adjusts easily to the new diet.

What diet is recommended for weight gain?

If it occurred to you to to hastily eat a donut with that cream of chocolate or some fast food - forget it! This is not a healthy way to gain weight. Nutrition for weight gain must be healthy, full of protein and ingredients that will not burden the digestive system. On the contrary, the point is that the intestines work properly, because in this way in your body toxins do not accumulate.

Therefore, food for quick weight gain must include meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts. Let us start with meat products because they contain protein and iron. Eat steak, chicken, beef, pork and meat products, they bring solutions to gaining weight in a short period of time. Note that these foods can be bought from domestic vendors, as this will make sure that the meat is fresh and it does not contain hormones and toxics used by large retail chains.

Furthermore, consume whole milk, because it contains on average about 60 calories in 2 dl compared to skimmed milk. This will ensure your body lots of vitamins and minerals, of which the most important are vitamins A and D. It is recommended to eat cheese and whey. It is not unusual that is used by bodybuilders, because it is very rich in protein which increase muscle mass. You can drink it as a finished product, and is available in powder form with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavoring.
Caloric foods for even weight gain

Foods with a lot of calories that you certainly need are peanut butter, which is rich in natural fats and proteins. Start your day with this delicious spread, a very nice combination is with toast and bread from whole grain cereals. This breakfast will give you energy that will help you to start the day in healthy way and start your metabolism. The beneficial substances will deposit in muscle mass, and not in the adipose tissue.

How to gain weight, but at the same have good sugar intake? Simple - Consume your favorite fruit! This is a great news for gourmets who enjoy apples, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, plums, avocados and apricots. Fruits are rich in natural sugars that do not harm health and are the best choice when it comes to this type of food intake. They can be eaten fresh, but surely you know that you can make fruit salads. Add to them a little whipped cream and egg whites and enjoy a healthy fruit cup full of protein and healthy sugar.

At the very end, if you want to know how to gain weight in a fast way, we recommend that you use vegetable oil. Nothing like giving flavor to dishes and salads from this supplement. Feel free to use olive oil, coconut, sunflower, and peanut oil. They are very delicious, but also contain healthy fats that are not harmful to the heart and slightly increase the levels of calories in your meals.

How to keep a 7-day diet for weight gain?

Now that you know which foods are good for weight increase, it is necessary to know how to properly use them to get the best benefit from it. The caloric value of the food made above should be divided into portions so you should take them with a gap of 3 to 4 hours. It is important not to exceed this period of time, otherwise you are entering a phase of catabolism, in which case you cannot count on an increase in body weight.

So to start you should know that you need to eat three big meals a day, with two snacks. This arrangement allows your body sufficient distribution of calories. It is important to eat breakfast as soon as you wake up, because it is the best way to wake up your metabolism.

Diet for weight gain is simple and the only difference compared to those concerning weight loss is what you are eating more and consume more calories. We will give you suggestions on how to gain weight in seven days with the help of a varied diet. Make sure that your menu is rich in protein, natural fats, minerals, fiber and vitamins, with a mandatory physical activity.

How the menu looks


2 cups of raw oatmeal pour with 2 dl of milk. Add dried cranberries or raisins, if desired. With it you can eat a slice of bread from whole grain cereal and peanut butter.

Drink a glass of milk or whey. Eat a slice of mozzarella and then a piece of your favorite fruit.

Baked beans with bacon. Then eat a banana.

Drink a cup of yogurt with a few bites of crushed (of cottage) cheese. Sweeten with a spoon of honey or 100 grams of blueberries.

Fry 200 grams of salmon, cook a large potatoe and 100 g of beans. Drink a cup of milk after the meal.


Two slices of whole grain cereal with butter to peanut, a cup of yogurt with the addition of a little candied fruit.

One banana, honey, glass of milk. From these ingredients, you can create and shake.

Spaghetti, cup of full-fat yogurt, a piece of fruit of your choice.

Make a shake with a cup of milk, with the addition of strawberry, raspberry and wild berries. Sweeten with honey.

200 grams of fried chicken fillet, mashed potatoes, cooked kale or Swiss chard.


Omelet of two eggs, a few cubes of cheese with the addition of vegetables of your choice. Two slices of whole-wheat bread, a cup of milk and one orange.

Can of tuna, 100 grams of cooked rice, green salad.

Cooked peas with beef. Two slices of whole-grain cereals. Little red grapes for dessert.

Protein shake with vanilla or chocolate. Two apricots or peaches.

Fried turkey medallions, crushed cheese, mashed potatoes and a banana.


Homemade pancakes with jam. A cup of milk or protein shake.

Slice of bread, whole grain cereals, peanut butter, two plums or an apple.

Fried fish sticks, potato salad with eggs and onion. A cup of yogurt and one pear.

Protein shake for the cultivation of vanilla or chocolate, two pieces of fruit of your choice.

Chicken meat topped with chili, baked potatoes and a little shredded cheese


Omelet with three eggs with 100 grams of bacon, two slices of whole grain cereal, a cup of yogurt, one pear.

Protein shake for weight gain, two pieces of fruit of your choice.

Cabbage with pork, two slices of bread, an apple.

A glass of fruit yogurt banana and strawberry, integral sticks.

One burger, a salad of tomato and onion, one bread, a cup of yogurt.


Pancakes with buckwheat flour, homemade jam or maple syrup. A cup of milk and a cup of fresh blueberries.

Protein shake for weight gain one kohlrabi and a bit of fresh strawberries.

Cooked rice with the addition of peas and a little basil, two fried chicken fillet, lettuce.

Three pieces of pastry raisins and cinnamon, a cup of yogurt and one pear.

The rest of the cooked rice and peas, canned tuna, fruit of your choice.


Bagel with sesame or two Bavarian bagels, cream cheese, 100 grams of cooked bacon, a cup of yogurt, an apple.

Crackers, crushed cheese, a glass of whey and one peach.

Cream mushroom soup with mashed potatoes, fried chicken, green salad, one orange.

Protein shake for the cultivation of vanilla or chocolate, two slices of homemade pie cherry.

100 g of pork neck, mashed potatoes, salad with tomato and onion, a cup of yogurt, a banana.

The best exercises to increase the volume of arms and legs

To be sure of that the excess calories are properly distributed in the muscles, not in the adipose tissue, it is absolutely essential that you put the exercise in a priority. Remember to visit the gym at least 2 times a week, and gradually increase to four days a week. You might want to hire for this occasion a personal trainer to help you with exercises.

Exercises for weight gain virtually represent a program that includes training under high loads. It is best to start with weights, because they have an excellent effect on muscles of the arms, chest and back. It is particularly important that the exercises under cultivation include those relating to the muscles of legs. They mean squat under loads, as well as work on quadriceps and calves.

Running is also recommended along with cardio exercises. This will stimulate the muscles of the abdomen and legs to burn fat that can accumulate in these areas of the human body. This will ensure that you will gain weight and exercises will help to increase muscle tone and avoid the appearance of fatty tissue.

How to improve your appetite using herbs

If you want to know how to gain weight with the help of natural products that stimulate the appetite, we'll recommend the following three plants that can be helpful.

Fenugreek for breasts

Maybe you're not familiar with it, but it is actually the number one plant when it comes to natural remedies for weight gain. If you are looking for a solution to gain weight in the chest area, then its tea is ideal for you. It is designed for those who want to work on the development of breasts and buttocks muscles, and also it reduces the cholesterol and prevents constipation.

Unavoidable dandelion

Primarily used as a tonic to drink with a little water before meals. If you are wondering how to gain weight and increase the appetite, use dandelion drops, because you will thus improve the digestion, and you will also like its sweet taste.

Awesome ginseng

This herb is very positive effect on blood sugar regulation, and we have already mentioned is when it comes to combating anemia, which is especially appreciated. What is different from previous plants is what its tea drinking mandatory 20 minutes after a meal. Do not hesitate to try ginseng beneficial, because it is an excellent preparation for cultivation.

How to gain weight in a healthy way; other tips

You must have found among guidelines something that works best for you when it comes to food cultivation. Observe that you can consume more calories than your body consumes on a daily basis. It is mandatory to have physical activity and it will only encourage the body to build more muscle mass, which is the main objective.

At the very end, we will share with you some useful tips to help you find the best way to gain weight in a short time:
  1. Do not drink a lot of water before meals. This can create a feeling of fullness, which will bring fewer calories than you had planned.
  2. Eat more often. Make sure the space between meals is not more than 4 hours, and they must be rich in protein.
  3. Drink shakes. In the health food market, there are shakes for weight gain, which are shiny and healthy choices when it comes to weight gain. 
  4. Avoid fast-food, alcohol and soft drinks. Although we've already mentioned that you do not eat junk food, we draw your attention to it, also remove from the use alcoholic beverages. The same goes for the drinks that are full of artificial sweeteners that are converted to fat.
  5. Sleep 8 hours a day. Sleep is very important for the proper functioning of the body, and it is extremely important to relaxing muscles. In this way, you are encouraging their construction, and thus gain weight. This is an excellent method to gain weight in the easiest way.