Green Tea diet; experience after 7 days

7 days green tea diet

We've already talked about this drink, its healing effect and how beneficial effect is for the body, but lately emerged an effective diet with green tea. It is the ideal solution for those who do not want a restrictive diet, which tires and exhausts the body. This is great news for anyone looking for a natural, healthy and effective method for weight loss.

It is a great way to regulate body weight, because you will thereby save yourself from many diseases, strengthen the immune system, you will cleanse the whole body of toxins and speed up metabolism. If you are interested in this drink and you are interested in what is good, we recommend our earlier text healing properties of green tea.

If on the other hand you are wondering whether green tea is good for weight loss, in the following lines we will present the most effective method for removing excess weight.

Does green tea contain calories?

Green tea is much more than a warm and tasty beverage. It in fact gives your body a large amount of useful substances that are very beneficial. It is known as an excellent stimulant that helps burn fat and improves the effect in people who exercise regularly.

Green tea contains caffeine in an amount between 24-40 mg, which will allow easier morning awakening, and in doing so you will effectively do all the daily chores and tasks. Therefore, it is often recommended as an ideal replacement for coffee, because it is far healthier and more useful.

Speaking of weight loss, the question that arises is: does green tea have calories? The one that is the most accessible, and that is the one in tea bags contains only 2 calories. With this knowledge, green tea diet can bring only good, because it contains so many calories in negligible quantities. Even that which is available in powder has a very small amount of sugar that comes from sugar cane, and it contains about 30 calories.

Antioxidants are an important element of this drink, because, with their help they clean the body and protect it from many diseases. Most of all, it prevents the occurrence of cholesterol, diabetes and inflammation.

When it comes to vitamins, there is no lack of it, but in green tea there is vitamin C, E and beta-carotene. In combination with antioxidants, they act to clean the skin and with great ease solve a problem with pimples.

Is green tea good for weight loss?

In terms of weight reduction, diet with green tea is one of the best ways of getting to that goal. What makes this method different from others is that the consumption of this beverage causes the loss of appetite. So, there is no need for overeating.

Furthermore, the useful substances in green tea will help you accelerate your metabolism. This is essential because it will thus help your body to better digested food and deliver energy to the muscles.

In addition, the diet with green tea and lemon is great for regulation of digestion, so it is recommended to people who have problems with digestion. If you have problems with constipation, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids painful toil you, certainly you need to drink every day.

This soothing drink is an excellent natural diuretic and thus initiates the process of bowel movements, and it removes all the accumulated toxins from your body. Therefore, with the green tea weight loss is easy, healthy and effective, and the first results are noticed within a few weeks.
How is green tea diet done?

A sure way to a successful weight regulation just is a green tea diet. It can be kept in two ways, depending on the wishes of the users. The first is that once or twice per month during the day you drink green tea and milk, without addition of sugar or any other sweeteners, in an amount of 5 cups.

This method is recommended for those who are fit and who want to maintain their appearance and current weight. It is important to get the powdered green tea, because dried leaves of the plants achieve the best effects.

Recipe for weight loss:
  • Boil half a liter of milk and leave it until it cools slightly. Pay attention so it does not boil but it should only be warm. Then you need to add two tablespoons of green tea and leave it covered for another 20 minutes. For every two hours drink a cup, and in the meantime consume non-carbonated water.

Green tea and milk are a great combination and they have a beneficial effect on the body. It will protect you and also act as an excellent diuretic, so you can count on melting up to 2 kilograms in just one day.

On the other hand, there is a diet with green tea that lasts for 7 and 14 days, during which on a daily basis you drink three cups. This method is intended for those who want to lose weight up to 3-6 kilograms.

7 days green tea diet with menu

Diet with Green Tea is done in a cycle, so it is very easy to remember and most importantly - not restrictive. Note that for purposes of this diet it is not necessary to buy tea powder, but the one in filter bags.


Big green apples, 100 g of boiled rice with a teaspoon of honey (or rice pudding), a cup of green tea.

100 grams of cooked vegetables of your choice, 150 g of fried chicken fillet.

A cup of green tea and two apricots.

Freshly prepared lettuce, boiled potato and a cup of yogurt. 20 minutes after meals drink a cup of green tea and eat an orange.


One grapefruit, 100 g of boiled rice with a teaspoon of honey (or rice pudding), a cup of green tea.

100 gr stewed or cooked vegetables of your choice, 150 grams of boiled or baked fish.

Drink green tea for weight loss, but if you feel hungry eat two biscuits.

Fruit salad (apple, orange and kiwi with two tablespoons of low-fat yogurt), a cup of green tea. Before bed, drink another cup of this drink and eat one piece of fruit of your choice.

Wednesday: (a seven-day diet with green tea)

Fresh orange, two boiled eggs and a cup of green tea.

Vegetable soup, 100 grams of beef, boiled potatoes.

A cup of green tea, an apple or two tangerines.

100 grams of cooked rice, a salad of tomato, a slice of bread from whole wheat flour. After dinner drink green tea and eat an orange.


Bowl of integral muesli with little raisins mixed with yogurt or milk, a cup of green tea.

Vegetable salad, 150 grams of cooked white meat, mashed potatoes.

A few dried plums and a cup of green tea.

Salad of shredded cabbage, 150 g of fish baked in foil and slice of bread from whole wheat flour. Before bedtime drink a cup of green tea and eat a piece of fruit of your choice.

After the fourth day, it is necessary to repeat the diet plan for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Diet with green tea is over after one week and you will lose 3-6 kilograms.

If you want to lose more weight just continue the diet after the first day. Green tea diet in this case lasts two weeks and is great for those who want to lose 10 kg during this period.

Green tea diet for weight loss; experiences

In general, we are sure that the green tea for weight loss is an excellent choice for those who want to regulate weight. We particularly recommend it after the holidays when all of us gain a little more weight.

Green tea diet and milk has no side effects, because it is a natural way to lose weight, all you need is a daily drink this beverage with at least two liters of water.
I used green tea for weight loss and it helped me a lot. In one month I lost 4 kilograms. I drank three cups a day, and in general it was difficult to get used to its taste. The results really thrilled me, and certainly I will continue to drink it. Diana S.

When it comes to green tea for weight loss experiences are positive and everyone who had used it feels satisfied, and you are doing a great thing for your health. Thus men users are also satisfied, including Marko who confirms that he applied this weight loss regime.
I am a professional athlete and it was not difficult to see progress using this diet, because I measured myself. After two weeks of the diet I continued to drink green tea with milk to maintain weight. I managed to lose9 kilograms in 14 days - the results are more than good. Since then, I recommend it to everyone - the super-efficient diet with green tea, according to Mark R.

Are there risks in doing this diet? 

As we said, a diet with green tea and milk does not cause side effects nor adverse effects. One of the benefits of consuming this beverage is lowering cholesterol in the blood, which has a very beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels. Moreover, women in the premenopausal period, are advised to daily drink tea because in this way they reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Overall, this diet can be applied by everyone, because green tea will not cause side effects when consumed in the recommended daily doses. However, it is necessary to know that it is not recommended for those who are allergic to caffeine.

As for drug interactions, diet with green tea is not advised to people who drink ibuprofen since they may experience unpleasant stomach pains. Those whose exhibits lactose intolerance can drink green tea and milk without lactose, because it will achieve the same good results.

Although it is an effective and natural way to lose weight, diet with green tea requires a complete change in eating habits, in order to avoid yo-yo effect. This means that if you want to apply this diet plan, refrain from using sweets alcohol and junk food.

Healthy living is the foundation of happiness and satisfaction, and if in addition you are physically active, you will make sure that the weight lost does not return.

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