Corns on the foot | treatment | blisters on feet

Corns on the foot and blisters on feet

Corns on the foot and blisters on the feet are a very common problem among the population. In this article we'll give you some excellent recipes for its natural healing.

Why corns occur? 

Uncomfortable and tight shoes, as well as the constant exposure of feet to pressure and friction caused by running or long walks cause this problem. That part of the foot that is most exposed to pressure is most exposed so we have a corns on the sole, on the heels and on the side of fingers. Because of ​​this phenomenon, the skin tries to protect itself and in the affected spot the skin thickens and if you do not implement appropriate treatment uncomfortable corn on the feet occurs. Corns cause very uncomfortable pain and are easily recognized since the skin alters color at that point, gray-yellowish mass is easily distinguished from the rest of the foot and the area is usually swollen. Hard corn on the foot, is often accompanied by a softer one on the side of the finger, which is also caused by pressure, friction and with increased sweating of feet.


To begin with, as prevention it is necessary for us to avoid the uncomfortable and narrow shoes, it is best to choose shoes exclusively from natural materials.

How to remove corns?

If you develop blisters on your feet and notice a thickening the most important is to try to remove them in time before the creation of the painful corn. There are numerous preparations for that purpose, they will be based solely on the natural treatment of the corns. NOTE: as much as you can, avoid sharp objects to remove thickened skin and blisters
How to cure corns - folk recipes and salves
  • Marigold salve for corns used in traditional medicine proved to be very effective. Apply ointment two to three times a day to the place where corns appeared, how would you soften inflamed tissue and prevent further inflammation. Marigold is extremely effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
  • Warm baths with garlic are also effective, but also a known methods is to a small part of garlic clove and put it on the corn overnight.
  • Put on cotton lemon juice and attach to corn overnight, repeat for the next few days until the blisters on the feet completely fall off.
  • Corns on foot remedy - prunes. Take the half of prunes and apply it to a painful corn. Every evening it is necessary to change the plum, and in the next few days corns will disappear.
  • Grate raw potatoes and leave it on foot and after several days the discomfort disappears.
  • For bunions on your feet put ivy leaf and repeat the process for several evenings.
  • 2 tablespoons of finely ground pottery garlic mix with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and place as a covering of the affected area, repeat the procedure up to two times a day.

Corn pictures

For the treatment of corns natural cream of aloe proved excellent since it renews and soothes the skin of the foot.

In the article nail fungus we already mentioned how important feet hygiene is, the same goes for corns. After washing feet it is very important to wipe dry feet with a towel, particular areas between the toes, where moisture usually stays.
  • Dry raisins are also recommended for treatment. Cut few raisins and apply on the corn. Repeat the process for a couple of nights in a row until you notice improvement.

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