Breuss diet experiences and cancer therapy

Breuss diet and fasting therapy

Breuss diet against cancer has been developed by the renowned naturopath Dr. Rudolf Breuss (1899-1990) born in Australia. His book "Cancer, leukaemia and other seemingly incurable diseases" is a therapeutic method dedicated to fasting patients who are suffering from cancer. Breuss fasting therapy, in the words of the author in 1980 who successfully cured over 40,000 patients with cancer and other equally serious diseases.


According to Dr. Breuss cancer is completely independent creation within our body, for the development, growth and progress mostly proteins contribute, which are mostly found in the usual solid foods you daily consume. Total therapy according to Breuss is primarily drinking the natural juices of vegetables organically grown in combination with fasting.

Breuss juices do not contain proteins and makes our body starts to draw the same from the tumour, which will eventually lead to its degradation and recovery. Breuss diet involves the complete removal of solid food that contains proteins from the daily menu for 6 weeks - 42 days.

This period of time will allow the body to break down and excrete all unhealthy substances we entered into it with food, unhealthy drinks and even those substances that we have entered when breathing and we will get rid of excess kilograms. After 21 days of total therapy our bodies will begin to recover, and after the end of 42 days, will fully restore the condition if you strictly adhere to this concept.

Breuss fasting therapy

For the purpose of his treatment methods, Dr. Rudolf Breuss uses natural juices of root vegetables. Breuss diet consists in the consumption of 3-5 dl of beetroot juice made from the composition which has about 50% of celery roots (20%), carrots (20%), radish (2%) and raw potato (about 3%, but only in the case of cancer of the liver). Breuss juice does not contain protein which is essential for the treatment of cancer, because our bodies cannot live without them, so the blood requires proteins within all the excess, even in the swollen tissues, and impurities. This way causes the breakdown of tumours - blood colloquially speaking operates the tumour without using a scalpel.


Here is how what you need:
  • 300g of beetroot, or about 50% of it
  • 100 g of celery root
  • 100g of carrots
  • 30g of radish
  • If liver cancer comes in question then add raw potatoes.

It is best to make juice in a juicer, with the need to remove all the solid parts (this includes sediment). Breuss diet prohibits the intake of any solid food that contains protein. If you are a person suffering from cancer, certainly you should consult your doctor before you begin your diet. Depending on the stage and condition of diseased organs and tissues Breuss tea is also drunk up to 2 litres per day of various tea blends, which will also provide recipes in this article. Recommended is bust soup port (2 dl per day) with mandatory discharge of all forms of sugar, white flour, canned foods and especially cured meats.
Breuss tea is an excellent remedy

Breuss tea is made from four very significant herbs such as: sage, lemon balm, mint and St. John's wort, all with their extraordinary healing properties complement each other. It is important to know that the tea prepared is prepared precisely by written recipes and drink it 2x a day instead of water.

There are no known side effects nor contraindications of it. The author claims that after over 48 hours after beginning of treatments with teas results will be visible and obvious regardless of previously state. It is important that the very plants that are used are fresh and not treated with chemicals whatsoever.

This healing potion can be used by cardiac and cardiovascular patients, people suffering from constipation, with liver disease, diseases of the spine, urinary infections, prostate disease, hormonal disorders, with frequent allergies, diabetes, and of course those suffering from carcinoma. The tea is remarkable for cleaning the body, strengthening the immune system and body resistance.

  • Put a tablespoon of sage in 0.5 L of boiling water and let it boil for 3 min.
  • Now remove the tea from the heat and add a pinch of mint, lemon balm and St. John's wort.
  • Cover everything and leave it covered for 10 minutes to rest.

Strain the resulting tea and divide it into two equal amounts. The first half is drunk mandatory before breakfast, and the other during the day, although it can be before going to bed. The should not be sweetened, and it is desirable to prepare and cook in an enamelled pot (inside which is not damaged or scratched).


Performance of total therapy will be called into question only if the patient fails to comply with instructions, argues author Dr. Rudolf Breuss. Also if Breuss therapy is combined with medications for cancer the cure will not come. We are well aware that drugs destroy cancer cells, the same make they do with healthy cells, which does not suit us. Breuss diet and methods require regular bowel movements and if necessary enema is done in order to fully eject the dissolved substances to avoid poisoning.

The role of the daily time in the fresh air, light physical activity and recommended body massage is very important. Treatment of cancer includes the sturdy positive attitude in life, eliminating stress and especially unhealthy habits because they significantly contribute to the development the disease. Breuss total therapy in any case is not at all easy as it might be concluded at first look. Juices of organic vegetables and Breuss tea are only a small part of a complex process to cure carcinoma. For them to achieve the desired results, the patient needs to reflect on the causes of disease.

Dr. Breuss laid a great emphasis on the impact of toxins and harmful chemicals in the human environment as the main causes of cancer. He stated that bug sprays, air fresheners and chemicals intended for cleaning, mothballs and many other can cause cancer. All these things are to be dumped from household and replaced them with natural things. Lavender and incense are an excellent choice for refreshing and cleaning the room. One of the advice Breuss gives is to avoid reheat the food, use of frozen foods and the use of foods containing preservatives which are chemically treated. Place where the patient sleeps is also important.

If the patient's bed set up in the place where there is underground water, especially if they cross each other, the bed should be urgently moved. Breuss method can also be applied preventively as an excellent method for cleansing the body of toxins and is well known that Breuss diet can be used for weight loss because it is great in addition to detoxification. Breuss method is not accepted in all countries - particularly those in which the drug industry is developed and is therefore at a loss, although in many other countries fasting is recommended and supported.

Who should not use Breuss diet?

Breuss diet is not recommended for children and teenagers, people who are already quite thin (because they lose up to 15 kg in 42 days), pregnant women and patients with cancer who are already in its terminal phase.

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