Throat cancer symptoms | treatment | forecast

Throat cancer symptoms | treatment | forecast

Throat cancer symptoms such as changes in color and intensity of voice and frequent hoarseness are the first indicators of the disease. Throat carcinoma represents malignant disease that usually affects the larynx and sometimes the pharynx or tonsils. This malignant tumor occurs in 97% of cases in the male population, while only in 3% is present in women. Frequently age of patients is between 50-70, and in the last few years there is an increasing number of female patients, as well as plenty of younger members of the population.


The larynx is an organ in the form of pipes, about two inches long, located above the windpipe (trachea), which conducts air from the nose and mouth to the lungs. Epiglottis, elastic cartilage at the entrance to the larynx serves as a "cap" that prevents food or liquid to go into the trachea during swallowing. In this body located are vocal cords, which vibrate when air passes through them pushed out of the lungs, creating sound. In men, the larynx is something more expressive, usually known as the Adam's apple.

Throat cancer; TYPES

According to the place where the throat cancer occurs it is divided into supraglottic carcinoma (above the vocal cords), laryngeal carcinoma (at the level of the vocal cords) and subglottic carcinoma (below the vocal cords that is the area that connects the larynx with trachea). Localization of the tumor is very important because it depends on the therapy. Cancer of vocal cords (laryngeal carcinoma) accounts for 60% of all tumors of the larynx, and is characterized by constant hoarseness, and it can be detected at an early stage. Supraglottic and subglottic cancer exhibit symptoms much latter, and spreads rapidly and early metastases in local lymph nodes, and their prognosis is more serious.

Throat Cancer Symptoms

Throat cancer first symptoms are hoarseness or change in color and the voice. Supraglottic tumors are sources of growth on the neck, accompanied by a sore throat that lasts longer than six weeks, harsh and painful swallowing (dysphagia), a sense of presence of foreign body in the throat, and pain in the ear. Tumors that are formed below the vocal cords are identified by the difficult and loud breathing which in advanced stages resembles a hissing noise, but the disease is often accompanied by persistent dry cough and bloody sputum. Throat cancer causes rapid weight loss, bad breath and often choking on food.

How to recognize throat cancer

Having established that the symptoms of throat cancer are present with palpable lymph nodes in the neck, each physician gets an estimate of the disease. For throat cancer to be confirmed, it is necessary to laryngoscopy (tubes with cameras). If there are changes, it is necessary to take a tissue sample that after a biopsy confirms the presence of cancer.

Throat Cancer Causes

The emergence of throat cancer in over 90% of cases is associated with smoking, a fatal combination of cigarettes and alcohol. The development of the disease can also be caused by the exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos, wood and coal dust, formaldehyde, paints and varnishes, petroleum products. At risk are also people people who have already had a malignant tumor in the head and neck, people with a genetic predisposition, as well as those who eat unhealthy food. Throat infections with HPV increases the risk of laryngeal cancer, and stomach acid reflux (heartburn), which damages the delicate mucous membrane of the vocal chords, creating a foundation for the development of cancer.

Treatment of tumors mainly depends on its size, as well as localization of cancer and general condition of the patient.

Throat cancer surgery

The removal of malignant tissue by surgery, however, requires removal of the part or the entire larynx (laryngectomy), after which the patient loses power of speech. Laser surgery is performed on smaller tumors, and very often radiation is applied as a part of  the therapy.

How to defeat throat cancer naturally

Recipe No.1
  • 500 grams of chicory cook in 2.5 liters of water in the liquid, add 300 grams of finely milled fresh aloe vera.
  • Then add 400 grams of clover honey, 0.7 liters of wine and at the end 5 dl of alcohol (pure).
  • Leave it for five days in a dark, cool place.
  • Take 3 times a tablespoon of drink an hour before eating.

Recipe No. 2

Tea made from mallow
  • In 2.5l of cold water 2 tablespoons of mixture of mallow and lady's bedstraw.
  • Let it stand overnight.
  • Morning tea boil and drink during the day in small sips.

Throat cancer; FORECAST

It largely depends on the extent of tumor prior to diagnosis and appropriate therapy, so it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon possible when they occur above mentioned - throat cancer symptoms that cannot be ignored.

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