Snoring during sleep in adults | causes | treatment

Snoring in adults 

Snoring in sleep is caused by a narrowing of the upper airways in the mouth, nasal cavity of the larynx and pharynx, where the passage of air which is coming through the mucous membrane vibrates and creates noise. Since it comes to a very unpleasant sound phenomenon, snoring is a kind of social problem not just health one, it is very badly accepted.

Snoring Causes

The causes of snoring can be: deviation of the nose, chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes, allergies, polyps then congenital deformity of the lower jaw, a disorder in the growth of teeth, large tongue and soft palate, uvula or longer constricted throat.


The problem with sleep disordered breathing is especially pronounced in obese people with thick and short neck. Problems with snoring worsen with the use of alcohol and cigarettes but also when taking medicines for relaxation. Sometimes snoring in sleep is caused by some of the hormonal disorders which is in quite rare cases occurs as a result of neurological disorders, brain damage and cancer.


The most common cause of this disorder in children are enlarged tonsils, although birth defects such as narrow nasal cavity, pharynx, or narrowing of the larynx disease are not excluded.

Snoring in pregnancy

Many women may begin to snore just during pregnancy. The reason is that pregnant women significantly gain weight, and it can influence respiratory airways. Organism in pregnant women is characterized by enhanced blood circulation, which dilates blood vessels in that part of the body and therefore hinders breathing and causes snoring in sleep. Also enhanced stress can contribute to the whole situation.


Endoscopy, otorhinologist have an excellent insight into the state of our upper airways and recommended that personal check up is done. If a disorder in the sleep is serious that leads up to the cessation of breathing - apnea slip it is necessary to submit to a special examination called - polysomnography. With this method, we get a clear insight into the length and number of such episodes with termination of breathing. Depending of weight disorders therapy is carried out. It can be conservative and operational. Also pursue alternative medicine acupuncture, hypnosis, bioenergy and phytotherapy.

With an operating method, surgeons reinforce the palate and uvula and the best results are achieved by laser surgery. Also for snoring during sleep there are several aids - oral prosthesis for a tongue that is used during sleep. Tubes are pushing forward tongue (oral-pharyngeal or nasopharyngeal washes pharyngeal), a device that prevents relaxation of the jaw - orthodontic appliance and many others.

How to prevent snoring

Avoid tense situation and stress during the day to allow your body a healthy and good quality sleeps. Very helpful is everyday walking, cycling, spending time with friends, listening to music, etc.
Chronic fatigue is one of the main causes of snoring during sleep; we will give you a great recipe for relaxation.

Honey and cinnamon; Recipe
  • Pour half the cinnamon and honey in warm water and stir well.
  • The healing potion is the best to be drunk in the afternoon.

Make it a habit to always go to bed at the same time and sleep at least 7-8 hours. After a week vitality and energy will return.

Stuffy nose, inhalation

Snoring in sleep is also causes by the clogged nose. You need to free the airways and as the best means recommended is inhalation.

Recipe No.1
  • At bedtime breathe through the nose, to which you added a few drops of essential oil of mint or eucalyptus.

Recipe No. 2
  • The solution for the throat of maternal reduces swelling and expands respiratory tracts. If snoring is caused by allergies or colds this means it is extremely effective. In a cup of cold water, add a drop of oil of mint and gargle - do not swallow.

Recipe No.3

Incense oil 
  • For the treatment of arthritis in Ayurvedic medicine, as well as for wound healing and protection of various infections it has been used for thousands of years. For snoring in in sleep recommended is to apply frankincense oil on the chest, neck and area around the nose. Also humidifier that produces steam in the bedroom is applied, and thus maintain the humidity of the airways.

How to stop snoring

Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and drugs for relaxation. Cigarettes smoke constricts airways, irritates mucous membranes and often causes clogged nose. Large evening meals and especially alcohol consumption significantly impedes the flow of air, do not eat at least 3 hours before going to bed.