Propolis drops and prescription use

The recipe for propolis drops and dosage

Propolis drops, sprays, ointments, creams and tincture of it have an increasing role in the health of people in both the official and the alternative medicine.

All ancient people used propolis, which is the common name for a mixture of resinous substance that bees collect from the flowers of various plants. It has a distinctive, unique bitter taste and characteristic smell. Read on to learn how to create one at your own home.

The composition and the effects of propolis

Color and composition of propolis depends on the plant species from which the bees collect the juices, as well as the season. It contains 50 percent of resin, 30 percent of wax, 10 percent of essential oil, 5 percent of pollen, a number of vitamins and valuable minerals, organic acids, polyphenols and flavonoids.

Flavonoids (galangin, quercetin, chrysin, kaempferol, apieenin, Pinocembrion and pinobanksin) largely contribute to the healing effects of propolis, and these are also pigments present in fruits and vegetables, flowers and bark of trees. They have antioxidant properties and protect plants from harmful effects of the environment.

They have the same effect on the human body - preserve healthy tissue and treat the affected one. Numerous research has shown that propolis drops act as a natural anesthetic, antioxidant, antiseptic and antibiotic, and eliminate effect of most viruses including influenza and its causes, and are excellent in the fight against fungi and parasites.

Do they cause side effects?

It is extremely important that the bacteria do not develop resistance to this bee product. In addition, propolis drops side effects no, that is not the case with a number of synthetic antibiotics.

How to use drops of propolis as a remedy

It is used in the treatment of diseases of the ear, mouth and respiratory diseases, skin problems (wounds, acne on the face, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fungal infections, skin ulcers, burns), diarrhea, sore throat, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the urinary tract, gastritis etc.

Use propolis drops for immunity

In addition to regulating metabolism, it has an extremely beneficial effect on the body as a whole and enhances immunity. Scientists have found that it works even in severe diseases such as malignant tumor because it has anticancer activity, stimulates the regeneration of tissues and destroy free radicals.
How to make propolis drops; recipe

In medicinal purposes we use propolis drops, crude propolis, spray, cream, ointment. In the following we will give a more detailed instructions.
  • For making propolis drops we need a 96% or 76% of ethyl alcohol, and of course one propolis.
  • The glass bottle put ground propolis through which we pour alcohol in the proportion of 1:2.
  • For next 7 days shake the bottle three times a day.
  • After that, the liquid is filtered – you can use coffee filter.
  • Congratulations, you have got a tincture of propolis whose drops can be applied to various problems.



Daily apply on the skin a few drops of ointment, use for the treatment of pimples, acne or boils on the skin.

Nose and sinuses

They are extremely successful for the treatment of sinus and respiratory organs. In an already prepared hot tea of ​​thyme or chamomile add about 10 drops of propolis. Put close to your nose put a towel over your head and slowly inhale the fumes.

Propolis Drops for the throat

With a few drops of propolis daily you will significantly strengthen your immunity, it is an excellent prevention of laryngitis, and is used for its treatment. The same goes for ear infections.

Propolis Drops: Weight loss experience

Numbers of manufacturers and distributors of propolis drops for weight loss is increasing. As the market has a lot of everything, we recommend you to be extremely careful when purchasing such products. Our experiences so far confirmed that propolis generally stimulates metabolism and helps better digestion, so with regular exercise and proper diet you can certainly contribute to lose weight. There are no magic drops that will melt kilograms on their own!


You need to rub a few drops of propolis on the inflamed site in the mouth daily, and after treatment wash your teeth. In this way you will successfully treat periodontal disease.

Propolis ointment; RECIPE
  • In a ceramic or enamel bowl put 90 g of Vaseline. In water bath boil water and then insert inside 20 grams of minced propolis.
  • Wait until propolis melts gently and mix the liquid.
  • All the dirt will come out to the surface and then pick it up with the wooden spoon and remove them. 
  • At the very least add a bit of an alcoholic tincture (recipe above), because it will help for propolis to homogenize it with Vaseline.
  • Container is then put in cold water and mixed until it cools.
  • Propolis ointment is kept in closed glass container in a cool, dark place

Ointment for hemorrhoids

Lubricate the affected area 2-3 times a day with ointment, combine with tea in which you add propolis drops. Pay attention to diet, it is enough to move and maintain hygiene. Read more about it in the article hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment.

Propolis ointment cures blisters and corns

For corns on feet it is best to use propolis ointment in large quantities, smear and tape the patch and let it sit overnight.

Raw propolis

Between meals take propolis in its raw form in the amount of 3 to 5 grams. Do not suddenly swallow it but first chew in the mouth for at least fifteen minutes. Read the article: royal jelly for strengthening immunity, honey and cinnamon diet for weight loss.