Kefir fungus as medicine for health and weight loss

Kefir fungus as medicine

Kefir fungus originates from the Caucasus, and for centuries it has been prepared as a healthy "drink for longevity". Its secret was for hundreds of years guarded by the local population. In the early 20th century kefir fungi reached other parts of the world.


Kefir is a thick, milk beverage, with a sour and refreshing taste that is obtained by symbiosis of fungi and beneficial bacteria. Past experience shows that it has an extremely favorable impact on overall health and kefir as drug helps with many ailments.

  • strengthening the immune system,
  • cholesterol regulation,
  • detoxification of the body,
  • regulation of blood pressure,
  • diseases of the stomach -gastritis etc. 
  • soothes intestines, promotes better digestion,
  • fatty liver, cirrhosis,
  • kidney and gall bladder diseases
  • Kefir is a natural antibiotic,
  • respiratory diseases,
  • insomnia, stress and anxiety,
  • anemia and poor circulation,
  • anti-candida and other fungi and bacteria,
  • helps with allergies,
  • slows down the development of cancer.
  • These are just some of the benefits, if kefir mushroom is consumed daily.


Right at the beginning we have to say that the best kefir is the one prepared at home, known as homemade kefir. Industrial manufactured kefir is not the same quality and our recommendation is not to use it.

  • You need the kefir grains and milk, which are traditionally not allowed to be prepared in metal containers with metal spoons as they may cancel the miraculous healing effects of the drink.
  • For half a liter of beverage 2 tablespoons of kefir grains and milk (cow, goat, and sheep) is enough.
  • Milk should not be hot but it is not important if it is boiled or not.
  • It is recommended that milk does not contain below 2.8% of fat, the bigger the percentage of fat the kefir will turn out better.

The ingredients are there and a detailed description of the procedure follows:
  • Pour the milk in a plastic or glass container,
  • Put the kefir grains,
  • Cover with a small plate and allow it to stand for 24 hours at room temperature (being understood that the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees).
  • Stir liquid occasionally.
  • Strain through a small plastic strainer, sleep in a bottle and keep in the fridge.
  • Kefir fungus is then washed with lukewarm water and left in the fridge for up to 48 hours until the next use in cold water or milk.
  • Kefir grains will multiply very quickly and it will allow you to get greater quantities of beverage.
  • The healing potion can be drunk every day, and for this purpose the general recommendation is to start with 1 dl per day and slowly increase the amount.
  • If fungus kefir is used as therapy you can drink up to a liter of beverage a day.


On the Internet you will find at least 3 or 4 variants of the diet with kefir, what you should not lose sight of is that you consume only homemade kefir. Kefir fungi for weight loss contains a low percentage of carbohydrates and is very effective for lose weight.

Kefir diet is based on a daily intake of 1 to 1.5 liters of the drink, with a kilo of apples and keep it for 7 days. Meals are evenly distributed and consumed 5-6 times a day. This is just one of the varieties of diets with kefir in which we can lose up to 5 kg in a week.

Are there side effects when using kefir?

At the beginning of therapy kefir fungus can cause mild problems such as diarrhea and gas. It is only an adaptation of the digestive system to the new situation and problems usually do not last long. Constipation can be easily regulated with this drink.