Bad breath | causes | treatment | halitosis

Bad breath; causes and treatment

Bad breath is very uncomfortable which also affects those who suffer from this condition and the environment in which these people live and work. Smell from the mouth affects the vulnerable persons in a way that leaves a deep and unpleasant consequences: depression, despair, avoiding society, solitude and depression.

Bad breath; Causes

In order to determine what the cause of bad breath is, we should take into account the following factors:

During exhalation of air from the mouth the smell is not always of the same intensity throughout the day. Bad breath in the morning is always stronger, more intense and the reason is that saliva is less light at night so it creates better conditions for the development of bacteria that create bad breath from the mouth. Also old age influences the smell from the mouth because it increases the intensity of smell. In some people the emergence of breath is caused by hunger.

Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of bad breath

Poor oral hygiene of teeth and gums, periodontal disease, mouth ulcers, infections and ulcers in the mouth are the most common causes of this condition. If teeth are far apart it is an ideal ground for the creation of pockets in which the food retains and expands an unpleasant odor in the mouth, as is the case with periodontal pockets also.

Dry mouth and bad breath

If it does not produce enough saliva, which cleans the mouth and moisturizes the oral cavity, dead cells, bacteria accumulate whose decomposition causes bad breath from the mouth. Cold symptoms are often accompanied by dry mouth, but it can also be a symptom of more serious diseases such as diabetes. Reduces salivation occurs in the menopause or taking larger amounts of medicaments such as antihistamines, antidepressants, anticholinergic.

Other causes include
  • cigarette smoking-tobacco scent remains for several hours after consuming
  • excessive consumption of garlic and onions, canned food and alcohol
  • dehydration, vomiting, fever
  • chronic sinusitis, purulent tonsils, chronic inflammation of the pharynx, bronchi and lungs
  • diseases of the digestive system - gastritis, hiatus hernia
  • other diseases

Halitosis in children

The most common cause of bad breath in children is mainly infection. Bad breath from the throat is caused by a purulent tonsillitis, which more often affects children than adults, also due to frequent infections and colds, secretion flowing from the back of the nose and sinuses.
How to remove bad breath?

Before you start to solve this unpleasant problem do the following test:
  • Ask a member of the family or a good friend if you have bad breath from the mouth. This step is not easy for any of us but it will give us a good guideline for the future, because our senses are already adapted to that smells and we cannot notice it.
  • Lick one hand and wait for it to dry. If it smells than it is caused by your saliva.
  • Take a deep breath and cover your mouth with your hand, exhale and then again breathe through the nose with the mouth closed, so you smell your own breath.
  • Most dentists have a device for measuring the quantity of sulfur compounds from breath.

Oral hygiene

It includes: regular brushing and mouth rinsing, using dental floss at least 1x a day, clean the tongue. Visiting a dentist at least twice a year. Good oral hygiene will prevent many diseases of the teeth and gums that have a major role in bad breath. Consumption of larger quantities of liquid: water, pressed orange juice and lemon and sour fruit encourages more salivation and addressed the unpleasant smell.


Technical term for bad breath is halitosis, the disease is becoming more and more present in the population due to unhealthy diet and other factors. In addition to many pharmaceutical products that make your mouth dry we recommend natural medication. For unpleasant halitosis sage tea, and green tea proved effective which showed that they reduce by 30% the level of sulfur compounds in the mouth and thereby eliminate unfavorable odors. Also chamomile, peppermint (mint), black tea and ​​marshmallow tea proved effective.

Tea mixtures against bad breath

Recipe No.1
  • 1 tablespoon of crushed flower and leaf of hyssop, liquorice and 2 clove buds pour with 3 dl of boiling water.
  • Cover and after 30 minutes, strain, sweeten with honey and drink one cup in the morning and one in the evening after meals.

Recipe No. 2
  • You need a spoon of mint, lemon balm and hyssop
  • Prepare and consume it in the same manner as in the first recipe

Recipe No. 3
  • A spoon of liquorice, peel of oranges and lemons
  • prepare in the same way as in the recipe no. 1