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Warts on the arms, chest, face, neck today can be removed by using a regular herbal preparations for a few weeks of treatment. The warts are a rosy growths that are caused by human papilloma virus, there are some 60 subtypes of this microorganism.


They can occur anywhere: on the face, around the mouth, the nose, the forehead and the scalp, but the most frequently they occurs on the hands, are particularly common in children. The infection may occur in the pools and public beaches, sexual intercourse or using objects that have come into contact with an infected person - towels, shoes, toilet, and bathroom. Since the warts are caused by a viral infection, the body eventually develops resistance to it and due to the effects of the immune system often spontaneously disappear, but if this does not happen, they need to be treated.

Types of warts
  • Common warts (verrucae vulgares), most often occur on the elbows, fingers, knees or warts on the soles of the feet. They can also arise under the nail and then they are extremely sore to the touch. They look as yellow, brown or grey - black knots, which range in size from a few millimetres to centimetres. On the soles appears a special type of warts (Verrucae plantares), causing pain during movement.
  • Juvenile warts (Verrucae planae juveniles) are flat and smooth, and a little elevated above the skin, and usually appear as warts on the hands and face. The so-called filiform veruke - are narrow and long, and usually occur on the eyelids, neck and lips.
  • Genital warts (condilomata acuminata) are formed in the anogenital mucous membrane, and the virus is transmitted through sexual contact. They are elongated, soft and have an uneven surface, and often a stem. HPV warts in women are particularly sensitive and vulnerable because some types of viruses cause malignant changes in the cervix, it is very important to timely detect them and treat them appropriately.

Treatment and wart removal

Treatment of warts depends primarily on the type and place of their creation, as well as on how much time has passed since their formation. Methods include cryotherapy (freezing the wart), electrocoagulation - wart removal with a laser, surgical and wart removal with radio waves. Less aggressive treatments, which do not leave scars on the skin are keratolytics (salicylic and lactic acid) and caustics (trichloroacetic acid, tretinon, and podophyllin). It is especially important early detect it and monitor it warts in women so it does not cause cervical cancer.

How to remove warts on hands and neck naturally

Many plants contain some of the substances that remove dead skin layers that is have a keratolytic effect, but can also be used to treat warts.
  • Soak a gauze in beer foam and apply on the wart. The treatment is repeated daily until warts disappear. This therapy can be applied to other parts of the body affected by warts.
  • Juice from the leaves and flowers of dandelion are daily applied on the warts that will first begin to dark until eventually becoming dry and falling off.
  • Fresh squeezed juice of houseleek daily apply on warts that are on face, arms, until they become dry and fall off.
  • Pink growths will also disappear if you daily apply onion juice.
  • Fresh juice of figs is also a good tool for removing growths on the skin.
  • Willow bark is boiled in wine which is an effective remedy for warts and corns.
  • Dab warts on the hands in the morning and at night with castor oil. Also on other places where they grew.
  • Lubricate growths on the skin with the juice of Celandine.
  • Squeeze the juice of fresh lemons, applied to the warts and leave for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. The process is repeated twice a day.

The cure for warts on hands

Propolis has proven to be very effective with this problem. Apply it on warts and place tape over it tightly with a plaster to prevent air from going inside. Hold the patch for a couple of days, do not take it off. The process is repeated until you destroy the entire root of the wart. Additional advice: every time when you replace the plaster scrape a part of the nipple (which has already been chewed) because you will thus enable propolis to better penetrate down to the roots.

For warts on the hands as well as any other growths on the body, sea water proved to be an excellent natural remedy. Minerals, salt and the iodine promote wound healing and drying of skin growths. It is necessary to spend more time in the water. If you are on the beach, apply a handkerchief with sea water directly on the wart and hold for some time. For the treatment with sea water to be successful, it is necessary to spend at least 10 days at the sea.

Egg whites for warts removal

Egg whites proved to be an excellent remedy in removal of warts. This remedy is applied for several days. Also if warts are sore to the touch, further protect by keeping egg whites longer on them. Repeat this process several times a day. From the place and size depends on when the Warts dry and finally fall off. You can use one egg for this purpose and cover with a plastic bag, because you will protect it from air and egg whites will not lose moisture.

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