Pain in the neck and shoulder treatment | stiff neck

Pain in the neck and shoulders causes, prevention and treatment 

Pain in the neck and shoulders in most cases is caused due to muscle spasms, which therefore become rigid, which prevents normal movement of the joints. Pain in the shoulder and neck are often the result of continuous stress, long posture in the same position (while driving, sitting at the computer, working on an assembly line in a factory, sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow or in an irregular situation - for example, the stomach).

Pain in the neck and shoulders; CAUSES

Sports and whiplash injury occurs very often in accidents, therefore, long-term pain in the neck and shoulders are formed as a result of this injuries, and it may be some degenerative changes such as the following problems: corrected cervical lordosis (curvature of the spine natural), spondylitis (degenerative damage to the spinal column), scoliosis, disc herniation, rare tumours and inflammation. "Culprits" are many, mostly younger people have it due to consequences of modern life, including emotional and mental stress, insufficient physical activity and too much sitting in incorrect position.

Cervical spine; SYMPTOMS

Pain in the neck and shoulders are not always the only symptoms, often occurs neck stiffness and limited mobility of the cervical spine, there are a number of symptoms that patients are afraid because they cannot be associated with cervical spine. For example, numbness of the hands and fingers, which is a frequent companion problem with the cervical spine, may be associated with heart attack, especially if it comes from the left side. The feeling of "lump in the throat" often leads patients to endocrinologist, to do thyroid hormones tests. There is also anxiety and depression, which often affects people with chronic problems with the cervical spine, and then they are often prescribed tranquilizers and antidepressants. When turning and bending the head, damaged vertebrae pushes the blood vessels that nourish the scalp and a small brain, but temporarily there is a loss because the blood circulation in the neck weakened, even coming up to the cessation of blood flow. This condition leads to a feeling of dizziness, blurred vision, and often pain in the scalp with a burning sensation in the nape of the head. Numbness in the face, tinnitus and visual disturbances are also on the list of possible symptoms. All of these problems give rise to a suspicion of a serious neurological disease, so patients almost regularly visit a neurologist and ENT specialist. Also, these symptoms can also be caused by other things, visiting a physician is a must.

Cervical spine pain in the neck - HOW IS IT DIAGNOSED?

When it comes to pain in the neck and shoulders, just to mention that the radiography of the cervical spine is not required, unless there is a suspicion of a serious cause (cancer, injuries ...). Laboratory analyses are necessary if the patient's condition indicates inflammatory rheumatic diseases. In case of additional symptoms, such as weakness of arms and legs, difficulty in walking, problems with bowel and bladder emptying, or if there are no improvements after physical therapy, an additional diagnostics (MRI, CT, EMG or Doppler blood vessels), and consultation with a specialist is a must.

Pain in the neck area of ​​the spine - PREVENTION

Since statistics show that pain in the neck and shoulder affects more and more people, especially young people, who often have problems with the cervical spine, the consequences of modern life should be considered on time. Prevention includes proper posture during walking, sitting and lying down, using adequate cushion (there is no universal model - try different anatomical or buckwheat pillows), regularly perform the exercises for the spine, especially those for static neck area. It is necessary to avoid sudden movements and a nod, and - if possible - try to reduce stress. Occasionally massage the neck and back can help. More in the article body massage.


Physicians diagnose, advise the patient bed rest and, if necessary, wearing a cervical collar, use of analgesics and physical procedures -Laser, magnet, ultrasound. When the pain in the neck and shoulders and inflammation goes away, including the strengthening exercises as well as exercises for stretching the spine, which are key to treating and preventing new injuries and which should be done at least three to four months continuously.

Hot and cold wraps

Whether there is weak or strong pain in the neck, do not forget to put wraps. Warm wraps accelerate blood circulation and relax the muscles, and thus pain in the neck and shoulders slowly gets weak. For this purpose you can use water bottle, infrared lamps (can be purchased at a very affordable price and mount any lamp) or a towel soaked in hot water. Painful areas are heated for at least 10 minutes. Alternately compresses (hot and cold) can be helpful, which doctors lately increasingly recommend.


Wearing a cervical collar, which should be made exactly to your size is one of the ways to prevent pain in the neck and shoulders. In particular, it is advised to those people who spend a lot of time next to the monitor, because it relaxes the neck muscles.

Shoulder pain and neck; alternative treatment 
  • Chiropractic: the Greek word that is translated as "made by hands". Namely, it is a skill that involves precise alignment of properly dosed forces on the wrist that is dislocated. Chiropractor precisely determines the location of a problem and seeks what causes problems, then it eliminates or alleviates the aforementioned consequences.
  • Acupuncture: This is a natural way of treatment that solves the primary problem such as the pain in the neck and shoulders, where the whole body is returned to balance. The ancient Chinese discipline shows very good results and prevents this condition. Acupuncture involves using needles in certain points on the body (acupuncture points), deployed along the so-called meridians. It should be noted that the thrusting of the needles is not painful, but for those who are afraid - there is an alternative solution for the stimulation of these points.
  • Holistic massage: takes into account the physical and emotional condition of the patient. In treating of the neck used is a wide area massage on the painful area which is warmed and relaxed. Then, through acupressure points exhaustively explores painful and even massage the neck, shoulders and skull base. Gently stretching the neck and after a massage a patient feels relaxed, which is reflected to the body until the pain in the neck and shoulders goes way.
  • Iplikator Kuznetsova: This method is named after a Russian scientist Kuznetsova, and consists of application screens with plastic needles that are placed on the neck or any other part of spine. Then squeeze the palms, and after 60 seconds, take a break. Then the treatment is repeated. If the patient feels no discomfort, the Iplikator can be applied 15 to 20 minutes. In this way it accelerates blood circulation, reduces crowding and eliminates headaches and pains in the neck and shoulders.

Pain in the neck and shoulders occurs as a result of anxiety?

Fear, anger and frustration can cause muscle stiffness in the neck and that we are not aware of. Eventually chronic neck stiffness and inflammation of the neck muscles occurs, which significantly affects the quality of life, daily functioning and work ability. The treatment of this problem is generally time-consuming and requires great commitment, and it happens that the patient gradually loses motivation to fight because the pain in the neck and shoulders does not disappear overnight, which inevitably leads to the development of various psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety and depression. On the other hand, sometimes it is not easy to distinguish whether the pain in the neck is caused by some psychological problems, or does it come from anxiety and long-term accumulation of tension that leads to the spasm of the neck muscles and the consequent difficulties in the region. The diagnosis makes it difficult to get a clinical picture similar to that in cases of anxiety and problems with the cervical spine (numbness in the fingers, dizziness, nausea, headaches, lump in the throat, etc.). Therefore, the doctor will advise x-ray of spine or magnetic resonance imaging, in order to check the state of the vertebrae, and then the application of the therapy. If results fail to appear, psychotherapist should be included in the treatment.

Are the headaches a result of problems with the cervical spine?

They can be mild, medium or strong, and are identified by the fact that usually one side of the head or neck hurts. Also, sometimes it is accompanied by nausea, vomiting which are characteristics of migraine headaches. The cause of the damaged vertebrae and discus cervical spine, and muscle tension intensifies the pain. So, as long as the problem seems complicated, there is always a solution when it comes to pain in the neck and shoulders.

We have prepared several medicinal herbal tea that will certainly help when the pain in the neck and shoulders occurs of course it is used in addition to the above mentioned therapies.
  • Mix two tablespoons of elder (finely chopped) and a tablespoon of chamomile flowers. Pour 7 ounces of boiling water and leave it to stand for 120 minutes - covered. Strain and drink a cup of hot drink before each main meal. Once you have consumed this tea, Put a wrap of linings of spruce and hold for another hour. The wrap is made by mixing half a glass of finely chopped flowers and buds of spruce with 6 ounces of vinegar. Bottle is closed and kept warm for ten days. During this period it is necessary to shake more times per day. When 10 days pass strain and use.
  • Two tablespoons of mint leaves (finely chopped) and a tablespoon of lemon balm leaves deliver in 7 dl of boiling water and leave t covered for two hours. Strain the drink and drink hot drink before the main meal. As in the first recipe after drinking tea during the next hour on the neck you should put coating that is prepared like this: the 2 tablespoons of flower and leaf yarrow (finely chopped), the list of rosemary and flower and leaf of St. John's wort put in 8 ounces of domestic brandy. Bottle is sealed and kept in a warm place for 20 days. Shake several times a day. Strain and use as a coating 3 times a day for an hour.

IMPORTANT: Teas can be sweetened with honey to taste. Recipes are use after 5 days, until the pain in his neck and shoulders does not stop.

How to treat stiff neck naturally

Stiffness in the neck and pain in the neck and shoulders is certainly very unpleasant experiences for everyone, we have prepared several recipes.
  • Take two tablespoons of finely crushed flower and leaf of St. John's wort, horse chestnut, rosemary leaf and flower lilac and one tablespoon of camphor poured into 1 litre of homemade brandy. Bottle is closed and kept it in a warm room for twenty days. Swish it several times a day. When 20 days pass, strain it and massage the painful areas.
  • 10 large buckets of purple berries (finely shredded) that are older than two years, pour in a litre of boiled vinegar (diluted). Cover and let it sit for the next 2 hours. Give it a strain and apply on the neck in the form of wraps. Use three times a day for an hour.
  • 10 large tablespoons of radish (finely chopped) and five tablespoons of grated horseradish deliver in a litre and a half of mulled wine. Cover and let it sit for 120 minutes, sweeten the drink with 6 tablespoons of natural honey and drink a decilitre of drink before each main meal, and what is left use to massage the neck. Make wraps which you need to keep for an hour on the neck.

IMPORTANT NOTE: recipes use for five days, until the stiffness in the neck muscles stops.