Why herpes appears on the lip

Herpes on the lips; NATURAL TREATMENT

Bubbles on the lips appeared? You anticipate that it will soon break out on lip but do not despair, this inconvenience can be eliminated in 48 hours. Herpes for some of us is much more than inconvenience and banal aesthetic problems.

Herpes simplex virus can be concealed for years, but when it wakes up – it starts to create many troubles because it invades our body quietly and unobtrusively. Virus type 1 is responsible for labial herpes, an infection that causes an unpleasant bubbles that appear on the lips, while Type 2 usually causes genital herpes. Hereinafter, we will give you more recommendations that can provide us with the official modern medicine, but also quite a few recipes and methods to naturally treat herpes.

How are blisters manifested?

Herpes simplex virus was first encountered back in childhood, and those infections usually go unnoticed: in the youngest it causes flu-like symptoms and there is no violent manifestations on the skin or mucous membranes. The most common mechanism of transmission is direct contact, or, say, a kiss from an infected adult. From that moment, the virus stays in us for life, and hides in the nerves where the mechanisms of the immune system cannot reach out to it to eliminate it. There it remains encapsulated until something triggers it.

The trigger can be any change, such as: exposure to the sun without protection, longer periods of stress, high fever, flu, sudden changes in temperature or the menstrual cycle. Herpes on the lip can often be sensed before it comes out because there is a tingling and burning sensation on the lips. Then we say that the virus has "awakened" and begins to cause an infection, which is usually manifested by the appearance of bubbles, most often on the lips or in the corners of the mouth.

However, it can appear on any spot on the skin and mucous membranes, so we differ herpes on the nose, ear, eye, or in another part of the body (genitals, anus), as well as on the skin or any part of the body. The first symptoms of herpes starts the day before the outbreak of blisters in the form of pain, burning and skin tightening. Then appear the first bubbles - and this shall further depend on the severity of infection.

After three days the bubbles burst and liquid that dries comes out, forming scabs. No matter how unpleasant, do touch or smudge with aggressive media, because herpes on the lip can spread to surrounding regions. General symptoms of herpes sometimes include fever, muscle aches, general weakness, decreased appetite and enlargement of lymph nodes.
How to make herpes disappear in two days

Changes on the skin or mucous membranes caused by oral herpes on his lip, as well as accompanying symptoms of herpes simplex, is removed spontaneously, usually after seven to ten days. However, herpes labialis can be cured in only two days, according to modern doctors and immunologists. If you plan to start treating herpes with medication, the general recommendation is to use acyclovir ointment for herpes. Here is how to perform:
  • Before the appearance of bubbles and more, at the first hints of pain and tension you should intervene by applying the antiviral drug acyclovir in the form of fat, which is applied every 15 minutes, but not longer than two hours. This will stop the formation of bubbles and herpes on the lips will be eliminated in just 48 hours. In case of genital herpes caused by other viruses, be sure to report to a doctor. The treatment of herpes on your own is not recommended, especially when it comes to the use of medicinal products. After the appearance of bubbles - if one bubble has already formed, you can use the gel for clamping tissue-based aluminium chloride (lubricated twice a day). After the first application of this product it reduces itching, burning and tension characteristic of herpes labialis. In addition, it has an antiseptic effect, which speeds up healing and reduces the risk of spread changes in the skin or mucous membranes.

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Pregnant women can be concerned a lot when herpes appears during pregnancy. There should be no reason for excessive panic though this change manifests itself on the skin. In most cases it is the herpes simplex virus, a most common cause of the decline in immunity during pregnancy.

Certainly everything needs to be told to your doctor to get proper advice and possibly treatment. With herpes zoster it is a little more serious situation and you need professional help. Note: Do not use acyclovir ointment for herpes before consulting with your doctor, or any other medication, do not take it on your own.

Some general advice for pregnant women would be to behave responsibly - kissing is not advisable during pregnancy. Doctors can overwrite certain medications, which will speed up the recovery, also recommendations with fever in pregnancy is taking more vitamin B group, in order to further protect and strengthen immunity.

Try to be less exposed to stress, because it could well be the trigger for herpes on your lips, do not be too exposed to the sun's rays. A healthy diet during pregnancy is very important and plays a big role in the prevention of herpes, so make the most of seasonal vegetables and healthy fresh fruit.


Herpes simplex is found in the serum (the liquid in the bubble), and is transmitted by direct contact - kissing, due to inadequate personal hygiene, common use of cutlery. The most vulnerable are certainly children who became infected and have to fight this infection for life.

Users who have herpes on the lip or any other type of herpes have to be responsible during the infection and should take more care of personal hygiene. After touching the bubbles, especially if they are at the stage of shooting, each person must be sure to wash their hands.

You should also know that the virus is present in the infected area and a few weeks after the primary labial or genital herpes. Infected persons should avoid close contacts with other people (kissing, sexual intercourse, use of the same cutlery for eating), and use disposable wipes.


In people with healthy immune system, herpes simplex infections remains localized most often as a nasty cold with sores on the lips (fever on the lips) but also occurs on the genitals, and is rarely dangerous. More serious complications can occur in high-risk groups, including the most vulnerable infants and elderly

People with chronic illnesses, and people whose immune system is weakened by other disorders or drugs (suffering from AIDS, people on invasive therapies, such as radiation or chemotherapy).

How to treat herpes with natural methods

Alternative solutions for herpes on the lip are certainly there, maybe not as fast and efficient like purchasing ointments for herpes labialis, but they are natural resources that cannot harm you, because you will additionally exhibit pharmacological preparations, on the other hand they will make existing problems easier and alleviate them. Here is a proven effective drug.
  • Dip a cotton swab in a mixture of vinegar and water (in equal amounts) and apply it to the bubbles every ten minutes. Repeat this three to four times in one day. Significantly, you will speed up your recovery with this natural remedy for herpes.

How to get rid of herpes with the help of local honey and garlic
  • Three cloves of garlic are finely grated and then mixed with 1oo grams of domestic-natural honey. If it is done gently continually brush herpes on lip and blend thoroughly to penetrate all the infected parts.

Oil pumpkin is a natural remedy for fever blister
  • For herpes labialis pumpkin oil proved to be extremely effective, which today can easily be found in nearly all plant pharmacies. It is necessary that infected parts is treated with it 4 times a day.

Propolis drops are a proven recipe
  • Daily drink propolis drops for the sake of lifting immunity, but with a slight oil solution of propolis you can apply on infected place. 

Buckwheat flour also helps
  • Every day you can pour a small spoonful of buckwheat flour into two small cups of boiling water (it is necessary to briefly boil it), remove from the stove leave at least half an hour to cool and later continually brush your uneasy herpes on his lip.

Aloe Vera against herpes
  • Take larger leaves of Aloe Vera sheets and cut them open. Before going to bed press them to the face, in a place where herpes is formed, fasten with an elastic bandage as a coating, and leave it overnight.

Mint cures fever
  • Pour a small teaspoon of mint with half a pint of boiling water and slightly steam cook it covered for no longer than fifteen minutes. Remove from the heat and leave it to stand for about 30 minutes. Now, give it a good strain and apply on herpes. This natural remedy is great combined with mint tea.

Sodium bicarbonate against herpes
  • A small teaspoon of baking soda mix with the same amount of salt and add water to them. When the mixture becomes thick like a more fluid cream (sour cream), then the use of herpes on the lip and by lightweight coated or three times a day are infected city.

Home-made herpes cream - Recipe

Folk recipes for the treatment of viral infections are plentiful and we and we cannot talk about them all in one article. One of our readers provided us with the recipe with really drew our attention to it. We use this chance to thank that reader.

For this recipe you need the plant Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm in dried form, in which you need to deliver the appropriate smaller sauce pan and cover with good quality olive oil. Warm up for five to max ten minutes, but do not let it boil. Remove from heat and allow it to cool slightly. The resulting cream against herpes will be even better and more effective if you add into it a small piece of beeswax. Pour everything in a proper box and it is best to keep it in the fridge.

If you treat herpes with this homemade cream, it is recommended to drink tea from liquorice. If infection are common in your case and natural remedies do not help, be sure to consult with your doctor.