Sore throat

Natural cure for sore throat and difficulty while swallowing

Sore throat while swallowing may have different causes, sometimes those are viral infections and dry air in winter. This unpleasant symptom often leads us to resort to some medications, which in most cases are not necessary, especially if you experiences of a sore throat without fever occurs. The sharp and strong pain in my throat then usually goes away after only three or a maximum of four days, when we can help ourselves with a number of "drugs" from our kitchen. In addition, you should care about the food you eat, because certain foods can definitely make the pain worse - such as citrus fruits or pickles, while others have a calming effect. Read on to learn how to relieve sore throat at home?

Bacterial Sore Throat Symptoms

90 percent of all inflammation of the pharynx is accompanied by pain in the throat when swallowing caused by viruses, but you should not immediately rush to the pharmacy for antibiotics. In the case of viral inflammation - mucous membranes of the throat may be a little pale or bright-red in colour and are quite dry. Also, there is difficulty in swallowing, which is very painful. You do not need to take antibiotics right away, at least not in the first two to three days, until you see which direction the infection is going. It is possible to recover and calm the symptoms, or their deterioration, with the appearance of whitish mucosa of the tonsils (purulent tonsillitis) and elevation of body temperature.

The first form of infection (viral) is treated with symptomatic, oral antiseptics in the form of a lozenge to suck on (today there is a great offer of them), spray or wash solution or spray the oral cavity (it helps to rinse the mouth with salt water) Another type of bacterial infection and is treated with the antibiotic. The treatment of bacterial or so called lacunar angina must be vigorous and long (at least for ten days), so with antibiotics usually are given oral antiseptics, antipyretics and vitamin C.

What foods alleviates sore throat?

A list of foods that will only worsen the pain in the throat when swallowing is quite long and extensive. Also these foods affect each of us individually some foods help someone hinders another, etc. However, some general guidelines need to be followed when it comes to sore throat without fever, which can be fully controlled by foods and beneficial herbal teas and preparations. Acidic foods, such as pickles, citrus fruits and vinegar, may increase pain in the throat when swallowing.

However, some swear that they gargle diluted apple vinegar and lemon juice certainly helps, but it is best to test yourself with mentioned drinks. Too hot spices are also are not recommended in this case because it only complicates things. Dairy products should certainly be avoided, as they generally worsen symptoms of cold and complicate treatment of encouraging extra mucus in the body.

Avoid consuming too dry foods, such as biscuits and the like, they can give us a mechanical injury, and irritate mucous membranes. Even though it sometimes seems that hot black coffee relieves the symptoms, the effect will almost always be short-termed, then will the sore throat and difficulty in swallowing get worse. It is not unusual that a person with a painful throat to have an aversion to coffee. During the disease you must remove refined carbohydrates, salty snacks and alcoholic beverages, and stop smoking.

How to relieve sore throat with food

Aside from food that will only aggravate the pain in the throat when swallowing, and make it even more uncomfortable and stronger, there are foods and dishes that can certainly help. In the first place it is a warm chicken soup, homemade honey, garlic, ginger, integral pasta and much more.

Garlic against sore throat
  • It is considered the most powerful natural antibiotic and has a strong antiviral effect, and it is very possible that you will not have problems with colds and flu. When you hurt your throat, daily use of this medicinal plant will improve your health. It is enough to eat up to two cloves a day.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are an excellent remedy for sore throat
  • Needless to say, our fruits and vegetables are essential for good health and boost our immunity. It is best to consume them daily in sufficient quantities in order to prevent the development of infection and further decline of the immune system, or if it does happen, you catch a cold – or have a strong pain in the throat feel free to turn up the dose. Some experts even advise that at the first sign of a cold start to starve i.e. that for at least two days you eat only fresh fruits, vegetables, natural squeezed juices and mild tea, as this will significantly speed up the healing process. The body will not have to spend energy on digestion of heavy foods, and therefore will have more energy to fight viruses and bacteria. In most cases bananas for sore throat are the best.

Honey for sore throat
  • This medicinal bee product has always been considered to be the number one drug in case of colds and flu. Today it is very important that you buy it from trusted manufacturers because the market is full of bad quality honey, which contains sugar, and does more harm than good. For pain in the throat when swallowing, it is good to take a teaspoon of honey and slowly dissolve it in the mouth, or put it in lukewarm tea or warm lemonade.
  • Also, an excellent remedy for hoarseness and throat pain is licking honey from the plate. On the large shallow dish you should first apply a thin layer of honey, and then its biggest area is licked. In addition antiviral and antibacterial properties of honey, it can also increase the circulation of the tongue and the throat, which promotes healing.

A higher intake of fluids during the day, relieves pain in the throat
  • Viruses are much easier to reproduce on dry mucous membranes, and when we have a cold, due to congestion and often breathing through the mouth, the mucous membranes of the throat can further dry out. Constantly wetting the mucous membranes will hamper the spread of viruses, and it is necessary that you always have a bottle of water with you. Even better is to drink warm liquids, such as herbal tea, because the very heat destroys viruses, and hot steam reduces swelling of mucous membranes and also kills the virus.

Remedy for sore throat
  • Onion syrup is an old and proven remedy for sore throat. This is great in case of a sore throat and cough, and you prepare it by chopping the onion and pouring honey over it. Allow it to stand for a few hours well covered, and then gently strain syrup and drink it several times a day.

Boiled carrots - help with sore throat
  • Severe pain in the throat when swallowing can be mitigated with carrots, but if you eat it after being boiled. That will hurt you less ​​when passing through the pharynx, as it will not be hard and rough, and is rich in vitamins and minerals that will support faster healing.

Integral pasta against sore throat
  • Pasta whole grain cereal is rich in fibre, iron, zinc and vitamins E, B1, B2, and B3. Add to it a gentle dressing and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal, since it will make it easier to swallow and will calm the pain of irritated throat.

Ginger against sore throat
  • It is excellent for all respiratory infections. You can use it in the form of tea, in a mixture with honey and lemon, or suck and nibble bits of its fresh root. Also, you can make balls of ginger and honey for a sore throat. Mix half a teaspoon of grated root with half a teaspoon of honey and make small balls, which you will eat every two hours. This should very quickly reduce pain when swallowing. Read more in our text about ginger and honey.

Sage tea soothes a sore throat
  • It is very healthy and recognized as a drug that most of the doctors will recommend it for a sore throat. Sage has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and is excellent as a means to strengthen the mucous membranes.
Sore throat in pregnancy

Frequent colds, stuffy nose, flu, viral infections, red and irritated throat hardly avoids pregnant women, especially during cold autumn and upcoming winter days. If sore throat without fever occurs, you do not need to be nervous nor anxious, because you can easily cure it without the use of any antibiotics. Good and strong immunity during pregnancy is basis for the baby's health, which certainly can be reinforced with an adequate diet based on the more common seasonal vegetables, fruits, honey, lemon, teas and others.

Sore throat in pregnancy lasts for a long time, especially those that occur with temperature, require an emergency trip to the doctor, to get proper treatment. In the case of high temperatures, be sure to take a shower with warm water, then you should wear light cotton clothing that gently clings to your body. If severe pain in the throat in pregnant women, is accompanied by a stuffy nose, do not reach for pastels (fitosept, Septolete, etc ...) and nasal drops, sprays to alleviate existing problems.

During pregnancy never do anything without consulting with a physician and gynaecologist. In fact, some products contain a number of chemical substances that may harm the baby.

Try to get plenty of rest during the day and night, drink more mild herbal teas with the addition of lemon juice and local honey, which will immediately start to eliminate uncomfortable pain in the throat and prevent worsening of symptoms.