Sinusitis symptoms and treatment


Sinusitis and headaches are symptoms that are intensified with the arrival of a little colder autumn and especially winter year. We see that these days at many forums, portals and social networks (if you follow alternative medicine) largely began a trend to look for a natural recipe for treating sinusitis. We will try in this text to offer a greater number of useful recipes. As a great natural cure for sinus and nasal congestion often recommended is horseradish, but it is definitely not the only recipe that we will share with you here. Inhalation of herbs to sinuses is by far the most effective therapy and is equally recommended by herbalists and doctors of official medicine, it is recommended if the nose is constantly blocked, it is almost always accompanied by severe headache, and sometimes temporary loss of sense of smell can occur.

Sinusitis Symptoms

The most common symptoms of sinusitis in adults are impassable and constantly stuffy nose, increased secretion and thick, very strong sense of pain and uneasy pressure in the neck and ear, unpleasant toothache, occasional loss of sense of smell, increased lacrimation, and severe headache accompanied with fever, general fatigue, and exhaustion. It should be noted that acute sinusitis in its early stages is quite difficult to diagnose, because the problems are reminiscent of those that are characteristic of the most simple colds. However, the simplest way to determine whether it comes to acute sinusitis is tapping or pressing in the area of ​​the face. If this causes pain in the sinuses, most likely the infection. As the cold and flu season is underway, people who are prone to sinusitis especially need to take care in order to prevent problems and the appearance of these symptoms. In fact, all four pairs of sinus cavities: the first pair is placed over the eyes near the brow frontal sinus and the other inside the cheekbones - maxillary sinuses, third behind the root of the nose, between the eyes and fourth in the upper region of the nose, behind the eyes – sphenoid. It consists of openings connected to the nasal passages and nostrils, and lined with mucous membrane, which continues to the nasal passages. Therefore, the factors that cause inflammation and swelling of the nasal mucosa, occurs in the case of allergies or colds, directly affect the function and mobility of the sinuses. The problem can be caused by polyps in the nose because they interfere with the flow of air and mucus secretion. Sinusitis and headaches, almost always go together, occur when the swollen nasal mucosa closes the sinus opening and thus prevents ventilation and pressure equalization in the nose and sinuses. In addition to mucus, which in normal conditions is used to maintain the humidity of mucous membranes and is a protection against bacteria, in the case of sinusitis the sinuses create pressure causing gnawing pain.
Sinusitis natural therapy

Before we share with you more than useful natural recipes for the treatment of sinuses, we will say a word about when you are at risk of become ill. Acute sinusitis, usually occurs after not overcoming the cold when it gets re-activated by bacteria and viruses. Then they created almost ideal conditions for acute sinusitis, but they often cause allergies and, while this is much less common fungi. The bacteria that cause it are: pneumococci, Moraxella catarrhalis, streptococci and Haemophilus influenza. These microorganisms are listed in healthy osona accommodated in the upper airways (the mucous membrane), and in the case of inflammation, their number are significantly increased and can lead to the infection. Sinusitis without fever, with severe headache often occurs in people who are prone to allergies, because in their case progression in the upper airways is reduced. Similar problems occur with people who have nasal deviation or are suffering from inflammation of the teeth in the upper jaw. The treatment of sinusitis depends, above all, from the very cause of the disease: if it comes to bacteria, prescribe antibiotics immediately and take swabs for antibiograms, while allergic sinusitis is most often treated with appropriate antihistamines.

What is certainly common for therapy in all forms of sinusitis is to use analgesics, as well as various drops for sinuses, often and nasal sprays, which achieved more or less good effects. In the event that conservative treatment of sinus infections does not produce the expected results and performances of chronic sinusitis, then surgical intervention is implemented in order for sinus cavity to be cleaned and drained. This method is recommended only in the occurrence of serious complications from the sinuses. Phytotherapists recommend inhalation in comparison to these methods, wherein the best results are achieved by applying the basil, dill, and horseradish.

Natural cure for sinus with horseradish
  • In the evening, before bedtime, put on the stove a tablespoon of grated horseradish root. Cover your head with a towel, leaning over the stove and inhale the smoke. Repeat the procedure at least for 5 consecutive days, as long as sinusitis and headache is totally gone.

Sinusitis; inhalation with dill
  • Pour three tablespoons of dill in a litre of boiled water and cook no more than 2 to 3 minutes. Place the pot on the table, cover the head with large towel and inhale the hot steam for fifteen minutes. Apply at night before going to bed an do not accidentally go out or be exposed to drafts after inhalation.

Inhalation of sinuses with basil
  • Pour three tablespoons of basil in a litre of boiling water and cook for no more than three minutes. Put the pot on the table, move the towel over the head, cover your head and inhale the hot steam for 15 minutes. Apply at night before going to sleep and do not go out or expose yourself to the draft after completion of inhalation, this method yields results within 7 days.

Natural cure for sinus and nasal congestion with horsetail
  • Pour a tablespoon of horsetail in 1.5 ml of water and cook for a good 2-3 minutes. Leave it covered to cool slightly, then strain it and gently inhale the liquid several times a day.

How to treat sinus with onions and wine vinegar

Sinusitis and dizziness, fever and severe headache sometimes can tie us to bed for a couple of day. So it is important to apply appropriate therapy. Here is another exceptional recipe:
  • At bedtime finely chop two onions and add to the gauze. Then the mixture is sprayed with red wine vinegar and a tablespoon of oil. Lie on your back and put the swabs on the eyes, and then put the prepared mixture over the forehead, nose and upper cheeks making sure that the juice gets into the eyes. This medicinal poultice for face should stand on your face all night. In the morning, take it off, wash the painful areas with chamomile, lubricate them with hyperacid oil and leave it on for two minutes.

Afterwards, rinse the nostrils and mouth with tea, which is made in the following way:
  • One tablespoon of dried and crushed flowers and leafs of milfoil, flower and leaf of red mallow, nettle leaf, chamomile flower, leaf of yarrow, leaf of blackberries and wild mint leaf deliver in 1.4 litres of boiling water. Leave it covered for an hour and a half, strain and sweeten with a quality local honey according to your taste. During the day rinse the nose three times by sniffing and ejecting the tea, and then take a sip of fluid and gently gargle in the mouth the first on the right, then to the left side, and then on the rights side and then spit everything out. Then drink a cup of this tea. As soon as the liquid is drunk, a clotted pus in the form of a cylinder length up to 3 cm will come out of the nose. Again, rinse the nostrils with tea.

Cleaning sinuses is repeated the next day and you will never have problems with infections. Onion is known as a homeopathic remedy for sinus.

Sea salt for sinus infections

Sinusitis and headaches are also very good treated by coatings from the sea salt. Here is how to make them:
  • A pound of salt is heated up to a temperature of 40 C. Check with the inside of the hand to see if it is not too hot and again it is poured into a cloth and made a bundle in the form of a plate, which you hold for a half an hour between the eyes.

When it cools down, you heat it again to 40 ° C and the process is repeated, then the nose and throat are washed with the following tea:
  • Two tablespoons of finely chopped flowers and leaves of centaury (erythema centaurium) and a large tablespoon of finely chopped flowers and leaves of yarrow are delivered in 6 dl of boiling water. Remove from the heat and leave it covered for two hours to rest. Strain, gargle and rinse nostrils. This procedure is applied for three consecutive days, and after that in both nostrils be sure to put powder - snuff pepper or hellebore (Veratrum album), which is obtained from dried and crushed rhizomes hellebore which causes sneezing. After every sneeze on the tissue you will see a few drops of pus that was blocking the sinuses.

Sinusitis in pregnancy

Sick sinus, the pressure in the area of ​​the eyes, clogged nostrils and the temporary loss of smell is not bypassing pregnant women. What is very important is to strictly hold to recommendations from your doctor that you are being followed by. Any drops sinuses, sprays, antibiotics and the like should not be used on your own. Easy inhalation of sinuses is recommended, without added chemicals. Put a towel over your head and inhale the vapours of warm water. You can spray your pillowcase with medicinal oil of eucalyptus during the night, and you will sleep peacefully and normally with normal breathing. Drink daily homemade lemonade sweetened with a teaspoon of honey. During winter it is recommended that you put containers filled with water on the radiator, in order to have more humid air, whether you sinusitis already struck or to apply it as a preventive method. Make an effort not to expose yourself to large temperature differences and changes in a short period of time. Avoid irritants that cause burning of eyes, cough or runny nose. Do not stay long in smoky environments, whether sinusitis affects you or not, it is very harmful to you and the baby. Avoid draught and close the windows.

The prevention in adults and children means that you need to start earlier the treatment of potential colds, flu and other infections of the upper respiratory paths. The adults often exaggerate with consumption of alcoholic beverages, with can lead to sinus inflammation. If you often go to the pool during winter, know that sinusitis can act up because of chlorine and is known to irritate the mucous membranes in the nose.