How to treat a weak heart


Poor heart or heart failure is a condition that prevents the heart muscle to works with their full capacity due to which the organs and tissues due significantly pumps less blood and oxygen and other beneficial substances. The mortality rate with these health problems is quite high, but they can be mitigated with proper nutrition, clean way of life and a number of medicinal plants whose recipes we will be glad to share with you.

What is heart failure - a weak heart?

Heart failure is primarily the inability or weakness of the heart to pump enough blood to supply the body with oxygen and all other necessary substances, and the cause of a weak heart can be almost any system, including cardiovascular disease in this and hypertension, narrowing of the coronary arteries, a viral inflammation of the heart muscle, enlarged heart, as and some congenital heart defects, anaemia, as well as diabetes and alcoholism. Also, a weak heart can occur when the heart is completely healthy - if exposed to great strain. It is a very serious disorder whose mortality rate is five years after diagnosis, and is high as much as 40 and even up to 60 percent. All factors that influence the development of coronary heart disease, are potential causes of heart failure: excess drinking large amounts of alcohol for a number of years, a lot of inactivity and constant physical inactivity, fatty and salty foods, chronic stress and anxiety, obesity, hypertension, diabetes. On the other hand, clean lifestyle and proper diet can significantly reduce the risk of illness from this disease.


The first sign of heart failure is shortness of breath, which initially occurs during physical exertion and later during sleep disorder it is expressed during bed rest due to spill over of fluid from the abdomen and the legs to the chest. Patients can experience lack of air, accompanied by shortness of breath and coughing, which can be mitigated getting up and taking a sitting position. Fatigue and weakness often accompany a weak heart, but can also anorexia, nausea, liver pain and severe vomiting can occur. In older patients due to poor blood circulation of the brain confusion, reducing concentration and memory, headaches, insomnia, frequent night time urination. Edema around the ankles and the lower legs, is most pronounced in the evening and are formed under the influence of gravity. Some diseases can simulate the symptoms of heart failure: such as stomach hernia (hiatal hernia), when it happens to one part of the stomach to slip through the diaphragm, to the chest and mechanically interferes with the proper functioning of the heart, this is quite often the case with obese people. Waking up with a sense of suffocation occurs in people with anxiety and panic symptom disorder. The mentioned weak heart is not a joke, it is essential that patients see a doctor immediately in order to set the right diagnosis and give appropriate treatment.


People often think that the ECG of the heart is sufficient to establish the cardiac work. However, the electro-cardiogram can be completely normal and in the presence of a serious disturbance of the heart function. On the other hand, it may show an abnormality in a time when physical exam gives essentially normal results. The heart can perform for years work under heavy loads and it will continue to do so still, unless disturbances of its function do not become too large. In order to diagnose heart failure at the time, except ECG other additional tests need to be done such as radiography of the lungs and heart and ultrasound. If doctor diagnosed a weak heart, you know that you can live a long time without any major problems, unless patients adhere to prescribed therapy and introduce appropriate changes in your way of life. Keep in mind that you have to lead a relaxed life, because the stress is our greatest enemy and requires a consistent treatment.

To help yourself mitigate the problems caused by a weak heart, the most important is to correct your diet. It is important to say that even in the youth we should think about heart health and take into account our diet, which involves eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, various seeds, bony fruits, nuts, olive oil, lean meat boiled or roasted only in the oven, grilled fish (with foil), yogurt and young cheese. It is necessary to completely avoid cigarettes, refrain from sudden overeating and eliminate from your diet meat products, soft drinks, canned food, sugar, especially white flour and baked goods, margarine, lard, refined oils. Use coffee to a minimum if you have a bad heart. It is equally important to regularly exercise. Daily recommendation is walking in nature, jogging, cycling, recreation or any other physical activity, because they are of great importance for heart health. In the case of heart problems already exists, in consultation with the cardiologist you should choose an activity that is most recommended for you.
  • Reduce weight: Proper nutrition and exercise are the best way to optimize weight. Between the two meals you should always wait at least three to four hours, and for a weak heart it is advisable to avoid the combination of all kinds of carbohydrates and protein, consumption of water and fruits immediately after meals, as well as late evening meal. You have to drink least a litre and a half of water a day, half an hour before meals three hours after a meal.
  • Reducing salt intake is very important, because this spice binds water, which can contribute to heart failure. Consume less salty foods, you will feel much better, weak heart symptoms become less pronounced.
  • Eat more potassium: Heart failure can often lead to loss of electrolytes (when patients receive medication for better urination), especially potassium, so it is necessary to consume foods rich in this mineral, such as bananas, oranges, prunes, soybeans, melon and tomato.


The best-known natural medicine for the heart, to strengthen the heart muscle is herb hawthorn, which is used as a tea or tincture - popular hawthorn drops, but also this includes the indispensable garlic, mistletoe, lemon balm, and oil of wheat germ. Most herbalists claim that Adonis vernalis plant is a boon for heart health.
  • Recipe: In 3 dl of water put one teaspoon of the herb and cook for 2 minutes. Leave it covered to stand for ten minutes. Take a spoonful of this tea every two hours.

If it is a mild heart failure treatment can be successful just by using hawthorn and Adonis vernalis plant. Problems can be mitigated by chewing raisins or tops of rosemary. Against angina walnut tea is very helpful:
  • Boil for a couple of minutes and leave to cool for ten minutes, then strain. Drink throughout the day in small sips.

G​arlic tea proved to be very effective for weak heart
  • Two cloves garlic need to be cleaned and mashed, then cooked for 5 minutes in a cup of milk.

Natural diuretics help with heart weakness

Among the drugs that are applied for the treatment of heart failure are those for the removal of excess fluid the so called diuretics. Well, there are a number of plants that have a strong diuretic effect and help with a weak heart, and among them are parsley, dandelion, celery, tomato, lettuce, green tea, corn silk, cranberry, watermelon, cabbage, vinegar.

To eliminate the excess water the following recipe proved effective:
  • Mix two tablespoons of birch leaves, corn silk, sea port and a spoon of thimble (Digitalis), and 3/4 tablespoons of the mixture boil for 2 to 3 minutes in 3 dl of water. Allow it to stand for at least 10-15 minutes and strain. Drink before lunch and dinner always a cup of this milk. 

For more information, read about water retention.

For heart failure a very good natural remedy is dandelion tea which is also successful in bringing down bad cholesterol.
  • In one litre of water put 100 grams of dandelion root and cook for ten minutes. Drink one cup several times a day.

Best tea mixture against closure of blood vessels
  • Take 20 grams of hawthorn, chaste berries, calendula, dandelion and blackthorn. Then three tablespoons of mixture pour with half a litre of boiling water and stir well, cover and let it sit for an hour, this is a very good recipe for a bad heart and against congestion.