Bunions on feet; treatment without surgery

How to treat bunions on feet in a natural way

Bunions on your feet are uncomfortable problem that lately affects many people. They are mainly the result of genetic predisposition and poor quality shoes we wear (narrow and uncomfortable shoes, etc.). The treatment of bunions without surgery includes a wide range of procedures aimed at alleviating symptoms and slowing the progression with this deformity, and it is important that patients in a timely fashion adequately get acquainted with the nature of the disease.

The good news for people with this problem is that they are successfully treated by non-surgical technique that is known as the Bowen therapy. Read on to learn what are the experiences with this technique. In addition we will share with you a couple of solutions to get rid of bunions naturally.

How to perform Bowen therapy?

Surgery nor any aggressive and invasive treatment does not come into question, but natural relaxation of our feet, which suffer the greatest burden, as well as due to congenital or acquired deformities of the spine, but also for wearing completely flat shoes, which encourages the creation of painful lumps on the thumb. Bunions on feet my feet know no age: they affect equally young and old, men and women. Experts dealing with this technique that the human body is a superb machine that has the ability to self-heal.

Persons with persistent bunions on their feet struggle for some time should take into account the selection of shoes and posture, and from time to time to walk barefoot. In the treatment of deformity it is necessary to decrease the burden on the feet and the entire spine. The elimination of painful bunions usually comes after getting rid of the pain in the spine. After a few treatments pain is reduced by 50 percent, and later more and more, until it vanishes.

BOWEN TECHNIQUE; bunions on feet

Bowen treatment consists of gentle movements with your thumbs and other fingers the muscle and connective tissue, over bare skin or light clothing. These movements send messages to the nervous system and activate the previously stored cellular memory of their relaxed and balanced state.

Bowen technique is applied for an hour and includes a mandatory, frequent breaks, which give the body enough time to adequately respond and begin the healing process. Besides the unpleasant pain, patients want to get rid of the ugly deformities. In solving this problem used is an intense foot massage, called reflexology. Intense pressure on the shortened tendon puts it back to the correct position and changes are visible after several treatments.

Bunions on feet are reduced, and the foot is changed. However, the effectiveness of treatment depends on the patient, who must actively participate and have discipline to adhere to the protocol for softening bunions. Usually they are prescribeed specific exercises for the feet as well as baths and appropriate creams. Bath and exercises with a rubber band last twenty minutes, and creams soften secondary creation which forms the joint.
Bunions on the feet cannot be cured in a day

Skipping home treatment significantly slows therapy, which can be clearly seen during the treatment, which for lack of discipline of such persons, instead of three months, last twice as long, so it is good practice for patients to generally respect expert advice, because they do not want to suffer pain and to have deformed foot. What makes Bowen therapy different from all other techniques "with the hands on the body," is that it is not a forced manipulation, but also allows the body to achieve what is necessary to heal itself.

Therapists who practice this method say that the body itself knows how much time this takes, but are unanimous in the fact that the results are remarkable when bunions on the feet come in question. The changes are visible after the first treatment, and the body itself continues to heal and in the coming days. Often just a few sessions to achieve a good result is enough. The therapist can focus on just one issue, such as the aforementioned bunions on feet, or to work on the body as a whole.


Bunions on your feet are only a small part of what is treated by Bowen therapy. Experts say that this method achieved excellent results in suppressing musculoskeletal problems, as well as those with joint pain, such as cramps in shoulders, injuries caused by continuous stress disorders, knees and hips, sprained ankle, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, difficult starting gate, a well proved in the case of all types of sports injuries.

Bowen therapy can cure infertility, migraines and severe headaches, asthma and bronchial diseases, pollen allergies, kidney problems, night time urination disorders in the digestive tract. This method helps in suppressing the results of stress, anti-tension, depression and chronic fatigue, even in treating the consequences of stroke or Parkinson's disease. It is recommended for all members of the family, from infants to the elderly, whether they are acute or chronic ailments.

Therefore, one should know that bunions on feet are not the only diseases that we treat with Bowen’s technique, because it helps the body on all levels - physical, mental and emotional level, and the placebo effect is completely turned off. All these claims are proven results achieved in working with babies and animals. Bowen therapy provides exceptional relaxation for athletes, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

Treatment of bunions in a natural way

Bunions on your feet can be successfully repaired with the help of herbs and folk recipes, we have prepared a few of them.

Bay leaf for treatment of bunions
  • In the appropriate enamel bowl pour one spoon of finer chopped leaf of bay leaves and add to it 3 dl of water, and gently simmer for the next five minutes. All pour into thermos and leave it all night until the morning. When you wake up immediately strain it and sip in small sips, do not drink suddenly. Three nights in a row use this drink, so that the next day you consume it fresh. Make one week break and repeat your treatment. Even after the first two rounds, bunions on your feet will start to recede, until completely vanishing for 60 days. We recommend that you read our article bay leaf tea.
  • Bay leaf can be combined with the 96 percentage alcohol. Take 5 larger leaves and cover them with 1 dl of alcohol, leave for a week to settle down and give it a good strain. The mixture is applied on bunions but first you have to steam your feet in three litres of hot water into which you insert a tablespoon of baking soda. After that wipe your feet, lubricate them with a mixture, put on appropriate short socks and lie down in your bed.

Homemade soap and iodine can mitigate and eliminate problems
  • Finely grate homemade soap and apply it to the diseased part of the foot, and the best is to massage it in. After the massage, rinse your feet and dry them. Dab a plain cotton swab into a container with iodine over painful bunions. When it is well absorbed and dried out on your socks, put on your socks. This technique for treating bunions should be applied for thirty days without interruption.
  • Bunions on your feet can be treated with a solution of iodine and lemon juice in equal proportion, and this mixture helps with heel pain, be sure to read the recipes for plantar fasciitis.
  • If in 10 ml of iodine put 5 finely powdered tablets of aspirin, you can get excellent remedy for painful joints or painful knuckles. It is important mix the mixture well until all tablets are completely dissolved, so that they are not seen in iodine. All these growths on the feet continually brush with this solution, later legs need a good warm up and need to be left like that through the night. Bunions on your feet will soon start to recede and the effects are more than good.

Bunions and shoes – purchase advices

To prevent bunions on your feet and treat them in time it is very important to choose shoes that we wear during the day. Therefore, you should never buy the ones you saw first saw, but allocate sufficient time to test the fine footwear through its paces. "It is necessary to walk in the shoes of the store and determine whether they are really comfortable or are still tightening.

Shoes should be leather with a heel of 2 to 4 centimetres in height, which will relieve our spine, also both men and women need to address this issue, not only because men's shoes should have a small heel. If a man has a deformity of the foot, it is necessary to go to orthotist, who will measure the load and determine what the problem is. On this basis, the right and appropriate pads are made to relieve foot.

We hope you were satisfied with this article and that you know how bunions on your feet (Hallux valgus) occur and how they can be solved without surgery and invasive methods.