Anti-parasitic Program from Dr. Clark’s experience

Meet the anti-parasitic program of Dr. Clark

Anti-parasitic program of Dr. Hilda Clark is one of the few treatments for cleansing of the body that after years of appearing continue to be of interest in people and this on a global scale. The reasons are that certainly anti-parasitic therapies are effective in the treatment of even the most serious diseases, amongst which includes cancer. This is proven by numerous scientific studies and experience with anti-parasitic program, and experiences of patient which can be read on the medical forums and portals, popular social networks.

Few therapies that caused so much interest in anti-parasitic program of dr. Clark, are based on the tincture of black walnut, powdered wild wormwood and clove. Below read more about it.

Detoxification and treatment of Dr. Clark

In the eighties the anti-parasitic program was founded - an entirely new direction in the development of medicine thanks to extensive research of American doctors, Dr. Hilda Clark Reger (1928-2009), which presented to the world public revolutionary insights into the real causes of diseases, many of which were previously considered absolutely incurable, offering unique methods of healing.

At the same time praised and challenged, this scientist during her life cured more than 20,000 patients with cancer and other serious diseases, and today still there is a huge interest in its methods, results and conclusions.

Hilda Clark was physiologist, biophysicist, practitioner and author of several books on alternative medicine, including the most famous "therapy for all diseases" and "The cure for all cancers" which is very popular today. She received her MA in medicine at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan, and a Ph.D. in physiology at the University of Minnesota.

In the late seventies she leaves her research which was funded by the US government and begins a private practice. In the period that followed, a controversial scientist discovered an electronic technique to search the human body and detect pathogens, and also developed the famous anti-parasitic program, which brought her worldwide fame.

Parasites are the cause of serious diseases

Devoting her life to the study of factors harmful to human health: like many parasites, bacteria and fungi as well as heavy metals and radioactivity, Dr. Hilda Clark found that all human diseases are associated with parasitic infections, foreign organisms and a number of pollutants that damage the immune system.

She explicitly argued that the conventional treatments of diseases like cancer and AIDS only mitigated the symptoms, while the removal of parasites, bacteria and viruses by using herbal medicine and herbal medicines, and mild electrical shocks and removing impurities from the diet can achieve a permanent cure of almost all diseases, even of those most difficult ones - so a good anti-parasitic program was needed.

She thought that anyone can self-heal if a medicine is searched in plants, medicinal herbs and essential oils, while particularly emphasizing the importance of dental health. The principle of treatment is based on the observation of several people with the same disease and based on the symptoms she revealed what they had in common.

Thus, she found that each disease is caused by a certain parasite, which is detected by means of her own invention – the syncrometer, a device that works on the principle of matching frequencies and is a fast and accurate detection of micro-organisms and harmful substances in the body.

With this device, as well as with the zapper, a simple device that kills the parasites in the human body using a low current low voltage at a certain frequency, which was discovered a few years later, is linked to one of its most important discoveries - the realization that direct electrical activity kills bacteria, viruses and parasites, the main causes of disease. All this makes anti-parasitic program of Dr. Clark unique and very popular today.

Experiences with anti-parasitic program are positive

Anti-parasitic program of Dr. Hilda Clark is especially recommended for people suffering from cancer, asthma and allergies, and as a preventive measures for strengthening the entire immune system in healthy individuals. With the anti-parasitic therapy, also applies a program for cleaning the liver designed exclusively for diabetics, anaemic individuals and heart patients.

Anti-parasitic therapy lasts exactly 41 days, and within it there are standard and enhanced versions of it, depending on whether it is just about prevention or treatment of serious illness or disorders. Anti-parasitic program is not designed or recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children under 10 years.

In applying anti-parasitic therapy it is very important to strictly follow the instructions for cleaning, given in the form of tables and clearly defined values. In addition for the cleansing the body to be effective, during treatment it is necessary to completely change your diet – remove meat, milk, fat, sugar and almost all carbs, eat more fresh fruit and green vegetables, whole grains and drink plenty of water, and keep a record of it - every day.
The book of Dr. Clark is still current

In the book "The cure for all cancers," she published in 1993, Hilda Clark presents methods for removing toxins from the body, and gives the instructions for making syncrometer and zapper at home, and elaborates its unique anti-parasitic program which is worldwide accepted as the most effective natural way of cleansing the body of parasites.

Dr. Clark, in his book argues that all cancers are similar, and all of them are caused by a parasite - the human intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buskii. It is present in the body of every person with cancer and when eliminated, cancer cells immediately stop growing. This parasite typically lives in the intestine and can cause ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease or syndrome of irritable colon but if it attacks other organs - the uterus, kidneys or liver, it can cause a weakening of the immune system, creating fertile ground for the development of many diseases.

However, if the red fluke settles in the liver, it causes cancer, which occurs in the human body where there is a solution of isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which provides ideal conditions for great moments in that body. So, in order to achieve cure of malignancy, it is necessary to kill the parasites in all stages of development, stop making IPA in the body and eliminate from the body metals and toxins, for which best demonstrated anti-parasitic program of Dr. Clark.

Anti-parasite program is the most effective natural treatment

World-famous anti-parasitic program of Dr. Hilda Clark is based on the methods of cleansing the body conducted by the American Indians, and it includes the use of the preparation of the three powerful plants - tincture of black walnut, wormwood capsules and clove oil, which are determined to kill more than a hundred species of parasites. With their use it is possible to cure cancer, and many other serious diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, allergies, and even mental disorders such as depression, Anxiety Disorder, Anorexia.

Since the parasites and toxins are all around us: food, air, water, cosmetics, as well as countless household cleaners that we use every day, Dr. Clark considered that this treatment and prevention should be subject to every human being, and especially persons who feel weakness, apathy, chronic fatigue, headache, nervousness, irritability, bloating, insomnia, constipation and abdominal pain.

The recipe for a complete cleansing with three miraculous plants

Black walnut (originating from North America), wormwood and cloves, three plants, which basically make anti-parasitic program of Dr. Clark, must be used together to successfully resolve the body of parasites. The shell of a walnut and wormwood remove adult and larval stages of at least 100 species of parasites while cloves kill the eggs.

If you eliminate the only adult stages of the parasite, a tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults, and if you remove only tiny eggs, almost a million stages that have already overrun the body will soon grow up and produce more eggs. Therefore it is very important for all three plants to be used together in a single treatment and in a specific order as the anti-parasitic program states.

Green shell that surrounds the fruit of the black walnut has a miraculous parasitically effect because it contains tannins and quinone - natural chemicals that kill pests. Also, iodine, and minerals, as well as alkaloids, which have antitumor properties. For standalone making of tinctures you should take into consideration that the crust of a nutshell does not turn black, which happens in the early fall fifteen days after green fruits fall to the ground. Then it becomes unusable.

The herb wormwood: contains organic compounds thujone, izotujon and santonin, which effectively kill the parasites, as well as a bitter substance - sesquiterpene lactone, famous for weakening the membrane of the parasites and thus killing them. For anti-parasitic program used are capsules of wormwood, and also recommended is the cultivation of the bush and using its leaves, which are dried when the plant is in bloom. Adults use it in the capsule form, while for the children you grind a quarter of a teaspoon of dried leaves, which can be mixed with honey.

Cloves: contains eugenol and tannins, substances with strong anti-parasitic operation. Also, because of the strong anti-microbial properties and anti-fungal properties of this plant it is an effective natural cure for malaria, scabies, tuberculosis and Candida. For anti-parasitic program cloves oil is used, which is obtained by grinding the whole fruit.