Mesotherapy for face without needles for skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy of face for tight skin

We all need a little help to look youthful and facial mesotherapy with vitamins, also known as mezolifting, provides full revitalization and recovery. It deeply moisturizes tired and mature skin, improves skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, providing a radiant and youthful appearance.

This method achieves the effect of lifting and tightening, reducing wrinkles and restores the shine to the face. The effects are achieved by stimulating the tissue, strengthening and toning. Increases elasticity and hydration. Rejuvenation therapy proved to be effective and to correct post-traumatic skin imperfections.

Find out more about what facial mesotherapy is, how it is performed, how it is good for cellulite thighs and glutes, why it is recommended and what are the effects of this world-renowned therapy.

What is mezolifting of face?

Classic Mesotherapy of facial skin is a rejuvenation process that has been present in modern dermatology and aesthetic medicine for a long time. It is performed by injecting micro injection of a cocktail of natural ingredients in the skin layer called the dermis, where nutrients cannot otherwise go to.

Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B, C, E and K and minerals are injected directly to the epidermis thereby enhancing the efficiency of mesotherapy rejuvenating appearance. Over time, the body changes and declining circulation reduces oxygen levels and the ability of nutrients to expel toxins, which leads to premature aging and tired-look.

Mesotherapy for face slows aging, improves the appearance of wrinkles and skin is rejuvenated. It is effective for eliminating or reducing the visibility of capillaries and dark circles under the eyes. It has excellent antioxidant effects, so it is recommended to women in middle age and maturity.

After we explained what mesotherapy of face is, it is important to say that the midst of a great anti-age treatment is tailored to each person individually, the process does not last long, but must be repeated several times. To achieve far better results it is advisable to do 5-8 treatments, with mandatory compliance with instructions and medical advice, or require changes in diet.

This is a much better way to regenerate and revitalize against any other competitive method, but also of the many more invasive conventional surgical approach. Because of the speed of operation it is recommended immediately before important events.

Mesotherapy without needles is becoming more popular

Often this type uses the name "virtual mesotherapy of face" because injections are not used. It is based on electroporation or electro osmosis and involves insertion of nutrients deep into the skin with the help of electrical impulses. It will provide a much better and faster absorption of high-quality materials.

Electroporation stimulates circulation and boosts metabolism tissue, increases lymphatic drainage, and stimulates the regeneration and reconstruction of defence functions of the skin and connective tissue. In addition to aesthetic purposes, the method is used by athletes to relieve pain.
  • Recommended is 4-6 tightening procedures at intervals of 7-10 days in order to achieve maximum effect.

The effects of classical and virtual mesotherapy are identical, both methods are equally effective. Virtual is virtually painless and does not leave any marks on the skin, while the latter includes pricking needles and is usually accompanied by transient redness.

Mesotherapy is applied to improve the condition and appearance of the face, neck and chest. It has become the most sought after medical invention that is used in aesthetic and cosmetic purposes in recent years. It is known as the anti-age program of revitalization, and its success is at the forefront of aesthetic dermatology. It is requested and popular because it does not require surgical intervention.
The method with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic is natural component of the skin, eyes and joints, and is considered to be the best substance to improve the volume and tone of the face. It is known that the antioxidant properties of hyaluronic acid have even better efficiency in the fight and breaking of free radicals.

Mesotherapy of face with hyaluronic acid involves filling the entire surface of the skin with a small content of the acid, which binds water molecules and also hydrates the skin. Thanks to that it restores volume and naturally increases the production of collagen and elastin. This method of rejuvenation is excellent and the results are immediately visible.

For the treatment to have effect it should be repeated once a month in the next 3 months, and again at the expiration of 6 months after last treatment. The good side is that the effects last up to two years.

In addition to the face, mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid has proven to be very successful in correcting irregularities on the neck and upper arms.

To whom is this rejuvenation procedure recommended to?

The changes caused by the aging process has a stressful effect on women and men. No one can come to terms with years, and with that, we all using numerous preparations against wrinkles and aging skin.

When the skin is young enough lightweight moisturizer is enough, but no one can prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles, lines and laxity. When they occur, ordinary creams cannot delete them anymore. Therefore, we jump to Aesthetic Medicine, which recognized the desire of modern man to longer maintain healthy and groomed appearance. Ways to use natural nutrients affect the reconstruction, and thereby avoid the painful operations that involve long-term recovery.

Mesotherapy of face with hyaluronic acid and vitamins is used to treat mature and dry skin. The first treatment should begin as early as in the thirties, because it was noticed that the first signs of aging are present in that age. It is recommended for the young models of 25 years, and women 60 years of age,

Electroporation, or mesotherapy without needles is recommended in order to achieve fresher look and hydration, compromising of small, medium and deep wrinkles and better tone.

It is suggested to apply these methods after laser treatments or chemical peels. It's great to mitigate the negative consequences of excessive exposure to UV radiation in a solarium or in the sun. It is recommended to smokers, people who are exposed to excessive stress on a daily basis and those with poor living habits. Also, apply it for the renewal of skin that has not been adequately nourished.

How to rejuvenate the face with needles

Mesotherapy of face with a needle is a method where in the upper layers of skin are injected with restoring nutrients, ensuring the introduction of ingredients into the deeper layers where they have the strongest performance. It is desirable to use thinner needles that puncture the surface and evenly distribute nutrients over the entire surface of the face. It is injected in a very small amount.

Method is individual and adapts to the type and condition of the skin and involves injecting medicinal cocktails into deeper layers of the epidermis. Cocktails usually comprise of hyaluronic acid, trace elements, vitamins C, E and B complex, retinol, dexpanthenol and amino acids such as asparagine, glutamine, tyrosine, valine, DL-methionine.

Before facial rejuvenation procedure it is necessary to analyse in detail the condition of the skin and on that basis determine what principle of aesthetic dermatology will be applied and which substance will be used. The skin just prior to treatment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. After this procedure it is not recommended to expose yourself to the sun.

Mesotherapy of face has side effects which rarely occurs, and may be associated with lower short-term swelling and slight reddening of the skin. There are few cases of allergic reactions. If, however they occur, you should see a dermatologist.

Mesotherapy of face is above all medical treatment and is done by experts, doctors. Beauty salons are not a place for carrying out the aforementioned methods, but only by authorized clinics with licensed personnel, and with the application of the allowable assets.

How to nurture your hair with mesotherapy

Beautiful and tended hair is a symbol of every woman, and someone wishful thinking. However, as science progresses, we can say that today all wishes come true!

Mesotherapy for hair density and strengthening has been long applied. The first results are quickly visible and is considered one of the most effective methods of recovery and raising the quality of the hair to a higher level. This method of revitalization is also used to prevent hair loss and as a stimulation of growth of new hair.

The therapy involves the use of nutrient cocktails, which are with a special gun injected into the scalp. Mostly it takes several repetitions for a maximum effect.

Mesotherapy of hair is painless and takes only 10-15 minutes. It should be done once a week or once in fifteen days.

If you suffer from these conditions give priority to mesotherapy for tightening over other traditional medical procedures, because there are no side effects, and the method is very effective.

User experience with mesotherapy
I turned 37 this year, I work a lot, drink a lot of coffee and I smoke. The combination is very bad for someone who cares very much about looks. For years now I have a problem with severe dark circles. They look like two dry bags under the eyes. I tried creams, cheap and the most expensive ones. The effect was not good, at least I noticed that. 
I overheard about an advertising of a clinic that performs facial rejuvenation. Mesotherapy cost me around 60 euros in 2015 and I did 3 treatments. It is really super, the results were achieved and are excellent. No dark circles, and here nearly a year has passed. I must add, I really did try and change my habits. Reducing coffee at 2 cups a day, and I will stop smoking.   D.I. 
I always have dry skin, cellulite and stretch marks that appeared back in high school. Anti-age therapy was recommend to me by a colleague who did the facial mesotherapy. I could not believe when I saw how good-looking she looks like. 
I did the treatment of cellulite with mesotherapy in the institution. Variant without needles attracted me, used a small camera on the basis of electrical stimulation and thus inserted into the skin vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Mesotherapy for thighs and butt was my choice, and cost was exorbitant, 40 dollars per treatment and I did 8 of them I must say, I'm really happy and experiences are totally positive, the effect was better than expected. M.S. 
Mesotherapy of face with hyaluronic acid helped me a lot. I have dry skin, and it looks very tired and old.  
The emergence of the terrible lines around the mouth and wrinkles at the corners of eyes made me scared and shocked. I have 31 years and it's too early for that. A year ago I underwent this treatment, my face looks great, shining. Everyone immediately noticed. Nothing hurts, does not have any side effects. I recommend it to everyone.

Price of mesotherapy 

Price for classic mesotherapy facial rejuvenation and tightening is not cheap, it costs between 60 and 150 euros, depending on the price list of clinics, but also depends on the location of the clinic. So prices of anti-age program in some towns have been somewhat more favourable than the price of treatment in others.

You might at first glance, see this function as too expensive, especially considering that you need more therapy. But when you compare the multi-year effect of mesotherapy and how much you spend on various costly creams, masks, lotions, facial cleansers and others. Which do not give nearly as good results, you will see how investment in rejuvenation therapy can be profitable.

Mesotherapy of face, for whichever option you decide is the best way to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, erase wrinkles and improve skin tone, remove dark circles and cellulite. The effects that you get with this method cannot be achieved with any cream available on the market.

Although the side effects of mesotherapy are not known, before this procedure get yourself informed and talk to your doctor where you entrust your health and beauty in your hands, but you also need to have confidence in the chosen doctor and listen to his advice and guidance, because we are talking about individual treatment tailored to each individual according to skin type and problem.

When mesotherapy treatment should not be performed?

Mesotherapy of face is never performed in pregnancy, it is not recommended for people with epilepsy and those suffering from malignant diseases. In addition, electroporation does not apply to persons with built peacemakers.

Maybe this will act as a fashion or a fad of rich people fascinated with the world trends, however problematic skin conditions sometimes require serious approach and there is no alternative solution. Persons who notice signs of aging prematurely should consider effective facial mesotherapy which provides several years of pleasure, it is a little more expensive, but that will be in the long term, so it surely pays off.

If you feel that you still do not need Mesotherapy facial rejuvenation or you natural type, try the homemade apple vinegar that can improve the appearance of your skin.

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