Hemp oil against cancer

Hemp oil as a cure for cancer

For decades, hemp oil represents a kind of taboo and is constrained by the pharmaceutical industry. However, in recent years, it is gaining in popularity and breaks down all the barriers. It is obtained from a plant that is actually an ideal food for the human body, because it contains large amounts of useful substances, and most omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

In practice, the best proved hemp oil as a medicine for the heart, for it preserves the health of this vital organ. What makes this natural product stands out is what is effectively demonstrated against cancer and malignant diseases.

One of the biggest supporters when it comes to cannabis oil is Rick Simpson, the man who managed to cure melanoma by using this product. There are numerous testimonies, as well as clinical studies which have confirmed its effectiveness, which in itself shows how this is a healthy and useful product. Below we tell you more about how to use hemp oil, for what else is good, what is the recommended dose, as well as where you can buy it and at what price.

What hemp plant looks like?

As we said, the hemp plant is considered to be an ideal, if not the perfect food for a man. The reason lies in the fact that it has numerous useful, nutritious and medicinal substances that have a very beneficial effect on our organism.

Especially interesting are the hemp seeds, because they contain high levels of essential unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). It is known how much they are indispensable for the people, precisely because they can be used as a medicine to improve general health.

Of course, one should not mix two types: industrial and Indian. From the first one for centuries ropes for ships have been produced that are far stronger and are a higher quality product compared to synthetic ones that is used today. In addition, since it had made the papers, cards, clothes, shoes, and even the body of the cars.

It sounds incredible, but industrial hemp is the best basis for the production of plastics, because it is a biodegradable material that does not harm nature and does not pollute it.

On the other hand, there is canned, or marijuana, which contains high levels of THC. Its dried leaves are used as a psychoactive substance and is usually consumed by smoking. Note that such action is prohibited by law and punishable by the judicial authorities. On the other hand, the hemp oil is permitted for use if it contains less than 0.2 percent THC.

Hemp oil medicinal and health benefits

What Rick Simpson claims, an American who was cured of melanoma with the help of this product, is that cannabis oil rejuvenates all vital organs. It is no wonder that people who use it have the feeling that they are under the age of 20 or 30 years.

Hemp oil is a kind of a dawn of a new era for humanity, and this extremely healing preparation can save people's health and eliminate any suffering that haunts us.

So, globally, we can say that the hemp oil is panacea. It is a universal medication that will not only bring the apparent sense of well-being, but will actually make you in better health.

However, what may confuse you is the contradictory information, because some hemp oil is considered an untested product that does gives absolutely no effect. Usually such qualifications come from big pharmaceutical companies that hold a monopoly on drugs and hemp oil which is a major threat.

It was Rick Simpson, by curing metastatic cancer of the skin with these natural products, helped thousands of sick people. Judging by the experience in practice, hemp oil is a remedy for:

The heart and the entire cardiovascular system

Industrial hemp is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. They are just the greatest friend of the vital organs and it is really hard to find plants that have so much milk in these medicinal substances. Therefore, hemp oil for heart is very healing because it helps preserve the health of the cardiovascular system and thus protects against heart attack and high blood pressure.

The brain and nervous system

We remain in essential fatty acids, as they are very important for the proper functioning of the brain. In recent clinical studies have proven that women who consume cannabis oil in pregnancy help developing cells of the nervous system in the fetus.

Expectant mothers and newborns 

It is really amazing to say, but the use of this product, you enter is pure omega-3 fatty acids that you require during these nine months, even during breastfeeding.

If you are suspicious and do not believe in it and you tend to support those who say the best fish oil source of these medicinal substances, you need to keep one thing in mind. Specifically, what is useful and indeed has significant amounts of essential fatty acids, but in them there is a large amount of mercury. It causes permanent damage to the unborn child, which can have fatal outcomes.

Therefore, once again consider using hemp oil in pregnancy, because it is completely harmless and will bring you great health benefits.

Reduces cholesterol

Improper diet high in fat is a huge risk and, as such, is the main cause of the appearance of numerous diseases. First of all, as a result of occurring high cholesterol in the blood is a major threat to the overall health.

It is very hard to regulate it, as it requires more rigorous measures of nutrition, which is a long and arduous process. However, the good news is the fact that you can use hemp oil as a medicine for cholesterol! Specifically, it contains sitosterol, which is essential in the fight against high blood fats. It will also help strengthen blood vessels and will reduce the harmful effects of free radicals.

It relieves the symptoms of multiple sclerosis

This is great news that will certainly benefit those who are faced with this disease. The hemp oil as a cure for multiple sclerosis works by improving the general health of the patient, and significantly relieves the symptoms. It is especially important to emphasize that alternative medicine advises combining this product with the oil of evening primrose.
Prevents and treats each type of inflammation in the body

You are worried about arthritis? If you belong to a group of people who are daily struggling with the disease, use hemp oil as a remedy for inflammation. Regular use will not only eliminate the pain that occurs in arthritis, but will give daily protection. Alleviates inflammation, and acts preventively with flu and colds.

Helps against malignant diseases

It is widely known and surely you have heard how beneficial hemp oil against cancer is. We will go back to Rika Simpson who managed to cure metastatic melanoma by simple consumption of natural products. It really works incredibly and can save someone's life.

But how does it work? Hemp oil as a cure for cancer directly affects the immune system because it strengthens it and prevents the growth of tumours. This directly reduces its expansion, interrupts the development of blood vessels and capillaries that are needed and eventually kills any cancer cells.

What you need to know is that the first effects are seen after two to three weeks after you start taking cannabis oil. Therefore, it should be taken preventively, because in this way the body itself needs to cope with any possible cells that are potential hot spots for development of this disease.

Not only is it useful to use hemp oil as a cure for cancer, but also against other diseases. According to official and unofficial research, it helped even HIV positive patients, diabetics, asthmatics. Reduces the symptoms of Crohn's disease, psoriasis, Parkinson's disease, glaucoma, rheumatic diseases, acute and chronic depression, schizophrenia as well as various forms of allergy.

How to make hemp oil per recipe of Rick Simpson

This product is made by cold pressing, where the temperature should not exceed 50 degrees. In this case, the above mentioned THC remains in an inactive form and not produce any side effects or addiction. The way how to make oil from cannabis is not easy, and for the occasion used are the seeds of industrial hemp and its dried leaves.

Particular attention should be paid to how the oil contains any seed, because it is possible to draw from them between 60 and 80 percent of these liquids. Therefore, you should choose the best instances, as you will get larger amounts.

Following the advice given by Rick Simpson hemp oil can be produce by using about 30 grams of dried plants. This amount will give about 4 g of the drug product, and all you need is follow the instructions that follow. Note that you need to be careful, because some substances are flammable.
  1. Dried parts of industrial hemp hang in a plastic container. Moisten a little with the help of a solution, recommended is 99 percent alcohol, water or gas. For this small amount you will need about half a litre of fluid.
  2. Take a wooden object with which you crush and grind the plant. Note: During this step, gradually add the solution, because your work will be easier.
  3. As you do, remember in this way you eliminate the THC from the plant. When you have completely crumbled it, strain it and discard the solution into another container. This process has removed about 80 percent THC.
  4. For quality hemp oil Rick Simpson recommended that the plant be added more liquid. Stir for about three minutes to remove the remaining amount of THC.
  5. Again strain the plant and pour the liquid into the pan in which you have already done the same thing with the first dose of the solution.
  6. Remains of industrial hemp can be thrown away.
  7. Using a coffee filter or cheesecloth, strain into a clean pan.
  8. The liquid is now necessary to boil and thereby not allow fumes to come in contact with fire! It is extremely important that this process is carried out on the electric stove. If you are a smoker, then you should not be offered a cigarette in the immediate vicinity!
  9. If you have electric kettle that would be the best solution. If not, use an ordinary pot, stainless steel, or in this case, good quality of the product itself is not guaranteed.
  10. Pour about three quarters of the amount in the bowl, and the rest aside. Cook over high heat, with the obligatory ventilation of the room in which you do it. As you can see a way to make hemp oil is a complicated and lengthy process.
  11. As the level in the tank are reduced, thus gradually add the remaining amount. After that, it is recommended to pour a little water, so that the oil of cannabis is protected from excessive heat. Add 10 drops per pound of dry matter.
  12. When in the kettle remains about 2.5 cm oil solution, take two towels or oven mitts, and then lift the container in the air. In gentle circular motion turn the liquid in it so it ceases to boil.
  13. Now reduce the heat to the lowest volume and after a few moments, remove from heat.
  14. After that, pour the fluid in a stainless steel. It needs to be put in a dehydrator or the plain heater maker. Some even put a pot on the stove, it all depends on what is your options. In that case, let it stand over low heat, because the temperature must be high!
  15. Please keep that the evaporation of excess water and fluids may last for hours. But be patient because you will end up with the highest quality hemp oil. It is ready when you notice that on the surface there are no more fumes or any activities.
  16. With a sterile plastic syringe pull cannabis oil. When it cools, you can use it, and it should not confuse you that it will be thick as fat.

How to use hemp oil for hair and face

What we did not know is that this natural healing product can also be used for cosmetic purposes. In fact, its wide range of applications is truly impressive, and the rest of it can be used for skin care, hair, nails, face, eyebrows, etc.

You wonder if it is possible. First of all, there are already finished cosmetic products that contain hemp oil. These are generally preparations such as creams, toothpaste, shampoo and lotion. They all have universal application and that is the hydrogenation of the region that is treated.

In addition, you can always buy a bottle of oil and cannabis simply by applying locally, but also you can mix it with your shampoo or cream.

For starters, try to apply it on the hair. Since it is quite thick and greasy, hemp oil for your hair, apply only to the regions with fingertips and rub the threads. You can leave it on at least two hours until the scalp absorbs all medicinal substances and then rinse with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Be amazed when you see that your hair is stronger, faster growing and easy to comb.

Effective for facial skin

When it comes to skin, it particularly effective against acne, wrinkles and pimples. In this case you can use it along with castor oil, which is also effective. Whether you suffer from excessive greasing or have dry skin with the appearance of irritation and pimples, this is the perfect solution for you.

All you have to do is gently rub a few drops of this mixture on the troubled region. Hemp oil for face will help you so you will quickly remove embarrassing redness and castor oil will take care of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

If you like a relaxing massage, the composition will be a surprise for you. Mix it with scented oils and you will feel how it works relaxing your body. You will not be strained, pain from critical areas will be as if by magic removed, but at the same time your skin will be soft and gentle to the touch. A great thing, is it not?

User experience with hemp oil

When it comes to hemp oil user experience is extremely positive, regardless of the purpose for and against what disease was used. You have probably heard of it, the story of how it helped someone, and such testimony are true:
If you are looking for it on the Internet, you will find only the words of praise. So we learned that it helped a 70-year-old woman who was suffering from cancer. Her niece says "the doctors were mothballed and were not able to find her appropriate treatment". So they decided to try hemp oil against cancer. She is taking it for four months and, although her health dramatically improved, she does not want to interrupt the therapy. Even now doctors and staff support her and are amazed by the results. M.I. 38 
I use this product for several months because I had a tumour in the stomach. Every day I take hemp oil, the experience so far is good, and the cancer is even receding. I will continue and I hope for a complete recovery. Z.T. 40 
The long fight against cholesterol, and high blood sugar is also a problem. Only recently I learned about this product and I can say that I was positively surprised. Blood count improved, glucose and fat are in the normal range even though we still had too high a value on the research. In addition, as a whole I feel much better than before, more vital, I do not have those sudden back pains. I will continue to use hemp oil because the experiences that it brought me are really phenomenal. B.H. 57

Hemp oil side effects

What many people are asking is whether hemp oil causes dependence. It does not in any way cause your body to require more, when you use it preventively or as a cure for a disease. Many equate it with the consumption of marijuana through smoking, which is totally wrong.

It is safe for everyone and it is important to note that hemp oil does not cause side effects and therefore it can be used without fear.

Also, when it comes to hemp oil dosing is something that many are interested in. According to the recommendations of the Simpson Rica, but also doctors, recommended quantity that can be taken orally is one to two tablespoons per day. It is enough that your body gradually start getting used to it, because it will start to receive all medicinal substances it contains to cope against possible diseases.

Simply add it to the meals you prepare, except when it comes to fried foods, and you can take the raw with a glass of water. Of course, before using it you definitely need to consult with your doctor. In rare cases, it caused disturbances in digestion, or diarrhoea. The only precaution that stands out is that cannabis oil is not recommended for people overly sensitive to THC.

Where to buy hemp oil and what is the price

When it comes to hemp oil price is very affordable and reasonable. 250 ml pack costs about 15 dollars and is available in almost all pharmacies and health food stores. As we said, simply add it to dishes that you make, it is a great match as an addition to salads.

It is important to know how it is present in market because fake products with labels that have indicated that this is a hemp oil are present. Avoid untested sales channels and order this product in stores and in pharmacies. On the packaging there should be clearly stated that is made from industrial hemp.

What particularly pleasing is is that cannabis oil removes all barriers and obstacles and as such is legal in many countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Czech, Austrian, Polish, and there are indications that there will be legally allowed to use for medical purposes in other countries as well. It should only be kept in mind that this is a product that contains THC, while the oil that does not contain it can be bought in almost all pharmacies.

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