Allergy hives in children and adults

What are hives and to be treated

Hives, also known as urticaria, is an allergic reaction that manifests itself in red and white patches on the skin. In these areas also occurs unpleasant itching, which is very irritating. In addition, it also presents a problem of an aesthetic nature. Patients feel pretty uncomfortable, but it can leave the consequences on mental health and social interaction.

Read on to learn more about what the hives are and how it can be treated in adults, but also children. Find out which natural remedies are suitable for its treatment.

What is urticaria and the causes of allergies?

The cause of hives usually cannot be determined, but only the latter's appearance can be an indicator of the presence of other diseases. According to medical knowledge, the main trigger is lupus and disorder of the thyroid gland. This rash can be of different sizes and shapes. Its presence can last for 24 hours, and in some cases much longer. In addition, if you are having chronic urticaria, it leads to the risk of anaphylactic shock, and is therefore very dangerous.

As we said, a cause for the occurrence of allergic reactions in 90 percent of cases cannot be determined. However, when it comes to causes of urticaria numerous medical experts usually state that these are the causes:
  • Certain types of food consumed, such as eggs, nuts, berries and seafood.
  • The direct contact with pollen or fungal spores.
  • Some types of drugs, such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and inhibitors of.
  • Insect bites.
  • A variety of infections caused by viruses, parasites or bacteria.
  • Arrival in contact with nettles.
  • The presence of certain types of animals.
  • Bite (burns) of jellyfish.
  • Some substances, such as perfumes, deodorants, preservatives, paint and powder
  • The stimulants of physical nature. Like the sudden change from hot to cold, sunlight, water, stress or sweating.

With that in mind, it is necessary to know how all these causes have resulted in the secretion of histamine. Therefore, the blood vessels are used to dilate and leak this substance in the thick layers of the skin. As a result, there is a red and / or white rash.

When it comes to the place where it occurs, it can be said that the hives on the skin are usually present. This is often especially if the cause is physical. It often appears as a large patch on the back, arms, neck, hands, face, and sometimes the entire body.

Symptoms of hives that cannot be ignored

Before the full hives allergies, symptoms that precede must not be ignored. These are mild or heightened itching, and tingling and burning sensation on the skin. It provokes anxiety, and scratching this provides even greater and more noticeable traces. Those who first encounter with this allergic reaction do not know what consequences follow it.

First appear patches of red or white colours, which certainly should not be ignored. After several minutes, they can begin to grow and spread to a certain extent, depending on each person in particular. In the midst of the symptoms of hives they generally last for a short time, and after two to three hours they withdraw. Also, they may reappear elsewhere, including hives on the face, back, legs or arms.

Therefore, we should make a distinction between the two states of these reactions: acute and chronic. Note that neither type should be ignored. See your doctor to gain access to adequate treatment.

Urticaria can affect anyone, but most susceptible are certainly the youngest. Hives in children are the result of consuming food to they are allergic. In addition, breathing problems are another potential source of these reactions.

Acute and chronic forms of the disease

Acute hives on the skin causes attacks are short-lived and occur immediately after coming into contact with allergens. In this case the best is to determine which the cause of urticaria is. Most often it is quickly withdrawn and sometimes never appears again. However, it is certainly important to contact your dermatologist to prescribe the therapy.

In addition, you need to know that acute urticaria in children and youth occurs very often. They are also the most vulnerable groups of people. Its period of presence of up to six weeks, but almost always it is far less in time.

Chronic urticaria is a practical reality that is difficult to treat. This rash may take longer than six weeks, but help of a professional doctor is needed - dermatologist. It can affect any person regardless of age, but the most common chronic hives is in adults. However, it is rare, it is certainly a mitigating circumstance.

In a few cases the disease can be the result of another and far more serious health problems. Basic medical tests are essential in order to avoid complications. If left untreated, acute and chronic hives can cause anaphylactic shock, which is an extremely dangerous condition.
What to do if you experience hives in babies

We have already noted that the youngest population is most prone to develop symptoms of the disease. When it comes to hives in babies, parents usually quickly start to panic. However, in these moments they should remain calm and immediately contact the paediatrician.

The cause may be that the baby food is consumed directly before a rash on the skin. Next to her, certain drugs may be problematic. In any case, a paediatrician will recommend expulsion of suspected ingredients from the diet, which can invoke an allergy. To avoid the hives in babies, give her the best food that is thermally well treated. Avoid raw foods.

In addition to the diet can cause hives in children, it occurs as a result of their excessive activity. They explore the world around them and come into contact with various objects, plants, nature, animals and insects.

If you know of close interaction, you will know what it is. It should be noted, and the fact that they are quite sensitive to certain types of foods. These are walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, egg yolk, honey and chocolate. If you do not respond in a timely manner, hives in children may raise attacks of suffocation. Swelling of the mouth, eyelids and throat occurs. Therefore, once again we note that reporting to your doctor is essential. Only an expert can examine the children and set up a proper diagnosis.

Nutrition with hives is very important

In order to prevent, and cure hives diet is something that people need to pay attention to. This is particularly important in cases where it occurs as a result of consumption of some foods. If you have a preference for this allergic reaction, here are some tips on nutrition.

If you eat something that you suspect is causing the allergy, it is best to immediately stop the consumption of these foods. Then a note in the calendar that day and check if it passes after three weeks. If in this period there is no hives, try to eat the same. If urticaria is repeated, you'll definitely have to avoid that food.

Do not eat refined foods

When it comes to reducing the risk of allergy for this bring Racine. Try to make as little or almost completely not consume food that is refined. In fact, it negatively affects the immune system, as it reduces its effectiveness. Therefore, it is desirable to eat foods that strengthen the immune system of your body like foods rich in essential fatty acids, and vitamins A and C.

Urticaria diet for 6 days

To cure hives diet is something that can be of great help. This method is very simple, but it must be strictly observed. It primarily involves reduced intake of proteins, because they are the main carriers of allergens in the body.

What six-day diet against hives looks like?

Day 1: All day drink your favourite tea or sweetened with one to three teaspoons of sugar. Drink enough water so the stomach is full, especially if there is a hunger.
Day 2: Eat boiled rice, soup, toast and biscuits (or one that is not made from eggs). Arrange these foods as you like throughout the day.
Day 3: Prepare and eat chicken soup with meat, boiled potatoes and apples.
Day 4: Cook veal and eat banana.
Day 5: Boil beef, prepare green salad and fresh carrots.
Day 6: Drink milk, yogurt and eat cheese.

Hives in adults often present insurmountable problem of cosmetic nature. So, adjust your menu, dieting and follow the whole situation. The improvement will surely come, but be persistent.

How to treat hives with medication

Diet gives good results, however, to eliminate allergy hives treatment is what matters most. This includes mandatory consultations with your doctor. He or she will, after review and issue a referral to a dermatologist. Only an expert can establish a proper diagnosis and prescribe treatment. It is important to note any existing symptoms and manifestations of allergy on the skin.

Laboratory analysis shall be determined by the general condition of your body and, if necessary, more detailed reviews will be made. This includes testing for immunological and provoking tests, all with the purpose of finding the cause.

The cure for hives that are usually transcribed is the one that belongs to a group of medications against allergic reactions. In addition, the therapy can be done with corticosteroids, but only if it is a severe health problem. After all, if the exact cause of urticaria is known, the doctor may recommend vaccination and immune therapy.

Important note: taking medication on your own is strictly prohibited and especially dangerous. Do not give any medication to your children before consulting with a paediatrician and dermatologist.

Natural treatment of urticaria at home

Alternative methods of treating the disease are also of great help. When an allergy hives occurs for a natural remedy used traditionally is pansy tea.
  • Just pick a bowl of leaves and flowers of these plants, wash them and cook them. Do not wring the tea, but simply wash parts of the body that are affected by irritation.

Another natural remedy for hives that is caused by stress is chamomile. The flowers of this plant when boiled give tea beautiful taste that relaxes the body. Along with it, you can try similar drinks from valerian plant. This powerful herb will calm you, so that all the symptoms should quickly disappear.

Natural treatment of urticaria includes the treatment of irritable places with paste of baking soda. It also helps those that are made with wine stone.
  • Simply mix a little of this powder with water (or tea of ​​chamomile). Then lubricate the areas in which there are Islands. Rub it in and leave a little for skin to absorb the paste.

What are the experiences with the treatment of urticaria?

As we said, irritations caused by hives can be very unpleasant. What you certainly must not do, is intense scratching! You can make wounds appear and the situation will become even worse for you.
A long time I suffered from hives, a cause was found in the food. For the New Year we have prepared a lot of dishes, among which was the Russian salad. It turned out that the problem was in the egg yolk and mayonnaise. Out my seals on both sides of the mouth, but they withdrew. On another occasion this phenomenon have been created on the back. As soon as I stopped eating this food, the symptoms have stopped, but fortunately I do not have any more problems. Dobrila, 43 
Hives from stress is what's been bothering me for a long time. The situation got worse, because patches began to appear on my neck, and I could not stop scratching. The problem was solved with corticosteroids and cream made on their basis. In the meantime, take the drops of valerian, which is a lot of help with stress. This rash did not come back. Stanislav, 37 
When hives occurred to me, experience was very unpleasant. I felt unbearable itching, burning, and there were breathing problems present. The cause was the dust, and from asthma my troubles were even greater. The only thing that helped me were the berries of Aronia, and occasionally I drunk the tea from this plant. I felt great relief and I can say that I am now very satisfied. Igor, 29 

Other important information and guidance

As we said, all symptoms of the disease should not be ignored, so the reporting to your physician is required. Very often it can occur in pregnancy. Women during these nine months are very sensitive due to weaker immunity. You should be less exposed to stressful situations. Do not come in contact with various substances that can trigger this skin rash.

Allergens are very often the main cause of all these problems, and the consequences can actually be very unpleasant. Ensure quality and orderly way of life and visit your doctor regularly. Medicine is the most important for the prevention of numerous diseases, including urticaria.

We believe that you found out what allergies hives in children and adults cause, and how they need to be treated naturally. Follow the above mentioned guidelines and consult a dermatologist before using the therapy.