Teas for colon cleansing and detoxification of the body

The best teas for colon cleansing in a natural way

Natural colon cleansing and the entire organism is one of the main prerequisites for good human health. People who are tormented by constipation, bloating stomach, gases, are overweight, easily get tired, or other chronic diseases, best known how this is important.

Find your allies along the way, among the tested recipes of folk and herbal remedies. Below, find out what teas are good for colon cleansing and what are most effective ones, how to prepare them at home, and what healthy diet is recommended.

Why is it important to clean the colon?

When not empty properly in the intestines harmful toxins accumulate that poison us and created a potential flashpoint for many diseases. Some of them are very serious: ulcers, Crohn’s, enteritis, ulcerative colitis, haemorrhoids and many others. Because of these mild herbal teas for colon cleansing are crucial for the treatment.

Apart from them, it is important to adjust the diet and a menu should throw out heavy and poorly digested food. Among the best friends of colon include vegetable fibres and natural probiotics.

Fibres for healthy intestinal micro flora

Fibres give the best contributions as a food source for bacterial culture that makes a lining and thus is protected. Consequently, gastrointestinal mucous membranes protect the wall, preventing inflammatory diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and Crohn's disease. It is therefore recommended eating fibre for colon cleansing, especially legumes and fruit - especially prunes, but also because the grains are the best sources of fibre.

The best natural probiotics

From flatulence to constipation, diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease, probiotics are the most studied for their role in the health of the digestive tract. Our intestines are complex environments, and these friendly bacteria promote digestion.

Lactobacilli live in the small intestine and inhabit the colon (large intestine). Depending on the type of digestive disturbances which have different strains on bacteria will give you different benefits.

Beneficial bacteria are easily introduced by consuming kefir and yogurt, which are special drinks for cleaning intestines of toxins.

Flax has a remarkable effect

The mucus is the main carrier of medicinal properties of flax. It is very thick and tough, but because of the high viscosity it is highly appreciated in phytotherapy and folk medicine. Amidst it is extremely mild and harmless cleaner of intestines (excellent against constipation), because mechanically it activates lazy bowel movements, and is a very common disease of many people.

On the affected mucosa it creates the so-called continuous film thus coating completely covers and protects various mitigating inflammation. Exactly this is why since ancient times, cleaning intestines was applied in medicine in almost all nations where this plant grew.

Moisturizes the lining of the intestine, beneficial flax mucilage soothes, facilitates and significantly accelerates their cleaning. Linseed can be given even to pregnant women without any danger to the mother's health and the baby's health as well.

Best in combination with kefir

Consuming one to three tablespoons of ground flaxseed with kefir or yogurt a day is able to within three weeks completely cleanse the small and large intestine. Eliminate harmful deposited mucus, parasites and faecal deposits, while fully preserving the intestinal micro flora.

This is its greatest contribution in the fight against constipation, inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcerative colitis, and ulcers in the duodenum. Therefore, the cleaning of intestines with kefir and linseed is a great choice.

Top 9 plants for healthy and clean intestines

Drinking tea is a habit that people practiced for thousands of years, it has a number of purposes. Whether these are moments of enjoyment, use of self-examination, leisure or any of that. Herbal teas, in addition to its social and cultural applications, provide many benefits and to health. One of them certainly is the natural tea for colon cleansing.

Some of them are particularly soothing and healing for problems with the intestines, such as indigestion, bloating, and abdominal pain and so on. There were also evidences that the treatment of many diseases is sufficient for cleaning intestines of mucus, faecal plaque and other parasites. These plants will help you with that.

Tea and oil of chamomile

It may not be seem as an exaggeration to say that chamomile is a cure for all, especially when it comes to young children, which is primarily given when they have cramps or abdominal pain. Tea from this plant facilitates the digestion, stops gas, bloating and problems with the digestive organs and reduces inflammation of the intestinal lining.

All researchers agree that the healing chamomile and its essential oil is great. In fact chamomile is more varied, milder and more of its essential oil is obtained by distillation with steam.

It is the ideal tea for colon cleansing, and are completely harmless.

Beneficial mint

Mentha piperita is an exceptional plant. Mint tea works quickly and can ease the inconvenience caused by indigestion, nausea and stomach cramps. It also relaxes the muscles of the intestinal tract and relieves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

This tea for colon cleansing is one of the best solutions for problems with bloating in the stomach as it accelerates the metabolism.

Use marshmallow

Althaea officinalis can alleviate the inflammation of the digestive tract due to accidental Crohn's disease. It works by soothing the mucosa, although diabetics should avoid it.

Tea made from marshmallow cleans intestines and is drunk three times a day, and in the treatment of mentioned disease often is combined with red elm and fairy eye.

Healing incense was known for centuries

Boswellia serrata is a herb with anti-inflammatory properties that may help in the treatment of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Some studies abroad have even shown that the extract of incense in the case of these diseases is more effective than standard drug sulfasalazine, but it is up to you to choose between the classic and natural medicine.

Powerful rosehips improves digestion

Fresh and dried fruits are used as a mild astringent when it comes to bowel disease, especially in the case of annoying diarrhoea.

Since the rose hips are rich in vitamin C, especially in the villages in the hilly and mountainous areas, where the diet over the winter period is often low in vitamins, should include this herb.

Prepare regular tea from rose hips for colon cleansing and protection against disease.

Careful with comfrey

Symphytum officinale should not be left out if you want to cleanse the bowel. Thanks to allantoin, a powerful comfrey helps reproduction and growth of cells, and completely regenerates tissue.

This is why it is used in the treatment of duodenal ulcers, colitis (inflammation of the colon) and Crohn's disease. Since it contains toxic substances, you should be very cautious when using comfrey!

Sweet flag tea restores intestinal flora

Acorus calamus is harmless and does not cause a habit even after a long day's use. It is considered as one of the best resources for natural colon cleansing. Amidst the aromatic vegetable agent, ideal for intestinal micro flora.

The oil improves appetite and improves digestion. The beneficial tea and tincture and extract mitigate almost all gastro-intestinal cramps, diarrhoea and reduce the acidity in the stomach, and remove unpleasant gases.

Drink green tea every day

Antioxidant ingredients and green tea are known as catechins and may restrain Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. On the other hand, studies have shown that Camellia sinensis does not interfere with beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Thanks to antioxidants green tea may reduce the risk of cancer of the digestive tract.

Phenomenal senna

Senna Alexandrina is the ultimate solution for those whose goal is to empty their digestive system and RSSE problems with constipation. One should be careful with this tea and accurately follow the instructions for its preparation. In fact, the longer you hold it submerged the tea becomes stronger, and that is not good because it can cause stomach cramps.
The most effective recipes for cleansing

We have prepared the most effective tea mixtures to clean the intestines of the deposited toxins that will act preventively with numerous health problems. Before any of them, be sure to consult with a professional.

Peptic ulcer
  • Tablespoon of the powder of crushed black comfrey and teaspoon of flaxseed pour with cold cup of chamomile tea. Stir frequently and after an hour strain and drink unsweetened half an hour before meals.

This tea for colon cleansing is drunk two to three times a day.

Inflammation of the small intestine (enteritis)
  • Mix 25 g of chamomile, plantain, mint and knotweed. Three tablespoons of this mixture pour with one litre of boiling water, cover and after two hours, strain. Drink throughout the day instead of water.

Inflammation of the colon (colitis)
  • Three tablespoons of finely powdered mixture of 30 g of flaxseed and pumpkin seeds and roots of black comfrey and 10 g of knotweed pour with half a litre of cold water. Allow it to stand for three hours, stirring frequently, then warm to boiling in a covered court. Let it cool and drink three or four times a day half an hour before meals.

It is an ideal drink for cleaning the colon.

Tea against diarrhoea
  • 20 g of rowan, rose hip, quince and medlar grind well. Three tablespoons of the mixture cook for ten minutes in half a litre of water. After it cools, strain and drink instead water.

  • Spoonful of flaxseed grind in a mortar, pour 200 g with warm chamomile tea and drink at once. This is repeated two or three times a day.

Tea for haemorrhoids (piles)
  • Make a mixture with 30 g of flowers from horse chestnut, chamomile and yarrow and 10 grams of nettle leaves. Three large tablespoons of tea pour with half a litre of cold water and, stir frequently. After that, let it boil for five minutes in a capped pot. Leave it to cool, strain and put that water on a clean gauze and place on the anus as a coating.

We hope that the recommended tea for colon cleansing will help you solve your problem.