Egyptian depilation with sugar paste at home

Hair removal with sugar paste for painless hair removal

Hair removal with sugar paste has become a well-known and popular method of hair removal. Women, and increasingly men love it, because it uses only natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin. This is a less painful method of removing unwanted hair in comparison to waxing. Another big advantage is that it can be used on all parts of the body. Applicable from the extremities to the bikini area, but also for the entire Brazilian, as well as for the treatment of hair on the face and upper lip.

This technique significantly slows hair growth, they eventually get thinner and less thick. If you are persistent and stay committed to it, the hair will eventually disappear forever. Stay with us and find out how to make sugar paste for hair removal at home. See what are its advantages over other methods of removing unwanted hair from the body.

Why is sugar paste for hair removal so popular?

Summer is here, time, vacation, travel, holiday and increased concerns about the appearance of the skin. In winter we all loosened up, rarely wax, or until the sun dawns, it becomes a significant concern. For most of the female population, this is a known scenario.

If you are not a fan of razor, cream-based chemistry, electrical appliances, or wax, waxing with sugar paste is a great choice. Try an efficient toothpaste based on sugar, citric acid and honey. This is an excellent method for permanent hair removal from legs, arms, face and other regions.

Its origin is in ancient Egyptian civilization. Ruler of Egypt Cleopatra, according to some old records, used a combination of these healthy ingredients for hair removal. In addition, it was considered soft and smooth skin is very erotic thing to do.

Finding inspiration in the tradition of ancient civilizations, modern industries recognized the potential of this powerful method of waxing. Today waxing with sugar involves the use of cheap food from everyday use. Beauticians us this same method well priced, so consider a home version. Millions of women around the world use it just for permanent hair removal.

How to make sugar paste for hair removal at home

Egyptian depilation with sugar paste is probably the oldest method of hair removal, can also be used on sensitive skin. You do not have to go to expensive salons to eliminate hair in this way.

Here we will explain how to make sugar paste for hair removal, it is very reliable and often used.
  1. In a small pot over low heat, melt 2 teaspoons of sugar, and then add a little water and lemon juice. Cook for 10 minutes until the mixture gets a golden yellow colour, then add a tablespoon of honey and dilute. The resultant mixture while still warm pour in the glass jar or ceramic, and leave it to cool.
  2. Take the paste the size of a walnut and shape his fingers. Put it on the skin and extend in the direction of hair growth. Then he pull with a sudden strong jolts in the direction in which the hairs grow. Pasta sticks to them, but not to the skin, and you will easily remove it when treatment is complete.

Sugar paste for hair removal must not turn out very rare, so take care of the correct proportion of ingredients. During the waxing it will certainly soften further. When it becomes very soft you will not be able to soften it. In such cases, take the appropriate tape for hair removal and proceed with the procedure.

How to properly wax

Featured are two ways of Egyptian waxing, the first is hair removal with sugar paste, and the other is with gel.

The traditional way of waxing is with sugar paste for eliminating stubborn hair from the legs. The paste is spread in the opposite direction of hair growth, and with the rapid pull off in the direction of hair growth. Another way is by means of gel. Apply it in the direction of hair growth, then over that glue the strips and pull in the opposite direction.

Before you start waxing, prepare your skin!

First, take a shower with lukewarm water because it will certainly soften the skin and spread pores. After taking a shower, do not lubricate the skin with creams or oils because the pasta will not be able to stick to the hair. If you made pasta by yourself wait until it cools down before you use it to avoid burns.

Best side of waxing with sugar paste is that it is suitable for treating legs and bikini line. Also removes hair with hands, facial skin, upper lip and armpits, and it is absolutely safe.

Do not do a Brazilian at home?

What is not advisable is to perform it at home. Removal from the intimate zone is always better to work in a beauty salon. This part of the body is very sensitive, and you do not have very good view on this area, which greatly complicates the process.

The Brazilian is very painful, and probably you will not be able to pull the tape strong enough, you will need more time and repetition of the procedure and thus will only irritate the skin.
Painless hair removal has many advantages

Experienced cosmetologists in a quick and almost painless way remove hairs from the body. However, if the waxing with sugar paste is your selection, you will probably several times do this operation in the same area. All this can be painful and there is a possibility of skin irritation and redness.

You will need some time until you gain experience about the quantity of paste you apply. The upside of this method is hair pulling out in the direction of its growth, the level of pain is minimized.

Also sugar paste is applied to the lower part of the body, not like hot wax. It includes large areas, and takes off in the opposite direction of hair growth, which significantly enhances pain.

Benefits of waxing with sugar paste are numerous:
  1. Sugar paste for hair removal is now readily available, and on the other hand, if you want you can make it yourself at your home.
  2. When you get the hang of it and achieve the required speed it will not take away a lot of time in particular.
  3. The good side is that the waxing with sugar paste can be done in the greater regions. It does not dry out like wax that you have to re-heat.
  4. It is easily removed, it is sufficient to rinse it with water, which is a great advantage compared to the wax. 
  5. You can repeatedly use it on the same area because it does not irritate the skin. Unlike the wax that you can apply maximum of 2 times,
  6. Egyptian depilation with sugar paste has a long-lasting results. The hairs on the legs and the body will eventually thin out, slow down growth and eventually disappear.

Exfoliate against ingrown hairs

It is important to take into account the length of hair when doing Egyptian depilation with sugar paste. The usual method may be done only if the hair is long, at least 3 millimetres. If you use gel for hair removal the hair must be at least 5 millimetres.

Often redness occurs after waxing, when the skin is quite sensitive. Mostly directly after the treatment so let it breathe, just rinse with lukewarm water. After a few hours, apply the cream on the basis of aloe or other hydrating cream.

How to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing?

If you have a problem with ingrown hairs, use a gentle scrub. If this problem occurs more frequently stop for a while with the waxing and use a razor. Sometimes the hair will weaken and in grow because they cannot grow properly.

You can also make your own natural means for peeling after waxing, try these few recipes.
  • Mix a teaspoon of sea salt or baking soda with a little water. This scrub is great after a shower, when the skin is a little soft. Rub and then rinse thoroughly.
  • Coffee is great for sensitive skin because it is not as tough as the previous one. Apply it on wet skin, massage it well, leave to dry then rinse.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of clover honey, 1 tablespoon of bran and some lemon juice. This is a great scrub for the face, but it can also be used for other parts of the body. Apply it and leave it for half an hour and then take a shower.

Hair removal with sugar paste effectively removes unwanted hairs, but sometimes their ingrowth occurs. Be sure to try these recipes, so judge for yourself which are better home or the one you buy.

Egyptian depilation user experience with this method

Waxing with sugar paste is now a popular practice, and it was conveyed to us in full by our reader Johana.
Razor was my first choice, but the hairs are growing more and more, are strong, pronounced and thick. Otherwise, I have a more pronounced hair on your legs and hands. Because of hormonal disorders hairs on stomach and face appeared. 
I tried a permanent hair removal, you just spend a lot of money, and the desired results are not achieved. The choice boiled down to usually waxing with hot wax. Once a beautician that offered Egyptian depilation with sugar paste. I immediately said yes, because I have heard nothing but praise about it. 
The first time I made a bikini wax with sugar paste I was more than satisfied. Wax was always uncomfortable and painful experience, a nightmare. With this method, it is a totally different story. I loved it. It is not completely painless, but compared to wax it is a gentle walk in the park.  
It was much faster, my skin was not red, and here I'm doing it for a year now and no ingrown hairs. I use a cream to exfoliate the skin regularly. I tried this myself, still I am not experienced, I still need a lot of more time than a cosmetician. I still do not know how to wax my bikini zone. 
I'd recommend it to anyone who did try it. Hair removal with sugar paste is excellent for the face and upper lip. No red rash, and hair is just dwindled and does not grow as quickly. One treatment every 4 months is enough and legs are waxed every other month. Johana.

Male waxing of chest and back with sugar paste

Male hair removal is no longer a taboo subject. Beauticians certainly have more and more work and better earnings. We bring the experience of our reader Danilo.
For a long time I went on waxing, I play sports and take care of my body. I invest a lot in cosmetics, and it's not foreign. I consider myself a modern man, who takes care of the appearance. 
The first waxing was with cream Veet, friend persuaded me otherwise, and it was a joke. Mostly I spent 3 whole creams to take off the coat from chest and back. The effect was not bad, hairs grow rapidly and cream is not so often used. 
I liked the body without hair, so now I take it off from the stomach, chest and arms. For several years I have been pumping iron, so this is quite ok. Hair removal with sugar paste is the first time done in a salon. It hurt the first time but later smaller and smaller. Now I almost do not feel it. 
I never experimented, and my beautician was fast and I was able to surpass it. The skin feels good, because that way off and all these old cells, the skin easily renewed. All in all, I am satisfied. Danilo

What is the cost of treatment?

Hair removal with sugar paste is not cheap but it is very effective. If you want to remove hair from legs and bikini line you will need to allocate between 25-30 dollars. The arms are slightly cheaper 10 dollars, face and upper lip 8 dollars. This form of hair removal is much more expensive than wax, but it is still cheaper than permanent epilation.

Prices vary according to dealerships. The former are more favourable, there is a difference in the prices and the type of preparation used. Pure sugar paste for hair removal is more expensive than the one that contains wax.

If you are not willing to pay for expensive treatments in beauty salons, then a little effort and make the domestic sugar paste for hair removal. Results from this home are amazing variant. Not only will you thin hair, they will gradually become slower growth.

According to experience, after the Egyptian depilation with sugar paste, hair does not grow for next month-two. Again, it depends on its strength, but also the way you treat them earlier. Be persistent and they will eventually disappear. Of course, if you have not already, we recommend you to try and assess its effectiveness.

Stay with us still, and in the following text, read all about the gel of the aloe vera.