How to speed up metabolism naturally

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight

To improve digestion and to use live enzymes necessary for digestion (especially animal proteins) - it's good to eat a salad before the meal, and only then we can eat harder digested food - this is not the only solution to boost your metabolism and digestion, but is certainly a natural way to accelerate metabolism, without the use of drugs and preparations. In this article find out what food for better digestion is recommended, which will allow us to start well and loosen slow and lazy bowel and to properly dose the food and we have prepared a number of excellent natural recipes for you.

Boost your metabolism and digestion

Water, coffee, strong tea, many soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, milk and dairy products are not a good choice if taken during meals (as well as an hour sooner or later). One solution to improve digestion is to drink water for at least thirty minutes before a meal - as ferments which digest food get diluted and this reduces the absorption of nutrients. Even food for boosting your metabolism will not digest well if after the meal you swim in the river or sea water or immediately after eating you take a shower. Also, our digestion of food will be more difficult if you eat just before going to bed. The most difficult to digest are proteins that are of animal origin, as well as hard cheeses. If we are too hungry before bedtime, one banana can be a good choice and the perfect recipe to boost your metabolism naturally. Other fruits and sweets in any form are not desirable, as it will in this case engage the pancreas to secrete insulin. In fact, during this period it is not desirable as it will reduce the effect of somatotropin (growth hormone), which is especially important for children; while in the elderly it reduces cell renewal during the night.

Bad food combination slows metabolism

For good digestion it is most important to properly combine existing foods. No food for better digestion will not improve the work of lazy bowels if it is incorrectly combined during the day. Never in the same meal simultaneously consume carbohydrate foods and animal proteins. In this combination, especially with a small amount of salad, bloating stomach, heartburn, gas and other inconveniences are inevitable in most cases. If you are looking for the answer to boost your metabolism and lose weight, you should know that starchy foods exposed to fermentation, and animal proteins for a long time remain in stomach and never fully and sufficiently not digest if we previously list combinations. Taking candy and fruit after a heavy main course dominated by animal proteins - also hinders digestion, causing heartburn and other symptoms that accompanies this bad combination. Milk and milk products should never be consumed in combination with meat, as well as fruits and vegetables at the same meal. Otherwise, the fruit should never be combined with other foods or ate immediately after a meal. Starchy foods (bread, rice, potatoes) are a poor combination with milk and dairy products. Nutty fruits are healthiest when they are eaten independently.


To find out how to speed up metabolism and digestion, we must take into account the timing the exact hourly rate when taking each individual meal. The healthiest are foods that are easily digested and undigested parts in the shortest possible time discharged from the body. In this case we will avoid the entry of harmful toxins in our bloodstream and its deposition in organs and tissues. It is not advisable to take food in short intervals throughout the day. More than three meals a day is not desirable, and between them at least three to four hours of break time. You should not eat the next meal until the previously inserted meal is digested into the body. Digestive organ system should be able to have a good rest for each subsequent meal. In this case we will have enough energy necessary for mental activity and the removal of toxins from the body. Certainly the healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day for children and adults. Children who skip breakfast will not have enough energy to follow the classes and school-related activities, and memory will be significantly impaired. It is an error to give children for breakfast sweets, fast foods, baked goods, etc.

Correct chewing speeds up metabolism

All the food before it is swallowed, should be chewed correctly, especially one that contains many carbohydrates - this is almost a basic postulate to speed up metabolism naturally, because everything starts back in our mouth. This is an important prerequisite for good digestion, and thus the absorption of essential nutrients. When food is insufficiently digested, with its entry into the intestine and assimilation into the bloodstream - will begin the process of creating a number of antibodies that attack the undigested substances, which in the long run can cause autoimmune diseases. In addition, chewing food strengthens our gums (excellent prevention of periodontal disease), joints and muscles of the jaw and face, and teeth become strong and healthy. It is already known that the consumption of food should be done in a peaceful atmosphere, without too much noise and the like, and this is best done in an environment of family and friends dear to us. For children this way of consuming food is very important. They will be very comfortable, and the food will digest very easily without major problems and difficulties. If you want to know how to speed up metabolism in menopause, read what is climax.

How to boost your metabolism - Recipes

Before you apply any of the natural recipes to improve digestion and improve lazy bowels, it is good to consult with a professional. Take into an account the fact that any consumption of food, but water and fruit juices between meals causes disruption in the metabolic processes (fatigue, deconcentration, irritability and aggression, mood, hormone imbalance, excess body weight, intoxication (retention of toxins in the body), severe headache, constipation and other physical and mental changes. Eating between meals is certainly not a way to speed up metabolism, but it just creates a counter effect.

Juice for better digestion and good digestion

We need:
  • half a pineapple
  • three whole carrots
  • two medium size apples

How to prepare juice for better digestion?

To begin, remove the skin of the pineapple, scrape carrots and do not peel apples. Place all ingredients together in a blender and squeeze them well. Note: Drink half a cup once or twice a day an hour after meals. This juice can be drunk often, with smaller breaks, whenever digestion is occurring because of bad food combining, or heavy meals - this is a super easy way to boost your metabolism and digestion.

Pudding with dried fruit with nuts speed up metabolism

You need:
  • 6 dates,
  • half a handful of nuts,
  • two bananas,
  • half a handful of blackberries,
  • half a handful of strawberries,
  • half a tablespoons of carob,
  • one tablespoon of cashews,
  • a tablespoon of malt,
  • tablespoon of coconut flour,
  • three tablespoons of hulled millet.

How to prepare pudding? Millet put into the water and leave it for the night, before using it give it a good rinse and mix without cooking. Depending on the colour you want to get, mix fruit with nuts and millet and mix it. You'll get different combinations. Decorate them with fruit that is not part of the recipe, carob powder, coconut flour or something else of your choice. This popular pudding in different variants is refreshing, very tasty, improves bowel and digestion, and assimilation of nutrients- for all of us who contemplate how to speed up our metabolism and lose weight, this is the ideal recipe. This meal increases energy, and is especially recommended to athletes. Its nutrients meet the needs of children and young people, and will have the power to do morning activities. Abundant in carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and valuable minerals, does not block the digestion and is not fattening.

The foods for speeding up the metabolism can be freely included into this extraordinary pies, here is you need:

  • one pack of thin crust of buckwheat,
  • a quarter of a pumpkin,
  • two handfuls of walnuts,
  • one teaspoon of cinnamon,
  • two tablespoons of ground carob,
  • half a tablespoon of olive oil,
  • half a cup of oat or almond milk.

How to make sweet pumpkin pie?

First, prepare the crust for placing the filling, grate the pumpkin, and add the pre-ground walnuts, ground carob and cinnamon, then all this dip in milk to get a compact porridge, not too liquid. Put the resulting pulp on the crust and make the roll. Bake until golden brown.

Salty Pumpkin Pie Recipe

One way to boost your metabolism and start the lazy bowels is certainly the salty version of pumpkin pie.

  • integral thin crust of buckwheat,
  • a handful of spinach,
  • a handful of Swiss chard,
  • half waist leeks,
  • handful of fresh nettles,
  • one tablespoon of olive oil,
  • a little sea salt,
  • one central head and red onion.

Preparation of salted pies - chop mentioned vegetables, add the salt and olive oil and gently fill the crust. Bake at standard temperature (180 degrees) until golden brown, when the dish is ready.

Both variants of pumpkin pie (savoury and sweet) contain a wealth of valuable fibre, plenty of complex carbohydrates, which do not burden too much the work of the pancreas. This is a good meal for a healthy breakfast or snack because it provides enough energy, and is especially good for school children and students. It can be consumed on school breaks. It improves attention and concentration, stimulating the brain. If the article how to boost your metabolism naturally is useful, feel free to recommend it to your friends.