How do to painless waxing at home

Waxing at home

The time of hairy women and men is far behind us. Beloved hippie movement and nonchalance when it comes to appearance, are a part of ancient history. Today women and men pay a lot of attention and time for waxing in salons or in the home. The desire of modern man for smooth, waxed skin, has become synonymous with neat appearance and hygiene. It was recognized by the cosmetic industry.

In the market there are numerous products, appliances, lasers and creams for hair removal that offer a permanent solution. And it certainly is not free, rather it costs a lot. However, if you are tired of expensive treatments, try natural methods and recipes. Most of the ingredients you will find in your kitchen.

Learn how to use domestic hot and cold wax with sugar and lemon juice. How to make a cream for hair removal, why is turmeric good for hair removal. We will talk about methods and ways of waxing that you might not know, and that you will like. Stay tuned.

Hair removal with a razor as the fastest method

Shaving is always the fastest way to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. Today you have on offer women shavers, of specialized forms, with a rotating head and strips with lubricant.
With them razor glides down the skin more easily, and the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

Pay attention to these few tips that will greatly facilitate this type of waxing. Razors can be used for waxing arms, legs, bikini line and underarms.

First, the skin and the hair need to be moisten with hot, warm, water, and then apply shaving foam used by men. Foam is a much better choice compared to shower gel and soap. With it the razor glides better and easier.

Initially pull the razor in the direction of hair growth, and for the final pull it in the opposite direction. This will thoroughly remove any unwanted hairs, even the shortest ones, and your skin will smooth and soft to the touch.

Shaving pubic hair requires caution

When you use a razor for hair removal of pubic hair, be especially careful. There is still a debate in progress weather shaving this area with a razor is safe from women. Make sure that the same razor is not used more than 3 times in the intimate region. You use it just for that purpose, not for other parts of the body, to prevent infection.

Be careful because you want to avoid cuts. Although this is a quick solution especially in summer and during the height of the swimming season, it is not recommended. Overall, a bikini wax at home with the help of razor is quite risky. For this region, however, recommended is waxing in specialized beauty salons.
Necessary peeling after waxing

After hair removal with a razor it is very important to treat your skin. Use oil or milk that feels good. Recommended are products based on aloe vera because they soothe the skin, as well as flax oil and avocado. Against ingrown hair it is enough to use a mild cream to exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

Although this method is great if you do not have enough time for hair removal, but it has a bad side. The biggest drawback is that the effect of it are very short.

The hair will begin to grow after only two days, and their top will be sharp. This all gives rough feeling on the skin. In addition, no matter how much you have already shaved with a razor, it is likely that you will be cut. In this case you will get small red spots on the skin that remain visible.

Very often you can hear that by shaving hairs are getting stronger and thicker, but this is not true. Shaving cuts only the top, they are not pulled out from their root like other methods do it. As a result, the hair continues to grow, the tip is sharp and tough, so one gets the feeling that they are stronger and denser.

How to use wax at home

Wax is the number one choice for hair removal in almost all saloons, and more and more women use it at home. The treatment in the beauty salon with hot wax lasts half an hour, while with the cold one a little longer. The effect of waxing takes up to a month, because the hairs are successfully removed from the root. After treatment the skin is very smooth and soft. Later they will be soft, thin as opposed to shaving.

The warm wax is heated to the liquid state, is applied while still warm over a larger area of ​​the body. Thanks to this procedure it is very fast, can be used for hair removal on arms or bikini line.

Depending on the type of wax it is used for hair removal around the nipples of to the breast or unwanted hair from the stomach. Many women find waxing with warm wax is the best choice for the popular Brazilian, all the more sought after in beauty salons.

NOTE: full bikini wax is not recommended to work at home. Wax will not be liable to persons with sensitive and damaged skin. It needs to be avoided by people with varicose veins due to the effect of heating.

Hair removal with cold wax process

Cold wax is applied using the tape. First, it is smeared over the skin, and then put tape over it. They are quickly and strongly pulled opposite of hair growth. This wax next to the extremities, can be used for face and skin in the armpits.

When it comes to waxing armpits you must be especially careful. They are very sensitive, there are many glands and the area is close to the chest. Because of this waxing armpits is done in beauty salons.

Where to buy the best quality wax

Hot and cold wax can be purchased at almost all pharmacies and mega markets. They're cheap and very easy to use and operate. The only thing you have to bear in mind, if you yourself use it is its temperature. Wait for it to cool down sufficiently to avoid burns and first try it on a small area.

If you are wondering which method of waxing less painful, there is no right answer. The experience is different for each individual. If your pain tolerance is very low, think carefully about everything. Today, better equipped salons use local anaesthetic spray, which certainly helps.

How to make wax; home version

If you are not a fan of beauty salons and prefer to do it yourself, we will give you some great advice. In addition to teaching you how to make wax at home, you will find out how it is properly carried out.

Creating wax for depilation with sugar and lemon:
  • For the preparation you need lemon, water and sugar crystals, brown sugar can also be used. Mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with a little water and add 8 tablespoons of sugar. Heat the mixture until it boil, then cook for a few minutes with constant stirring. Then remove from heat.

Legs waxing is not complicated as it seems
  • With a wooden stick, apply the mixture to a small part of the skin, against the direction of hair growth. Give it a good tap and then with a a strong drag flick in the direction of hair growth.

Over time, you will master this skill, and you will not have to go to the salon.

Hair removal with sugar paste is another great technique for permanent hair removal. You can wax you whole legs, bikini line and hands.

NOTE: Armpit hair removal is not recommended with sugar paste, unless an expert does it.

Removal of hair with turmeric and flour

The traditional oriental recipe for hair removal with turmeric and flour was used by women from the Middle East for centuries. It proved to be an excellent way of removing unwanted thinner, lighter hair off the face. Treatment with turmeric has become very popular in the west and is more popular. On the YouTube channel you can find countless examples and usage of medicinal herbs. It is not only used for facial waxing but also for its care.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of turmeric, 2 tablespoons flour (use white corn or chickpeas), and add a little milk or yogurt. When you get a thick mixture, apply it to the desired location, leave it for 20 minutes. Now remove with the old towel or cloth. Whatever you use watch that it is not new because turmeric stains cannot be removed. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the face after.

When using turmeric for facial waxing, be careful and not keep it more than the recommended time. Otherwise, if you paint the face in yellow.

Besides that the effect of waxing is phenomenal. Repeat this treatment at least 4 times in a month and the hair will be slimmed down and then disappear. In addition, this method of hair removal is virtually painless.

The problem with this type of waxing is that it has no effect on the strong, black hair on the legs. In this case, try a combination of turmeric and sea salt for leg waxing and slowing hair growth.

How to use hair removal cream

Today, hair removal creams are in particular popular and women very often use it. The most commonly used is veet hair removal cream, although other such as Aphrodite's creams are very good. Significant side of these preparations is that they practically can be used on the whole body.

They are excellent in removing strong hair from legs and arms, with them you can wax you bikini line, face and armpits. Artificial creams do not use for waxing of intimate zones.

If you are a naturalist and love natural products, we will give you some good advice. Make the best cream for waxing legs and bikini line at your home:
  • Mix 2 egg whites, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1-2 tablespoons of corn flour. You will get a thick sticky paste. Rub this mixture on a hairy place and let it dry for 15 minutes. Then take an old towel and slowly in circular motion, remove immediately from the skin.

The amount of ingredients freely rewrite depending on the area you wish to treat. It is important that the mixture is thick, not watery. Use only natural ingredients which are not harmful, but this cream can be used often, so you will thin and slow the growth of hair.

Other less common methods of depilation

Here we will mention some types of waxing that are not so well known or popular, but they are quite effective:

Pumice stone for hair removal at home

This stone is normally used for the care of heel sand foot. This is the type of rock of porous structure. It is also known under the name of pumice.
  • Feet first lubricate your legs with shower gel and in a gentle and circular motion rub the hair with this stone. Be careful and gentle so as not to hurt and scratch the skin. This method which besides removing thins and slows the growth of hair.

Hygienic thread for waxing hair from the face and eyebrow correction

Originally, this method comes from India and is used by men. Professional barbers after shaving the beard, pull out the remaining tiny hairs on the face around the eyebrows.
  • Very specific movements of tightening and releasing pulls out the hairs. Trained person can shape eyebrows in 5 minutes. The thread that is used does not contain any chemicals, it is absolutely a natural technique.

Wax with the shell of walnuts

According to some experience this is a way to permanently remove hair from the entire body. All you need are the shells of nuts and water.
  • Walnut shells, must be dry. Gather them in a pile and burn. When burned, mix the ash with water. Put little water because the mixture should be thick. Mixture should stand at least 12 hours for densification.

Initially apply this mixture at least three times a day for 30 minutes. Later thing the mixture for hair removal with water. After some time the hair will grow more slowly, and then will disappear completely.

Hair removal epilator for permanent hair removal

Electrical apparatus for hair removal of the entire body are much present in today’s market and they are all very good and successful. They pluck the hair from the root, and thus slow down its growth and eventually it becomes less thick. The effect of waxing is good, you will be carefree for a month at least.

The technique is quite painful and lasts for a long time. This is true especially when you want to remove hair from a larger area. It can become bad if you're doing the whole legs or bikini line. If you opted for this method, pay attention to the ingrown hairs. Be sure to at least once a week exfoliate.

With this epilator can wax whenever you want, it is important to have electricity or batteries. You can bring them on a summer vacation. They are excellent for removing tiny hairs, and most have additional accessories for bikini line.

If you do not want to experiment with the wax and the like, these appliances are right for you.

Special gloves for hair removal with body massage

This is the latest technology. A glove which is coated with genuine crystals, and with gently massaging of the skin. Circular gentle movements you thin the hair and slowly destroy it. This type of wax is completely painless. One package of gloves for hair removal usually is enough for 20 to 25 treatments.

How to wax legs and face; customer experience
I have been waxing myself for a decade and a half, but otherwise I'm a beautician by profession. I often use wax from the salon, and when I have time I mix it with turmeric. I did not try anything better. I use corn flour, turmeric and a little milk to make a great mixture for hair removal at home. I love it because the wax in this area is very strong. This mixture is rubbed into the skin and left for 20 minutes and, after you scrub and rinse. The skin is a little red after the treatment, but the redness quickly passes. My face is clean, smooth, and gentle. I would advise it to everyone, it is great!
I am for the natural waxing with fried sugar. It's great in summer and winter. It is not painful, because you put as much as you want in length. Before I was using the epilator, it hurt a lot, so I gave up. However, I could not endure the pain, but I found another option. I found a salon that uses sugar and citric acid for leg waxing. But it was expensive each month to pay for it. So I tried the home version. Initially I purchased wax, but later I made my own mix with sugar and lemon.

Prices of waxing

Sugaring treatments in beauty salons are quite expensive, e.g. Treatment of whole leg is around 30 dollars, arms 23 dollars, Brazilian wax is about 25 dollars. For the depilation of the whole body you will have to allocate about 100 dollars. Hair removal with hot wax is a lot cheaper. Price ranges between 15 to 20 dollars with cold around 18 dollars.

If you want to turn to permanent hair removal - Epilation- you will have to allocate a significantly higher sum of money. Epilation of the whole bikini zone is around 200 dollars. This is the price of one treatment, but you will probably have to repeat the treatment several times. Even then your results are not guaranteed.

Prices are the same for both men and women, who in recent years have been increasingly frequent clients in beauty salons. Modern metro men wax their legs and arms, back, stomach and chest.

Epilation in pregnancy is not allowed, it is best to opt for cold wax. A good choice is the electric epilator. Hair growth during pregnancy is slowed but the effects of waxing are long.

As you can see beauty salons are not at all cheap. On top of this there are processes that are repeated on an annual basis so the price is not negligible. This is why many opt for hair removal with local ingredients. They are cheap and easy to make and the whole process can be easily performed at home.