Horsetail tea for health

How to use horsetail tea for lungs

Tea made from horsetail prepared and recommended as an aid in the treatment of various diseases and health problems. It has an extremely positive effect on different lung diseases and respiratory and renal anaemia, a large number of urinary tract infections, diseases of the stomach and the like. Poland horsetail plant with a lot of potential has a positive effect on our nails and hair, and is recommended as a medicinal tea to help with weight loss, because it has proven to work effective with weight loss. Read on to learn how to make the horsetail tea, how it should be dosed, and whether it can cause any side effects and adverse side effects.


Poland horsetail has its many names: horsetail, common horsetail, Poland grass, and its Latin name is Equisetum. Horsetail is common and widespread of weeds, and belongs to the genus of fern. Black and permanent underground stems are wide and go in depth, it is very resistant which is why this plant as a weed is very difficult to eradicate. Early in the spring it expels from ground its first straight fruitful stalks light-brown in colour, which on top is spiked with spores. These amniotic stems are not harvested. Behind them appear barren stalks of green that are high about a foot, whose leaves branch out in specific whorls, whorls that are on the top smaller, but its shape reminds of spruce and fir. The horsetail grass has no special smell. The taste is also faint, slightly bitter, and slightly salty. The plant is almost evenly distributed across the northern hemisphere and is most often used to prepare tea although tincture is more popular. Suppose also that the plant is successfully grown in the fields, slopes, along the roads and often we can see it right next to the railway embankments. Poland horsetail plant is characteristic for her annual slightly acidic soil.  It grows very well in not too wet and damp soil, but something fresher clayey soils.

Horsetail has six main medicinal effects, we will mention them:
  1. Horsetail tea is one of the most natural means to treat lungs, both in acute and chronic bronchitis and pulmonary haemorrhage, even for pulmonary tuberculosis. According to the latest research, regularly taking this medicinal tea soothes the inflammation and serious bleeding.
  2. The performance and changes in the blood picture. Fresh juice of horsetail deals in the formation of new blood cells and achieves good results most of all outbreaks of anaemia due to internal haemorrhage in ulcers, and even stomach cancer.
  3. Rich content of free acids also helps with healing ulcers, fistulas of the colon and other diseases. More recent research results show that the tea of ​​horsetail, which is consumed for a slightly longer period has an outstanding performance in the prevention of the growth of malignant tumours.
  4. The next big area of application is the use of horsetail in the diseases of the urinary tract and organs, whether used fresh or for a bath after which it is recommended to put something warm coat. This exceptional combination delivers very good results in spasms in the bladder, poor bladder function, with painful urination (burning sensation, etc.), Painful urinary retention, silt, sand, kidney stones, frequent night time urination, inflammation of the kidney the appearance of protein in the urine, bleeding from the kidneys, chronic irritation of the bladder by pressing urination as well as in the initial tuberculosis of the kidneys and bladder.
  5. It is very reliable application of field horsetail with stomach bleeding, vomiting blood or if there is blood in the urine due to the formation of sand and stones. Women are warmly recommended tea of ​​horsetail for run-off intimate regions, with increased monthly bleeding, but also in the prevention of white wash.
  6. Tea made from horsetail is very effective for cleaning blood, and also with wet skin rashes on my head, ulcers, eczema and lichen on the skin.

Tea made from heorsetail for hair 

Except for six mentioned exceptional medicinal properties of this plant, we must not neglect its impact on our hair, nails and skin. If the tea of ​​horsetail is regularly drunk and combined with medicinal tincture of horsetail and olive oil (4 drops in proportion to the spindle on two large tablespoons of olive oil), will strengthen the hair roots, prevent alocopea remove dandruff and seborrhoea mitigate and provide your scalp with best possible care without any impurities chemistry and the like. Exterior hair care with tincture and olive oil is repeated four times in seven days, with only ten minutes massaging the head and scalp. In all turn tea from field horsetail which need to drink slowly in small sips every day during treatment.


Once we have determined how the field horsetail is useful and effective for a wide variety of health problems, as well as how it can help our hair, it is time to share with you this extremely simple recipe for a very good healing tea.
  • Horsetail tea preparation in somewhat colder water put a tip of a full teaspoon of dried or fresh field horsetail. The water was then boiled for sixty seconds (1.min), siphoned from the heat and allowed one minute to stand, and then the resulting beverage is lightly filtered. Always make sure you drink it unsweetened exclusively, in small sips up to three cups throughout the day. If you drink this nice warm drink for the sake of cleansing the blood and the overall improvement of your blood (with anaemia), it is preferable to sweeten with a good quality local - "real" honey, no more than one teaspoon to a cup of tea. For all other problems of health, as we mentioned ​​horsetail tea should does not need to be sweetened.

Horsetail tea side effects: Very rarely in some people due to the presence of thiamine (specific enzyme which binds to the B vitamin in the body) may cause symptoms very similar to the poisoning: nausea, dizziness, fainting, increased irritability, slowed reflexes, spasms skin and muscles and others. All these complications can be prevented by timely preventive intake of B vitamins, then the horsetail tea should not be a problem during the consumption.