Essential tea tree oil application

How to use tea tree oil for hair, skin and nails

The oil has not been given its rightful place in the natural and alternative medicine. We've also mentioned it several times in our articles (e.g. nail fungus). This extremely healing essential oil is obtained from the plant Melaleuca alternifolia, originating from the Australian continent, it was found by the natives - and used by Aborigines for thousands of years for a variety of health problems. It was not until the twenties of the last century, that the tea plant has attracted the attention of the Westerners, because it was discovered that there are antiseptic properties which are much stronger than the antibiotics (up to 12 times). In World War II every Australian soldier in first aid had a tea tree essential oil, which protected him from insect bites and various harmful infections. After that the pharmaceutical industry made a large spectrum of "incredible" antibiotics, and medicinal oil was found on the margin and has almost completely fallen into disuse. Today the situation has quite improved and thanks to the many forums and portals of alternative medicine, this beneficial oil is again an integral part of the home pharmacy.

Essential tea tree oil; use

As we have already mentioned in the introduction the tea tree oil came from Australian continent thousands of years ago, when indigenous Aboriginal received it from tea tree (Tea Tree) that only inhabits this continent and thrives there. There have been numerous attempts to cultivate it in Europe, Asia and America continent but the positive results were absent. This was because obtained tea tree oil was not even close to approximate quality as Australian one. Again, on the other hand, knowing how much this medicinal plant is good, its production today is at a high level in spite of all the above mentioned problems. It is found in many cosmetic products for body care products (soaps, lotions, and shampoos for hair) and other products.

The plant tea tree has multiple benefits for our health, because it was known for years how much tea tree oil is good as an antifungal cure, against pimple and acne, genital warts. It has been proven to eliminate unpleasant Candida, but the whole spectrum of bacteria and various microorganisms that cause infection and in which almost no antibiotics can help. Thanks to the effective combination of terpinene, it is considered that this natural remedy could find application in the treatment of serious diseases - such as skin cancer melanoma. Numerous studies have shown precisely that the anticancer and the scientific community is focused just on that.


It has a very positive results in cosmetic purposes for acne and pimples on the face. Although the market is flooded with various creams and oils, tea tree definitely wins in this category, because it very quickly eliminates the inflammation and speeds up recovery. It is very comfortable on the skin, it is very mild and almost does not cause skin irritation or other side effects. However, if you get a good quality essential oil, do not use it completely undiluted, but follow the instructions of the manufacturer specified in the declaration, because otherwise the sensitive skin may become irritated. Tea tree oil is an excellent fighter against bacteria, if you use it for a longer period on the facial skin, you will eliminate pimples. Be persistent, because the results do not occur overnight, but after a certain period.

Here's how to use tea tree oil for cleansing at home:
  • In a smaller bowl pour a little water and add only a few drops of tea tree oil, mix well and soak a cotton ball or gauze. All that is left is to clean your face.

Note: If you have not previously used the tea for acne, and this is your first encounter with the preparation, test it first on your skin hands before you apply it to your face. If you notice the hands are red, then you are certainly sensitive and you should stop the usage. If everything went as it should freely use it on your face.

Tea tree oil against warts and vaginal infections

Because of its exceptional antibacterial, antifungal powerful and successful antiviral effects, tea tree essential oil is considered an excellent natural anti-unpleasant product for genital warts and various vaginal infections. In many cases this plant far exceeded expensive pharmaceuticals, whether it comes to genital warts, a variety of vaginitis, vaginal herpes, and cystitis and with unpleasant itching genitals due to persistent fungal infection.
  • Against genital warts do the following: a few drops of essential oil is necessary to dilute with water, soak in a liquid buffer and give it a good wipe. For vaginal infections put the whole tampon into the vagina and then wait approximately two hours. Treatment apply in the morning immediately after getting up and at night before going to bed until you notice that the infection has subsided.

Instead of tampons you can use the cartridge on which you put about 3 drops of tea tree and exactly the same usage applies and it is very successful with vaginal candidiasis. Important note: do not use your hand to use tea tree essential oil in pregnancy, nor in any other way, in the case of vaginal infections be sure to tell your gynaecologist who follows you, to give you an adequate therapy, and to avoid more complications. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid it.


Very effective properties of tea tree oil has long been known to modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and it is the mandatory ingredient in many creams, deodorants, lotions, soaps and sometimes toothpaste. Nail changes caused by fungi require a fairly lengthy treatment and the most important is to be consistent in your treatment. If you decide on this oil, use it twice a day, put the affected nails in water to which you add a couple of drops of oil. Medicinal oil blends well with cream-based tea tree and can also cure nail.

During the period of thirty days you will certainly notice improvements, if you suffer from athlete's foot prepare a healing bath with lukewarm water with a few drops of tea tree oil and out your feet in a basin. It is best to prepare a bath before going to bed. For the fungi hygiene of feet is important, use a towel for wiping feet, clean socks and others. Do not casually dismiss olive oil because it effectively strengthens weak nails prone to breaking and it is a far better option and doctors recommend that in such cases it may put few drops on the nails maximum of 4 times a day.

Tea tree essential oil for hair can be used in many different ways. It successfully rehabilitates and soothes the scalp dermatoses, it is excellent for balance and normalizes the problems with overly dry or greasy scalp. Eliminates dandruff even with complications caused by seborrheic dermatitis. It is a part of many commercial shampoos because it prevents hair loss and accelerate hair growth. Each hair product is composed of at least five percent of the oil, it will effectively eliminate dandruff. It is excellent in prevention for those problems, even in combination with other effective healing oils. Additionally it successfully eliminates the nits and lice from the hair, which is still common in preschool and school children.

Here are the ways that parents can act in the case of lice:
  • In the children's shampoo, add a few drops of tea tree oil, apply on the head and rub, leave for a while to stand, and then under running water, rinse it good. It is important to wash hair every day in this way, until you make sure that the nits and lice are gone.

In case you do not have dandruff nor lice, make sure to make this shampoo and use it as a preventive means.

What are the experiences with this oil?

In recent years a number of forums and portals of alternative medicine cite tea tree essential oil as an ideal solution for various ailments. Experiences are many and this plant has aroused the interest of many beyond the scientific community. Recent studies, are certainly in favour of it. One of them says that it treats diseases of the ear, which proves that it is much more effective than the expensive products from the pharmaceutical industry, recently one such product was withdrawn from sale because it was found to be cancerous. General recommendations are natural products because very often they have no side effects. Besides the tea plant is also used to help with insect bites, blisters, burns, rashes, diseases of the throat and mouth, strengthens the immune system, with abscesses and others. What attracted us to the whole story is how tea tree essential oil became great for domestic use. So you can make extraordinary universal products with which you clean the whole house, it's very simple:
  • In a spray bottle pour a litre of water with half a tablespoon of tea tree oil. Shake a little and spray freely throughout the house on a variety of surfaces (wood, ceramics, glass, wood, laminate).

If you want a stronger disinfectant with which to clean your toilet bowl for example, then mix two cups of water with a full tablespoon of tea tree oil. Also, tea tree oil has been shown effective in the elimination of moths. All you need to do is to soak a few drops of oil in a small pad (the best of fabric) and then close the closet.


You can buy this product in well stocked pharmacies and recently, we have noticed the aforementioned product on the Internet, but inform about it first before you buy it online. Tea tree essential oil price is little bit more expensive and a small bottle of just 10ml costs about 3 dollars.

We believe that soon the product will be accessible to everyone, because the price will be lower, and that the tea plant will become an integral part of everyone's home pharmacy.