The mask made from yeast for face and hair recipes


Yeast has always been used as an excellent natural remedy for hair care and skin and is definitely not only famous as a food product. The mask made from yeast for face is a well-known cosmetic agent. In the past it was usually recommended if we want a smooth facial skin without wrinkles and acne. Today we know that the impure skin is associated with a deficiency of vitamin B group, which is particularly rich in yeast. Besides being clean it refreshes and soothes the irritated and inflamed skin, it regenerates dry and damaged hair - and for this purpose it is used. Although medicinal substances from yeast act quickly, in acute discomfort it needs to be used at least twice a week for two months.


Did you know that while you knead the dough with yeast for your favourite cake, it also helps your hands, especially if they are cracked and dry? The yeast is full of valuable ingredients that please the general health and beauty of our skin, hair and nails, and from ancient times it was used for various cosmetic products. When it comes to baking, especially popular is brewer's yeast rich in vitamins of the B group: B12, B6, B2 and B1, as well as precious minerals and trace elements including potassium, magnesium, calcium, chromium, sodium, iron, manganese, copper, phosphorus and zinc, as well as valuable amino acids.

Yeast is therefore a real natural source of health, beauty and youthfulness of the skin, hair and nails. Among other things, it regenerates, strengthens, cleans and moisturizes the skin, promotes better blood circulation and metabolism, and protects it from the effects of dangerous free radicals. Therefore, although suitable for all types, the mask of the yeast for the face is especially good for oily, youthful but also mature, dry and lifeless skin. It has an equally efficient impact on our hair - prevents its increasing decline (alopecia), but is sporadically useful and feeds, strengthens and protects against scrolling and cracking. Hair mask made from yeast can be combined with medicinal beverages that are also made from yeast, which is good for our skin and hair, but it is important for the entire metabolism of the body.


We have prepared a large number of recipes for face and hair. The yeast mask for face can be combined with milk, honey, olive oil, eggs, etc. We hope you will find a recipe that exactly matches your skin type.

For our first recipe you need the following ingredients:
  • one cube of fresh yeast,
  • three large tablespoons of milk.

Milk is slightly warmed, add a cube of yeast and whisk together until you get a cream. Brush the mixture on the face and neck, leave on for fifteen minutes, then rinse with warm water first, then cold water.

Peeling mask made of yeast and milk

  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • One tablespoon of milk.

Gently heat the milk, add a yeast and whisk together until creamy. The mixture is immediately applied on the skin of the face and leave it for twenty minutes to work. Hardened mixture gently in a circular motion remove from the face, and the residue is washed first with warm, and then cold water.

The best yeast and olive oil mask

The yeast mask for face can be combined with honey and olive oil and in the following proportions:
  • One cube of yeast - fresh,
  • One teaspoon of local honey,
  • Two tablespoons of quality olive oil.

Olive oil slowly warm up on a low flame, add honey and yeast, all together whisk until a creamy mixture is compact. Apply the mixture immediately on your face and let it sit until it dries completely. When hardened gently remove from your face in a circular motion - very gently.

Yeast face mask, almonds and flax

This yeast mask is also used for peeling of skin.

  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • Three tablespoons of milk
  • One tablespoon of ground almond seeds,
  • One tablespoon of milled flax seeds.

Milk gently heat on low heat, put yeast, ground seeds, almonds and ground flax seeds. Whisk everything together until creamy. If necessary, add a little warm milk. As with the other the mask is immediately applied to the face and allowed to operate three to eight min. Hardened mixture gently in a circular motion remove from your face, and the rest wash with cold water.

Cream yeast and sugar mask

  • Cube of fresh yeast,
  • Teaspoon of fatty creams,
  • A Tablespoon of sugar.

How to make yeast face mask? First, you need a greasy cream, yeast and sugar and mix all of it until it gets creamy and apply it on the face. Leave for at least fifteen minutes, and then rinse the skin with warm water.


To make a mask from yeast, you will need:
  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • One egg.

Lightly whisk the egg, add the yeast and mix until creamy. Packaging for hair, apply gentle to the washed, wet hair. Cover with foil and wrap hair in a towel. After it stands for twenty to thirty minutes, rinse the hair with a mild herbal shampoo.

Bath with yeast and lavender

Another great recommendation is to relax in a healing yeast bath.

You need:
  • 10 cubes of fresh yeast,
  • 10 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers,
  • A decilitre of boiling water.

Dry flowers of lavender cover with boiling water and cover it. After twenty minutes, strain the liquid, add 10 cubes of yeast and mix gently until melted. Thus, the resulting mixture add to your bath water. This is the ideal bath for eliminating stress.

Yeast cream for stretch marks and cellulite 

It is necessary to:
  • Two cubes of fresh yeast,
  • Two or three tablespoons of cream against stretch marks and cellulite.

The cream against cellulite and stretch marks, which we are already using for skin care, combine with yeast. This mixture is slowly applied to the skin, massaging at least fifteen minutes, and then only rinse with hot water.

Yeast mask and wheat germ oil

For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:
  • Half a dice of yeast - fresh,
  • Two tablespoons of wheat germ oil,
  • One egg yolk,
  • One teaspoon of wheat flour.

To make a mask from yeast, you first need to warm the wheat germ oil, then add half a cube of yeast, egg yolk and wheat flour, and mix everything until you get a compact creamy mixture. Immediately apply on your face, let it harden and dry out. Thus hardened mixture moisten with water, gently remove with circular motion and excess of with wash with hot water.

Milk Cleanser with yeast - Recipe

  • Half of dice of fresh yeast,
  • Almond oil - half a teaspoon,
  • Teaspoon of honey (domestic),
  • Decilitre of milk.

Dissolve the honey in the milk, add the fresh yeast and almond oil, and stir everything. With cotton swab apply the milk onto wet skin, gently massage a few minutes, and rinse with warm water.

Yeast face mask with honey

  • Cubes of fresh yeast,
  • Teaspoon of honey.

To honey add yeast and mix until creamy. The mask of yeast and honey is gently applied to the skin, leave for a maximum of twenty minutes, after which you rinse with hot water.

The mask with brewer's yeast 

  • One dried brewer's yeast,
  • Several large tablespoons of yogurt.

Mix the yeast with yogurt, apply on your face and neck and let it work for about fifteen minutes.
After that face mask of yeast and yogurt is washed first with cold, and then hot water.

The mask with yeast and aloe juice

You will need:
  • Cube of fresh yeast,
  • Two to three tablespoons of aloe vera juice.

Cut the piece of aloe leaf and remove the juice. In the juice, add yeast and whip it. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it to act until it dries and hardens. Thus hardened mixture moisten with water and in light circular movements remove from the face, and the rest rinse with hot water.

Lotion with yeast and apple vinegar

  • Half of dice of fresh yeast,
  • A half decilitre of apple cider,
  • A half decilitre of distilled water,
  • One teaspoon of almond oil.

Fresh yeast, vinegar and distilled water mix well, and then add almond oil and mix vigorously until you get the lotion. Gently apply the lotion with a cotton swab, gently massage a few minutes, and rinse with hot water.

From it you can make a very high quality products, among which we highlight the phenomenal ointment for heels with yeast and pig's fat. Here is what you need:
  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • Two tablespoons of lard.

Fresh yeast and unsalted lard cream whisk and apply a thick layer on your cracked heels. Leave it all night so that it works. In the morning rinse with warm water and soap, then lubricate with a nourishing cream.

Hand cream with yeast

You need:
  • Cube of yeast - fresh,
  • Tablespoon of greasy hand cream.

Mix the fresh yeast with greasy cream and a thicker layer, apply the mixture on your hands. Put them over cotton gloves, leave them all night. In the morning, rinse with warm water.

Peeling for the body with yeast and corn grits

We believe that you saw that the yeast mask for acne is not only a great product that we shared with you. To make sure of that read the next recipe, which is intended to clean the entire skin.

  • A cube of fresh yeast,
  • Lemon juice - three spoons,
  • Corn grits - three spoons,
  • Almond oil - five spoons,
  • A little hot water.

Lemon juice, fresh yeast and almond oil mix together. Add them corn meal and as much hot water until you get a smooth mixture. This mixture gently massage onto a moistened skin for fifteen minutes, then rinse well with warm water.

Homemade lip balm from yeast and lemon

  • One teaspoon of fresh yeast,
  • Two to three drops of lemon juice.

Fresh yeast and lemon juice, stir and the resulting mixture apply to lips. It is best to let it sit overnight, or you can use the balm during the day, when you remove it after a few hours. After treatment rinse the lips with warm water and lubricate them with a suitable nourishing cream.


At the very end we have prepared another excellent beverage which you can freely drink and combine with other recipes. You need:
  • 800 grams of high-quality honey,
  • 10 litres of water,
  • 800 grams of dry grapes,
  • Rye flour - two tablespoons,
  • 25 grams of yeast,
  • Two lemons.

How to prepare yeast honey? In eight litres of boiled cold water, stir in rye flour and yeast, then add local honey, lemon slices and raisins. The beverage is then left to stand for a whole day and it is covered with a clean kitchen towel. To the mixture, add the remaining two litres of boiled cooled water after it sits for 24 hours. As soon as the lemon rings and dried raisins emerge to the surface, strain the resulting liquid. Honey yeast pour into clean sterilized jars. In each further put a few raisins and close tightly. Glass jars with yeast hold flattened in a cool place. And after a few days you can use it.

That would be all from us, we hope that the recommended yeast mask will suit you and that you will try other recipes.