Mistletoe tea experience

Mistletoe as a cure for almost every disease

Latin name is Viscum album and other national titles are: whiskey, melina, glue, grinds and mops. Today it is a highly regarded plant and tea from it had achieved outstanding results in the battle against high pressure, it successfully stopped the bleeding from the nose and others. Also, mistletoe tincture is highly appreciated, which can be bought in herbal pharmacies. In addition a good and fresh juice and ointment is made from this plant.


It grows as a parasite in the form of pellets. The evergreen leaves have a yellowish-green colour. The berries of mistletoe are whitish, somewhat glassy, ​​from the inside they are slimy and sticky. Birds distribute the sticky seeds, or secrete them undigested via faeces. Like this the plant is expanding, because it turned out that the seeds will not sprout in earth nor in the water. What are the medicinal parts of the plant? We collect leaves and twigs, which after drying need to be chopped and this is done from October until December and from March until April, in other months, the plant mistletoe has no healing powers. The most medicinal properties are contained in the one that is harvested from the oak and poplar tree. Another advice when it comes to harvesting, in March and April mistletoe has very little berries, while during winter they are usually eaten by birds.

Mistletoe has always been viewed as a mysterious plant. Druids, the Celtic priests, considered it a holy plant, medicinal agent which can remove all the health problems, particularly appreciated is the white mistletoe tea or other medicinal preparations. The priests at the solemn ceremonies used gold knives for cutting it. Old herbalists have used and recommend it as an excellent remedy for the treatment of epilepsy.


Since the 5th century BC, mistletoe has been used as a medicine. Official medicine has also recognized its healing properties. Suppose also that in recent years the effect of mistletoe has been tested in the case of very serious diseases such as AIDS and cancer. It has been proven that this plant contains a number of medicinal substances. Enhances the work of gastro-intestinal tract glands and encourages the exchange of substances in the body.

If you suffer from chronic constipation, a big help will be mistletoe. In addition, it normalizes the secretion of bile and removes the causes of diabetes. But most of the attention was drawn to its performance on low and high pressure caused by interference in the bloodstream. Drug substances in this plant will contribute to the flow of blood through the body, and thus strengthen the strongest muscle - the heart. Since it leads to a complete balance of the cardiovascular system, high and low pressure, as well as dizziness, severe headaches and migraine, tinnitus, rush of blood to the head and others will stop.

Normalized blood flow will also be very convenient for women during painful menstruation, and bleeding from the lungs when coughing up blood and vomiting. Tea made from white mistletoe is used as an aid in the treatment of cancer. The plant itself contains a healing substance lecithin, from which it receives lecitinol, which in small quantities, can destroy cancer cells and restore the weakened immunity. It helps in recovery, relieves nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and solves insomnia and loss of appetite.
Mistletoe tea preparation

We prepare it exclusively as a cold mixture. Here is how to read a recipe for white mistletoe tea:
  • To the top full spoon of mistletoe leave to stand overnight in 2.5 dl of water. In the morning warm it up a bit and strain. If during the day you need a greater amount of tea then it is best that you keep it in a thermos-bottle, which we previously well washed with hot water. The tea should be drunk in small sips and do not add sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Healing tea from mistletoe is highly effective against bleeding from the nose, lungs and intestines. You need to snort in the tea through the nostrils when bleeding from the nose, if we drink it will not be useful for all internal bleeding as well as in diseases such as dysentery and typhoid. Drinking tea will balance and normalize blood pressure – it will reduce high and increase low blood pressure. Tea made from white mistletoe has helped women who have expressed PMS symptoms and stomach pains. It is excellent as an additional remedy for menopausal women, and against everyday ailments such as hot flashes - (sudden rush of heat).

How to make white mistletoe ointment?
  • It is necessary to have berries mixed with pork fat to get a compact mixture. This fat is excellent for the treatment of frostbite.

The recipe for a healing mistletoe juice

Fresh juice of mistletoe is made from leaves and fresh branches which are well washed and while still moisturized we squeeze them in the juice extractor. As a cure for infertility the following recipe proved effective:
  • From the juicer squeeze exactly 25 drops of juice and mix with a little water. Drink in the mornings before eating - on an empty stomach and repeat the treatment at night before going to bed.

Where to buy white mistletoe? 

Drops of white mistletoe are now readily available and can be bought in a better equipped herbal pharmacies, the same goes for the finished tea product. The price of tea is 2-3 dollars for a pack of 80 grams, while mistletoe tincture has a better circulation and a price is 5-7 dollars. We suggest that you still inquire about price and the manufacturer - Note: always buy proven certified products, this rule equally applies to online shopping.

WARNING: the berries of mistletoe are poisonous and should not be eaten fresh! Excessive doses of the plant can cause severe vomiting. Tea made from white mistletoe and other preparations should not be used during pregnancy even if you are breastfeeding. White mistletoe should not be used together with drugs for heart.