How to use green asparagus for health

Green asparagus in the diet

Green asparagus is one of the first harbingers of spring and all delicious salad lovers will rejoice at the sight of it. Even the ancient Greeks knew how this plant is useful, and they liked to use it in the diet. However, we can say that today asparagus is unfairly underestimated, hence the slightly higher price at markets and stalls.

This vegetable is used a lot by people who are into healthy foods, and is often the choice of those who want to lose weight. An interesting fact that characterizes this plant is that once it was used as a natural aphrodisiac. Bellow, we tell you more about what is green asparagus, its healing properties, and what are the best dishes with it.

What is asparagus and how does it look?

You have probably heard of names such as asparagus, or fairy broom. All these are the names of the vegetables that come from a family of Asparagaceae. Asparagus originated from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, where it always had a special status in the society, because it was considered food for the upper class.

It is an excellent source of dietary fibre that is very useful and suitable for digestions. It also contains a number of vitamins, and the most common are A, B6, C, E and vitamin K, and minerals most abundant are chrome, making it unique in the world. In addition it is rich in potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium, and this combination gives it an interesting mildly bitter taste.

While full with carbohydrates, asparagus has little calories. Specifically, 100 grams has only 21 calories, but we can safely say it fits perfectly in every diet. In addition, it is easy to digest and does not require insulin, so it is very good and recommended for diabetics.

After all, it should be noted that this food is gluten-free and therefore it can be eaten by all that cannot stand the aforementioned protein of wheat, and suffer from celiac disease or Crohn's disease.

Asparagus cultivation and harvesting 

As we said, green asparagus originated from the Mediterranean region and has always been considered the food of the upper class. To this day, the price of the plant is slightly higher, and the reason lies in the fact that for its harvesting a large human labour force is used, both in growing and picking.

Today it is largely planted in Central Europe, and is therefore is used a lot by people in Germany, which is also its largest distributor.

If you decide to plant it in your garden or backyard, you need to provide a loose earth for it. Please note that this is an ongoing process, because it is a perennial plant. Make sure it has a sufficient amount of moisture, because it really needs it a lot.

If your choice is green asparagus cultivation then it is done through seedlings available from agricultural pharmacies or directly from growers. Just plant it in shallow pits, and a space between each should be at least 1 meter. Provide them enough fertilizer to feed the whole plant.

Next year you can start harvesting, but in smaller quantities. Cut off 3 shoots from each tree, and leave the rest. Harvest time begins in April and lasts until the end of May, or when you notice white and green shoots (depending on the variety), and higher volumes, yields can be expected only in the third year after planting.

In addition, you can opt for the seeds of this vegetable, which is certainly more advisable if you want to make your own asparagus. In this case, the period of planting ends in April and the distance between each row should be about 30 cm.

Depth is not a cause for concern, because each seed must be put in holes about 1 cm deep. It is necessary to plant each every ten centimetres when the plants begin to sprout.

In late November or early December, loose straw and manure so green asparagus is preserved in freezing temperatures.

The medicinal effect of asparagus is extraordinary

You met with the nutritive values of asparagus, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances which this vegetable is rich in. But this is only part of what makes it special. Below we will tell you more about how these green sticks can help you, and what is the connection of asparagus and health.

Preserves the heart

First of all, green asparagus will take good care of your most vital organ. Since it contains the ideal amount of vitamin K, it will help your blood expel excess fat and bad cholesterol. In addition, vitamin B6 will further protect against diseases of the heart and blood vessels, primarily through the elimination of excess salt and water from the body.

Reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes

The disease has reached epidemic proportions, and therefore is also known as the disease of the 21st century. It usually occurs due to high concentrations of toxins, unhealthy and irregular diet, and stress. The impressive anti-inflammatory properties that asparagus has will help in the elimination of free radicals and thus cleanse your body.

Most importantly, it will improve insulin secretion and improve the function of beta-cells, which will reduce the risks of developing type 2 diabetes.

It prevents aging of brain cells

Scientists believe that the antioxidant glutathione successfully slows aging. It is interesting that asparagus is abound in this material and helps in the absorption of vitamin B12. In this way, you will significantly reduce the risk of dementia, because your memory will be better and the concentration stronger and clearer.

Removes kidney stones

Asparagus is a natural diuretic and as such is recommended for people who have problems with the digestive and urinary tract. First of all, it has been known that asparagus helps in the elimination of excess salt and water from the body. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for those who want to get rid of edema and high blood pressure. It is especially useful if you are searching for a natural way to remove kidney stones.

Excellent natural aphrodisiac

There are numerous testimonies and traditions in which asparagus is considered an extraordinary aphrodisiac. To improve sexual activity is more than good. Plenty of folate and vitamins B6 and E stimulates the secretion of sex hormones in men and women. It is especially important to note that it is significant for men because it prevents impotence.

It is an excellent vegetable for pregnant women

Asparagus in pregnancy is a mandatory choice, according to the claims of nutritionists, since it contains a valuable folic acid. Some even recommend daily consumption of vegetables during the pregnancy. This will reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus, but also promote the proper development of the fetus.

For better digestion and preventing of bloating

In the vegetables there are herbal dietary fibres that are excellent for better digestion. It will help with constipation, as it effectively eliminates lazy bowel syndrome. In addition, having a bloated stomach is a very unpleasant phenomenon, and green asparagus successfully threats it.

It protects against colon cancer

In addition to improved digestion and bowel movement, this vegetable is also a great patron of the cancer of these organs. The asparagus is rich in inulin, which is essentially a probiotic, but its performance is such as to eliminate harmful bacteria from the colon. In this way, it significantly increases the absorption of useful substances from food and reduces the risk of tumours in the intestines.
Make the best dishes with asparagus - Recipes

As you can imagine, the asparagus is very popular in Mediterranean countries. The people who live in this zone are very happy to use it in the preparation of many dishes
If you want to try what it tastes like in recipes that we have prepared for you, it will surely be more of an interest for your family.

Asparagus cream recipe

  • 2 fresh asparagus
  • 1 onion
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 1 litre of chicken soup
  • 2 tablespoons of flour (gluten-free)
  • 1 dl of sour cream
  • a little brown sugar
  • a little parsley
  • salt
  • pepper

Preparation of cream soup

Asparagus is first cleaned and boiled for 3-4 minutes in salted water to soften. In a saucepan heat the butter and fry the finely chopped onion. Then add the flour and fry a little and then add a litre of chicken soup.

The cooled asparagus is cut into pieces and put it in a saucepan, and spice it all up with brown sugar and pepper as you like. Cook over medium heat until it begins to boil. Then reduce the heat and let it simmer for another 5 minutes.

After that it is necessary to drain the soup, in a separate pot, and mash the vegetables in a blender. Then again return in the pot and add sour cream, some milk, and salt. Boil for about 5 minutes and before the end insert a bit of parsley. Cream soup with asparagus is very light and it is best served warm.

Baked asparagus recipe

  • 200 g of asparagus
  • 6 thin ​​slices of smoked bacon
  • 200 grams of sheep cheese
  • 6 pieces of fresh red peppers
  • some butter
  • salt
  • pepper

Prepare the recipe

First, wash the asparagus and remove the lower parts of it. Cook for about 3 minutes in salted water to soften. Then strain and place in a bowl with cold water.

Then divide them into six equal parts, and each wrap in a slice of bacon that there is a piece of sheep cheese and red pepper. Repeat the process for all the pieces of asparagus and place them in a baking dish that has been previously greased with butter.

Sprinkle with a little bread crumbs before, because it will absorb the grease from the bacon. At the end, sprinkle with pepper and salt according to your preference. Bake at 250 degrees for about ten minutes. When baked, remove the asparagus rolls from the oven and sprinkle with cheese and serve like that.

Salad with asparagus recipe

  • Green asparagus 5 pieces
  • 2 fresh tomatoes
  • 1 pepper
  • 100 grams of feta cheese
  • olive oil
  • Apple vinegar
  • a little hot pepper
  • basil
  • salt

Prepare the salad:

Clean the asparagus and wash it and then cut into four equal parts. And in this case it is necessary to boil asparagus for about 5 minutes in salted water until tender. Strain and cool them, and then wash tomatoes and peppers. Cut into cubes and place in a bowl.

Then do it with cooked asparagus and stir well with other vegetables. Pour the olive oil and add the apple cider afterwards. Feta cheese cut into cubes and mix it together with all the ingredients. Asparagus salad will have even better taste if you add a little hot pepper and basil.

Where to buy asparagus and what is the price

Price of asparagus varies every year and it is not possible to predict the current costs, since it mostly depends on the yield. One thing is absolutely certain and this vegetable is not cheap, but is widely available in most markets. The sold green asparagus price is around 6 dollars per kilogram.

If you want to buy it, you should know some important things, and that is to select those that are best. The best examples are those that are completely green. Do not pay attention to their length, but whether they are strong enough. Evaluate the thickness, as it should have a diameter of about 1 cm, and each must have a top tip.

At the very end, we have to say that asparagus does not cause side effects if eaten in moderation. There are no recorded cases where this vegetable has adverse effects on humans. However, what some may find unpleasant is the smell of urine after consumption, but this is quite natural and normal. In fact, this is due to the elimination of toxins from your body, and this is happening precisely because asparagus cleans the excess of free radicals.

We only draw attention to the people who are allergic to onions, garlic, shallots and lily - eat with caution this vegetables. If you notice phenomena such as runny nose, skin rash, trouble with breathing, swelling of the mouth and flatulence, immediately stop consuming asparagus.

There are indications that it is not safe for patients with gout and atherosclerosis. Therefore we advise you to first consult with your doctor and make the necessary allergy tests, because this is the only way you will be fully sure what not to enter into the body.

This vegetable is a great choice for those who want a healthy and natural way to protect against a number of diseases. It has a slightly bitter taste, but you can very quickly get used to it. Therefore, green asparagus should be part of your daily diet, and we recommend you to read and learn more about the Jerusalem artichoke, which is very nice combined in the diet along with this plant.