How exercise affects our health


Exercise can prolong life and solve the accumulated stress - our greatest enemy! Everybody is aware of the fact that sport affects very positively overall human health. Exercise improves health and keeps your body from a variety of diseases and various disorders in the body, and that is particularly well demonstrated by crunches and push-ups, which every fitness instructor and athlete recommends that you do, at least once a day.


When we practice we cast out "negative energy" and thus free ourselves from stress, which is the cause of many diseases and health problems. In other words exercise reduces levels of cortisol known as the stress hormone, while on the other hand it increases the level of endorphins - hormone that is very much responsible for the achievement of a sense of happiness and good mood. These are just some of the diseases that can be prevented by daily exercises at home:
  • stress,
  • osteoporosis, 
  • pain in the lower back,
  • increased blood pressure,
  • increased cholesterol,
  • increased blood sugar,
  • obesity,
  • cancer and other serious diseases.

A well-known society against cancer located in the United States shows that exercise has positive effects in the prevention of some forms of cancer, and the most serious diseases, such as cancers of the colon, uterus, stomach, breast and lung cancer.

Also, regular physical activity prolongs sexual function in both sexes and affects the regulation of body weight. With exercise the body consumes far more calories, speeds up the metabolism, digestion becomes regular, and further contributes to the burning of fat - especially around our waist.
Sit-ups and push-ups

Why this exercise? These were the traditional exercises that served to strengthen our entire body. Sit-ups and push-ups can be performed anywhere, so to speak, wherever you are, and best of all is that they are free and you do not need expensive equipment and pay monthly fees for training in the gym - which today is not exactly small.

In order to improve your core strength, fitness and general health, you need to spend about 30 minutes a week on your personal training program and exercise. We promise that you will feel better, have a better opinion of yourself and be more confident in your daily life.