Plantain and honey as a medicine for stomach


There are plants that we encounter every day - we go pass them, while in general we are not aware of how much healing and beneficial they are? There are many of them and one of them is female plantain. Many times it happens that we see it on the side of the road, we may step on it, or generally we do not pay attention to it – we completely ignore it and somewhere in our heads we store it as an ordinary weed and so we treat it like that. Believe us, this is completely wrong, if only some of us were little more engaged, we would learn that the plantain and honey are the ideal combination for the stomach and for a strong immune system - which is increasingly confirmed by the doctors of the general medicine. This text will try to convince you in a completely different side of the story, because the plantain is an exceptional remedy, and that its time in phytotherapy and natural medicine is yet to come. Stay tuned to find out how to make plantain syrup, which is a phenomenal fighter against all kinds of infections, especially when combined with honey.

Healing properties of plantain

Every housewife knows that the salad is a necessary part of every meal, because of living substances in our body, because of the vitamins, minerals, it is precious and helps us to be healthy. Now, if you do not have time to walk to your market to obtain a seasonal green salad, fresh arugula, cabbage and the like add plantain and it will be a delicious salad, and extremely healthy.

Although it will probably appear to you as an ordinary harmful weed, it is a very useful plant. In traditional medicine most often plantain and honey are used to treat stomach. Also plantain is used externally for covering wounds and ulcers on the skin, and for a variety of inflammations and swelling, while the medicinal tea or syrup is used to make it easier to cough up and eject phlegm, and has an anti-ulcer, and inflammation effect on the bladder. Recent studies show that honey and plantain have a strong effect on the blood and circulatory system, and on the kidneys and liver. Because of these health benefits, the saying goes that the time of plantain as a drug is yet to come.

To summarize, for what diseases can plantain be used as a remedy:
  • with chronic cough,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • bronchitis,
  • pulmonary diseases and other complications,
  • ulcers,
  • duodenal ulcer,
  • haemorrhoids,
  • insect bites,
  • vaginal infections,
  • prolonged menstruation and bleeding,
  • eczema and dermatitis
  • injuries and burns,
  • pimples and acne on the skin,
  • Inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract infections.
How many species of this plant are there?

There are three types of the plant and all are wild: female plantain which has the Latin name Plantago Major, male plantain - Plantago lanceolata and medium plantain - Plantago media. Although all three have the same chemical composition, the people mainly use the female plantain, because it represents an ideal natural remedy for first aid in cases of all types of wounds and injuries, as well as in the popular mixture consisting of plantain and honey. All three types of plants are used in traditional medicine. Plantain leaves can be used as a completely fresh coat for repairing wounds caused by insect bites, just crush it a little and place it at the entry site. At the same way it heals burns and bruises.

In some parts of the world the plantain as a drug is applied as follows: Place the fresh plantain leaf over a lighter, singe it a little and then place it on the place of bites, burns or wounds. This herb contains valuable allantoin - it is a substance that stimulates cell growth, and because of that plantain and honey are much appreciated in folk medicine. Independently it is used to treat various skin diseases.

Thanks to allantoin and other precious substances, female plantain as a medicine is also used to restore internal mucous membranes, but often it is used as a medicine against ulcers on the duodenum and stomach, for these purposes it is best to collect fresh leaves of this plant. The research established that it has a very good antibacterial properties, so this is the people's traditional belief and now it received scientific confirmation. Fresh juice (syrup) squeezed from the leaves of this valuable plant is used most often to treat diseased stomach and intestines. Certainly the best combination of plantain and honey is in the ratio 1:2 in favour of honey. Just one tablespoon a day, you can solve all the problems and pain.

How to use plantain and honey for the stomach

To get this extraordinary natural remedy for stomach and intestines, first wash fresh plantain with a stronger jet of water to remove all dirt, earth and other impurities, as it usually grows on neglected - dirty areas. After washing, you need to finely chop and grind it if you do not have a blender. In the end put it all in the blender and mix well and squeeze out liquid. Syrup of plantain with honey has special healing properties and for this purpose use only genuine local natural honey. Put twice as much honey in comparison to pure syrup.

Plantain and honey are dosed three times a day with a tablespoon. For consumption it is best to use the wooden spoon. This healing juice is best to refrigerate and do not take it on a completely empty stomach, if you have troubled stomach ailments.

Also if you use plantain and honey for the stomach the best effects will be achieved with honey obtained from the cold processing. Better results will be achieved, because cold pressed honey has a powerful effect on many bacteria in the stomach and our intestines, and with plantain it is even better. Use this remedy for a few days and you will immediately feel relief.

Juice of plantain with honey, if dosed according to the instructions it will have an extraordinary effect. It will miraculously heal and regenerate the gastric mucosa, and it is increasingly accepted by doctors of official medicine. If you add to this recipe a tea made from equal parts of St. John's Wort and liquorice, treatment will be more successful and faster.

Today we know that plantain and honey are not only useful for the body but also achieves outstanding results in respiratory diseases, for this purpose medicinal tea is used.

How to make plantain tea against cough – Recipe

From the dried leaves of plantain the tea is made, and from the fresh leaves we extract the syrup that cleans the respiratory system of accumulated mucus, soothes irritation and helps us to cough up the content contained in our bronchi and lungs. The combination of these two drugs is more than good. Plantain and honey are also a great combination with tea.

The recipe for tea
  • A small spoon of dried leaves of plantain pour with two and a half decilitre of boiling water, cover the top and set aside some time to rest. Filter well and drink up to 3 times during the day. In the morning it will help to better discharge accumulated mucus, and then be sure to use it.

Also plantain is especially recommended to people who suffer from bronchitis, especially in the combination with ivy and thyme. The three plants together form a fantastic mixture to treat the aforementioned diseases and if you have such problems, be sure to try it.

The beneficial plantain tea can be a great first aid with persistent vaginal infections. For this purpose mild and warm compresses are made which are used for external and internal cleaning and running-off.
  • Take half a teaspoon of dried and finely chopped plantain and pour the boiling water over it (1 dl). When it cools a little soak a tampon with tea and use for intimate care.

Plantain syrup; recipe with sugar

To make medicinal syrup from plantain, which helps better coughing up of phlegm with colds and diseases such as bronchitis, catarrh of the lungs, asthma you will need a little more patience - but it is definitely worth it in the end. To start, find the appropriate jar that can be closed tightly, and put the leaves of plantain, to which red brown sugar is added. Put the row of leaves and the row of brow sugar and so alternately until you reach the top. The mixture is closed tightly and kept in the uniform temperature for three months, the best would be to bury it in the earth. After 90 day strain the obtained syrup and drink it daily.

Plantain in pregnancy; yes or no?

Although plantain and honey are allegedly a completely harmless combination, which can be used by children, the elderly, nursing mothers and pregnant women, for this natural remedy, however be on the alert and consume it only after consultation with your doctor or phytotherapist, after their approval.

If you have frequent migraine headaches, make medicinal plantain syrup and soak the cheesecloth in it and put it on the head. To get rid of a number of cuticle, crush a few leaves of fresh female plantain and put them on the festering nail. For the second day, you can check out the results, believe it or not they will be surprisingly good. Female plantain will absorb all the pus and will alleviate inflammation.

We must not forget the seeds of plantain, which were found to contain a lot of healing juice, and that it is an outstanding, harmless and completely natural remedy for the treatment of constipation or prison. It increases digestion chair and so it makes it easier to pass through the intestine, which is very useful for people suffering from haemorrhoids. With medicinal seeds the combination is plantain and honey, which will also contribute to better digestion.

Also plantain as a medicine is increasingly used for making balsams against eczema, as well as its fresh extract is useful for all types of skin problems (acne, pimples, etc.). As its leaves contain phytoncides - substances that help stabilize the situation on the skin.

Nature offers us an abundance of health, one only needs to look around - plantain and honey are an incredible combination!