Nettle tea; benefits and usage

Nettle tea preparation and recipes

Nettle tea invigorates the body and offers a number of medicinal benefits, every fan of this warm beverage immediately loves it. It is extremely popular around the world, because it is rich in large amount of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll.

It has always been used when children and adults have problems with immunity. Some believe that it was precisely this recipe that helped many people overcome many diseases, from the common cold to more serious inflammation.

If you notice nettle growing in your yard, which is actually a weed, do not cut nor destroy it. Take a moment to learn more about how these green leaves are useful for your body. In the following text we will present facts about how useful nettle tea is, why should you drink it, what are the opinions of other people and where you can get it.

The healing properties of nettle tea are numerous

You have probably heard a lot about medicinal properties of nettle. The most important and best known is the fact that it contains iron, but it stills has the status of undisputed fighter against anaemia. This disease often affects children, adolescents, pregnant women and the elderly, and the lack of this mineral in the blood is hard to make up with the food.

To avoid the use of pills and supplements, the most effective is the use of nettle tea for anaemia.

Nettle is one of the best plants in nature that has exceptional nutritional value. 10 grams of this plant contains 290 mg of calcium and 86 mg of magnesium, while for instance spinach has only 10 milligrams of Ca and 8 milligrams of Mg 8. This means that regular consumption of tea from nettle has a positive impact on the regulation of body weight, because it creates a feeling of fullness, giving your body energy.

Strengthens immunity

Loss of immunity is also a frequent occurrence that can affect those who are completely healthy. In consequence there are numerous diseases and disorders, from acute ones up to chronic. To prevent this and to strengthen the immune system of your body, you need vitamins and minerals.

It abounds in copper, vitamin C and iron are already mentioned, and the present is magnesium, manganese and zinc. Nettle tea is an ideal choice for those who are susceptible to colds and infections, because its consumption protects you from these ailments.

Helps faster discharge of urine

Since it is a natural cleanser of the body, we can say that it is a diuretic, which will favourably affect the health of the kidneys, bladder and channels. This has enormous benefits for the whole body, because it increases the secretion and discharge of urine. In this way there is an excess of uric acid in the body which prevents the occurrence of urinary tract infections, edema, arthritis and gout.

Ideal for prostate

Men can have tremendous benefits from this drink, because it has always been used to treat prostate naturally. In fact, its enlargement is a common phenomenon, especially in the population over 50 years of age. Benign prostatic hypertrophy is best treated when the nettle tea is drunk, and at the same time reduces the risk of malignant tumours in the gland.

Recuperates hair and scalp

For ladies who naturally want to solve the problem with hair and scalp, the best method is the use of natural products for hair. You have probably heard that the nettle tincture for hair is very useful, and we recommend its use with this drink.

Both products can be consumed orally, but local application is possible. Rinsing the hair will strengthen root hairs quickly and effectively, without the use of harmful chemicals.

A good fighter against allergies

It is interesting to note how the drink is ideal for people who have a problem with hay fever, which results in uncontrollable itching, irritation, watery eyes and sneezing. Numerous clinical analysis showed that nettle tea against allergy achieved fantastic results.
How the nettle is tea prepared at home

When it comes to preparing the nettle tea, first of all we will tell you how to find this plant in nature and pluck it. For the occasion, use gloves that will protect your hands, because you can feel the discomfort because of the leaves. Even if that happens, you need not worry, as you will certainly benefit greatly from it.

Pick the whole plant, together with the root, stem and leaves. Clean excess dirt and any insects before you put it in the bag. At home give it a good rinse with water and leave it in the open to dry. After only two to three days nettle leaves will be dry and ready for use.

If this is too hard or simply you do not have time, your choice may be to buy nettle tea. In this case, you are provided with two options: one in filter bags and in bulk. Our recommendation is to take in bulk, because you are in the opportunity to see whether the nettle is good for use.

As for the preparation of this drink, it is not much different from other similar species. The preparation of nettle is done as follows:
  • In 2 dl of boiling water pour one teaspoon of dried leaves of this plant and then cover it. Leave it to stand for about five minutes, after which it is necessary to drain a beverage. It is drunk in small sips, warm or chilled, not containing added sugars or other sweeteners.

If your choice is nettle tea, perhaps you want to know much you can drink during the day. In fact, if you opt for its consumption for whatever the cause it is sufficient to take one cup a day. From the treatment of acute illnesses to the treatment of chronic diseases.

The maximum daily dose of nettle tea is 2 litres.
Benefits of nettle tea for weight loss

If you are looking for a natural way of losing weight, you are in the right place. You will surely be thrilled by the fact that it is very useful to drink nettle tea for weight loss, because it has been used for this purpose for many years.

Because of the antioxidants contained in this plant, its effects on the body are based on the purifying blood of excess free radicals and toxins. Exactly they are the reason for the appearance of numerous diseases, as well as excess weight. To be sure, most often it is excess water in the body, which can be easily eliminated if you drink nettle tea for weight loss.

Since we have already mentioned that this is a natural diuretic, it will help the body remove excess accumulated metabolic substances accumulated in the muscles, blood and organs.

You will notice that through the urine you expel all waste from your body, but you should not be frightened nor amazed by discoloration of urine - this is quite normal. Over time it will become clearer, as a sign that your body is largely exempt from harmful substances.

Besides that you will lose weight, you will notice that you feel very good. The feeling of bloating and swollen joints will be the thing of the past, and fat deposits around the stomach will gradually disappear. Therefore, drink 3-4 cups a day, preferably 20 minutes before eating.

The use of nettle for hair and skin

Nettle tincture for hair is something that you should get if you have a problem with chapped areas, increased greasiness of scalp or you suffer from hair loss. We recommend its local use by rubbing it on the problem areas every night before bed.

But that is not enough, because against this you have to fight from “inside” as well and for that purpose it is recommended to drink nettle tea. It is going to clear the blood and transport iron and other minerals and vitamins directly to the root of the hair, nourishing it and thus help it to become stronger and thicker. You can drink up to three cups a day and you will notice improvement after only ten days.

Use it against pimples and acne

The problems with acne, pimples and irritation is something that is very frustrating to all of us. They usually occur as a result of increased work of the sebaceous glands, causing a blockage of the pores and accumulation of excess sebum and materials that come in contact with the skin from the outside world.

How useful is nettle tea is proved by the fact that I can be used orally and locally. Here it is recommended to drink this potion, or to daily wash and clean problem areas on the skin.
  • Take swabs and moisten in the tea and tincture, and with gentle circular motion massage and in this way remove excess dirt from the pores. Acne and pimples will eventually withdraw, you will feel that redness and irritation disappear, and how good is nettle for face you will realize when your skin becomes beautiful, soft and tender to the touch.

User experience with tea nettle

When it generally comes to nettle tea experiences of users are extremely positive, regardless of the purpose for which it is used. What is worth noting is that it is quite accessible and inexpensive product that has a tremendous benefits for your health, which will surely delight you. We will share with you some views and experiences of people who have used this beverage.
I had a lack of iron in the body and I felt a constant fatigue, headache and nervousness. All of this was difficult on me. A friend recommended me to drink nettle tea for anaemia, because it helped him. After only three days I felt an incredible rush of energy and exuberance, I no longer felt the need to sleep in the afternoon, and the headaches disappeared. To this day, I drink it and I am very happy. Mary, 38 
I had to wash my hair every day, because it got greasy very quickly and my scalp itched. Unsuccessfully I used a variety of shampoos, conditioners and masks that were only a temporary solution. I remembered how my grandmother always said that such problems are solved best with nettle tea for hair, because she used it herself. 
I have replaced coffee with this natural medicine and I can say that after two weeks, the state of my hair repaired. No more did I have greasy scalp and I am really happy about it, and I also use nettle tincture for hair. Saxony, 29
I am a mother of one child and another is on the way, and now I am in the fifth month. Low immunity and anaemia came to me at once, so I was very worried for the baby. The doctor recommended me to drink nettle tea in pregnancy, especially for the sudden decrease of iron in the blood. Although I did not like the taste at first over time it increasingly got better because I felt better. Catherine, 33

What is the price of tea in stores?

We hope that you got familiar with these great products that will strengthen your immune system and protect you from a number of diseases. Therefore, if your choice is nettle tea the price will make you happy. It can be found in health food stores, pharmacies, as well as in most of the markets and shops. It is inexpensive and it is necessary to allocate only about 2 dollars for a pack of 80 grams.

At the very end, please note that you should comply with the above and the recommended daily dose. Although you can drink up to two litres of this drink, in the beginning consume 3 cups to see how you react to it. The nettle tea causes side effects in rare cases, but most often it is constipation as it contains a lot of iron.

In addition, in some cases it can lead to a decrease in blood sugar so it is necessary to reduce the daily use or to stop consuming it. In a special risk group of people who have kidney problems, it is generally recommended to consult with your doctor before you drink this potion.

Only one cup a day can do much good for you, so start replacing coffee with nettle tea. You will feel that it is generally better for you and you will be energetic and lively, and your body will use the best of what this natural remedy can give.

Nettle tea is not the only recipe that we recommend, be sure to read our previous article on how to make medicinal nettle syrup with lemon and oranges.