Lime honey as a medicine for stomach

Lime honey; healing properties

Lime honey was for centuries considered one of the best natural medicines – it does not lose beneficial properties even after prolonged standing, and it is best to take it with a wooden or plastic spoon, with apple vinegar, nuts or garlic. Although all types of honey are good for the human body, the most effective of all, according to many is lime. Bright colours and sweet, refined taste, are characterized by clarity, almost opaque.

As soon as the jar with the lid is removed, the strong, distinctive smell expands of yellow-white flowers from which bees collect nectar, but the lime tree, which is normally present in the myths and legends of many peoples, received the title of "bee tree", while the lime is also known as "liquid gold".

Lime honey is very healthy

Clear, almost transparent, this "liquid gold" has a strong odour and sweet taste used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases - from colds, respiratory diseases through to heart problems. Many, especially older people, who wake up with the first rays of the sun, they cannot imagine the morning with this honey collected from linden blossoms. Experienced housewives often use lime honey instead of refined white sugar.

In addition to giving a special touch to treats, linden honey efficiently helps in the prevention and treatment of many diseases and infections. Therefore, instead of chocolate or unhealthy industrial processed sweets, treat yourself with a spoon of natural linden honey, which can be smeared on a slice of whole-wheat bread or combined with healthy whole grains.

Since it has an antibacterial effect, lime honey is the best natural remedy for fever, colds and fever, especially when used in combination with freshly squeezed juice of aloe vera in the ratio 1:5. A teaspoon of this mixture should be taken 3 times a day, an hour before a meal. It encourages better expectoration, and facilitates the expulsion of secretions from the nose and throat, and is particularly effective in the fight against sore throats.

The best honey is from the slopes of mountains 

Many manufacturers offer this type of honey in health because it is especially effective. Since last year production is protected, which guarantees the quality and authenticity.

The process involves the protection of geographical origins and rigorous control of production, which ensures the production of honey in the field whose name is protected, but also a detailed quality control in order for lime to really have the characteristics that distinguish the product from a given region.

In short, this natural honey has a very specific flavour and intense fragrance. Linden nectar is highly aromatic, so you do not have to have a lot of it in order to get a taste of mono-floral linden honey. However, the presence of the other nectars in the honey changes the medicinal properties of linden nectar, so it is important that honey has a high concentration of lime nectar.

How long does lime harvest last? 

It is relatively short - bees collect nectar resembling dew drops in late spring and early summer, and the most of it is when it is hot and humid weather, with climate and weather conditions that may affect the quality of linden forests.

Mountain honey varies considerably from honey produced in other areas. Because of the maximum possible share of linden nectar it has a more intense flavour and smell, and fewer other impurities, is crystallized homogeneously with very small crystals.

Due to the length of lime grazing, colonies must be well prepared in order to be fully effective during the gathering of nectar and the area in which the bees will bring nectar must not have honey that has been left behind during the previous pasture.

Filtration of honey eliminates pollen

Although honey is mostly comprised from sugars in its composition there are many organic compounds - some of the plant composition, which are secreted by other bees, and these are responsible for its healing properties and differ the lime honey from sugar syrup. Also, bees are removed from frames only by physical means, which prevents the presence of prohibited substances in honey, which has been produced in a geographically limited areas for many years and has a certain reputation among manufacturers.

Area of production is far away from agricultural lands so there is less chance of contamination with pesticides, which is good for bees and honey.
Lime honey as a cure for stomach ailments

Lime honey is a real balm for the stomach problems - it is enough to stir one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and drink 3 times a day. On the other hand, it can be applied topically, as an aid in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, and open wounds and burns. If you have pain when urinating, look for help in pure linden honey.

Be sure to include the linden honey in your diet if your nerves are sensitive, constantly stressed, and in the evening you cannot fall asleep. Finally, lime honey can be used to speed up your metabolism, but also to preserve your general health and strengthen the immune system - contains many enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins K, C, E and B complex.

On the other hand, this type of honey is excellent in the treatment of respiratory diseases, especially acute bronchitis. Then it is especially effective in combination with a neat fresh lemon juice, and is useful as an aid in the treatment of liver and gallbladder, as well as diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Feel free to consume lime honey as you like best: some will only dissolve it in a glass of water, milk or tea, you can add it to your favourite dishes and the like. Herbalists recommend that you eat it before meals, especially in the morning, when this natural medicine puts the lining in the stomach and protects it. It is best stored in a cool place and make sure the jar is always well closed. We recommend that you read articles linden tea and how to make black locust honey.