How to fix nearsightedness

How to fix eyesight without glasses at home

According to the latest statistics, 40 percent of the adult population across the globe wears glasses. In this article you will find out how to fix the distance vision with a very effective exercise for the eyes, which also prevents eye fatigue, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. It is important to say that the number of short-sighted people is on the rise. In Germany, for example, it is even higher, because according to their data, 36 percent of the total population, wears glasses, while 28 percent of them have a need of them only during reading time, all together 65 per cent - which is very high.

Learn how to improve eyesight naturally

In order to learn how to improve vision without glasses it is also important to understand how the eye works. In fact, our eye muscles, as vital parts of the eye, react just like all the other muscles in the body - they contract and relax. If you keep a fairly long look only at one point, just as you do when you are watching your TV screen, computer, mobile phone or tablet, then your ciliary muscle (changing the natural shape of the lens, which allows you to change the focus from the proximity distance) shrinks. This can weaken the vision and fatigue the eyes.

To avoid this phenomenon, and in particular the weakening of eye muscles, it is very important to alternately watch in distance and up close, which basically is an effective exercise for the eyes. Two other muscles are important for the proper function of the eye, they also change the size of pupil - sphincter and dilator of the pupil, depending on the amount of light. Then, six more muscles change the direction and angle of view. If you violate the compliance function of these muscles it can result in blurred vision and squint (strabismus), about which we already wrote on our site.

Daily exercises for all the muscles can end uncomfortable redness and burning of the eyes, and blurred vision and headaches. To accept to improve vision naturally, observe the following rules: do only those exercises for eyes that do not cause any unpleasant feeling.

Learn how to improve vision in 10 steps

Follow us in the next ten steps and look at very effective exercises which improve vision in adults and children. To achieve a look without glasses, here is how to do it.

The first exercise for the eyes - Look near and far
  • This is an exercise for the ciliary muscle. Cover your left eye with right hand, and put your left hand in front of the right eye and direct your view to a single point on the left palm. Slowly bring your hand close toward the eye without moving your vision from the point you were looking at. Then slowly return your arm to the starting position and follow this movement with the eye. Do the same exercise with the other hand (cover your right eye with left hand, extend your right arm ...). This is a very effective exercise to improve vision at a distance.

Step number 2 - Draw a circle in the dark
  • Close your eyes and alternately look up and down. Repeat 10 times. After that look left and right. Still with eyes closed, circle your view -10 times in clockwise and 10 times counter clockwise. These movements strengthen the eye muscles, while the darkness relaxes the eyes at the same time.

The third step - Always warm your hands
  • Vigorously rub your hands until warm. Shape them in the form of dome and cover your eyes, but do not touch the eyelids. Keep your hands on your face for two minutes. In this way you will relax eyes after long work on the computer and flickering of the eye will occur much less frequently.
Find the third thumb - step number 4
  • Extend both arms in front of the body and squeeze hands into fists with the thumbs-up - look at them, and then into the distance. Repeat this 20 times. When you repeat the exercise several times, it is possible that you will see a third thumb! This technique relaxes the eyes.

Exercise 5 - how to improve far and nearsightedness
  • For a quick relaxation of the eyes, sometimes spread the eyes as far as you can and let your gaze wander into the distance. When you focus your vision again all your muscles will be relaxed.

Be sure to sunbathe your eyes - exercise No. 6
  • "Look" in the sun with eyes closed! If not sunny, you can use a table lamp. As long as heat and light suit you (through lowered eyelids), continue to do that. Hold both hands in front of the eyes at a distance of up to 20 cm - thumbs should be up, little finger down and palms facing face. Move both hands up and down in opposite directions, so that you can see the light with eyes closed. This exercise relaxes your eyes and reduces photosensitivity during sunny days. Do this exercise mixed with solar yoga.

The seventh step to improve vision - often change the focus
  • Extend your fist with your thumb upright in front of you at about 30 cm from the eye. Alternately switch the focus from tip of nose to thumb and a single point in the distance. Repeat the exercise 10 times, and then close your eyes for a moment. Focusing at objects that are at different distances remarkably improves vision.

Exercise for eyes number 8 - Fast blinking
  • Close and open your eyes as quickly as you can, but do not squeeze the eyelids and this incredible exercise will reduce the flickering of the eye to a great extent. Do this for about one minute before you close your eyes for a moment. Fast blinking relaxes eye muscles after prolonged looking at the TV screens, mobile phones, computers, or with long-term reading of books. Eyeballs in this way are bathed in tears which have a refreshing effect. This is also a great solution to improve vision in a natural way.

Step Nine - follow the finger with your eyes
  • Place your fist with the forefinger extended to a distance of about 20 cm in front of the eyes. Then write the letters in the air with your finger and follow the movement. Accelerate gradually the movement of finger until you can only follow the finger. This is how you train the eye muscles to react faster.

Tenth exercise for the eyes - Focus on your third eye
  • Extend both arms in front of the body and firmly tighten the hands in fists. Without moving your head, take a deep breath and look at the right thumb, release the air and visualize the "third eye" between the eyebrows, which will make you "cross" your eyes. Then inhale and look at the left thumb. Do this exercise 20 times. This constant change can eliminate eyestrain.