Flickering of the eye and what is the cause

How to calm a flickering eye

Involuntary eye flickering in medicine is known under nominal Blepharospasm or Myoclonus of the eye, ie, twitching of the eyelid. This phenomenon is quite common, and is equally present in right and left eye among the total population. This is an increasingly common problem after a prolonged use of a computer and looking at the different screens (TV, mobile phones, tablets, laptops).

We also need to say that some people have a twitch in the upper eyelid, while others in the lower part of the eye. In our article we will give you a couple of benefits and instructions to reduce the eye flickering to the lowest possible level, just as we will give you great tips on how to improve vision in 10 steps.

How much is eye flickering dangerous for vision?

The problem is uncomfortable, but you do not have to worry too much about it - flickering of the eye will not cause major damage or loss of vision. Reluctantly flickering of the eyelid is not only irritating phenomenon but can cause discomfort, because you think that everyone around you notices it, and that brings more stress. The good news is that flickering of eye in most cases is a harmless phenomenon, even if it lasts for hours or days. In addition, it is almost imperceptible to the environment, although you probably think the opposite.

The main reasons for eye flickering are stress, chronic fatigue and eye strain, too much caffeine or extreme strain of the eye muscles, which can be a result of long periods of work at a computer, prolonged reading of books and the like. In addition to all the stated, causes are still unknown to ophthalmologists, a flicker of the eye and eyelids is associated with certain abnormal nerve functions within the base of the brain that controls our overall coordination.

It is not rare that doctors are often approached by people with symptoms of dry eye, pointing to this problem. The latest research links flickering eyes with dry eyes and vice versa. In patients symptoms usually occur together.

Eye flickering; vitamin and mineral deficiency as the cause

Gently massaging the eye lids can always help, as well as application of hot or cold compresses (depending on what suits you best), for a period of ten minutes. If the flicker of the eye and eyelid twitching persists for a longer period, or any relaxation technique shows no results, it is possible that it is a sign of a lack of minerals - such as, for example, a lack of magnesium in the body.

In very rare cases, eye flickering may indicate an eye infection, conjunctivitis or a neurological disorder (such as migraine). It is extremely important to contact an ophthalmologist if the twitching of the eyelid is followed by redness and pain in the eye. Very small doses of Botox is also one of the solutions to this problem.

In any case, the best recommendation is to conduct a complete ophthalmic examination to determine the condition of your eyes, and to find the cause of the problem, and later determine the best therapy. A simple urine analysis can determine deficit of magnesium in the body, which will easily be replaced by taking the appropriate supplements or foods that are rich in this mineral.
Flickering of the eye meaning, superstition and other myths

The following is a very interesting part of the text, although we fully understand some of you if you do not continue reading. We live in the world where there is a number of interpreters of dreams, psychic, white magicians and other wonders. Each of them has its own version of the story eg. What it means when the left eye flickers, or the right one?

We are witnessing that some TV programs late at night broadcast such shows, and such issues related to flickering of the eye - the left or right, which are not rare and are associated with important "Destiny" things. Some say that when your left eye flickers you will see your beloved, there will be some good news and some gain etc.

The Chinese claim that left eye flickering means happiness, but the flickering of the right eye is a very bad sign. If you feel twitching of the eyelid all the way down, then you are definitely part of some gossip.

In India, the situation is opposite from China, which means that right eye is happiness, left "bad luck" as the English say. Hawaii are also specific, and flickering of the left eye is interpreted as the arrival of a stranger into the family, and if it constantly flickers, it means only one thing - a complete breakdown of the family. In Africa, there are very diverse interpretations from tribe to tribe, etc.

In order not to deal with destiny, looking in the bowl, reading the beans (again a little joke - do not mind) and the like, if you are interested in this topic, there are countless portals, blogs, forums on these topics, where no one can prevent you to look for the answer.

Flickering of the eye should not worry you too much, look to relax it. If you just feel irritated too much by it put a warm gauze on it, or go to the doctor, if you are superstitious we cannot help you with that.