Apple cider vinegar for face without pimples and acne

Apple cider vinegar for face; how to use it

Apple cider vinegar for face has been proven effective with problematic skin, especially for the pimples and acne. Moreover, it is widely used, and effects on health are varied and range from treating hiccups to the prevention of cancer. It is still used in relieving the symptoms of colds, helps with diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol and various other ailments.

On the other hand, the literature often refers to the face care with this natural product that best preserves the good looks and skin elasticity. It is used also for nail care, hair, dandruff, eczema, burns, and even weight loss. Read on to learn how to use vinegar for face, hair care, and learn more about its medicinal properties as well as side effects that can occur if used incorrectly.

The healing properties of apple cider vinegar are incredible

Apple cider vinegar has a great impact on the body. Research has led to the conclusion that it helps with a large number of problems, but here we will present only some of its effects you probably did not know.

Helps with stomach problems and indigestion

If the main cause of diarrhoea is bacterial infection, a little apple cider vinegar mixed with water or clear apple juice will help solve problems due to its antibiotic properties. Since it contains pectin, often in folk medicine it is used to treat stomach cramps.

In order to solve the problems with digestion, try this remedy:
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of warm water. Drink half an hour before a meal.

Stops hiccups

In order to immediately stop the hiccups drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. The bitter taste stimulates nerves in the throat that are responsible for this situation.

A beneficial effect on sore throat

When you experience pain in the throat due to colds, take a little of vinegar, because most germs cannot survive in an acidic environment created by the vinegar.
  • Mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1/4 cup of hot water and swish inside the mouth every hour.

Lowers cholesterol

This impact on the body is still being studied. Some studies conducted in Japan are in favour of this preparation.

It controls blood sugar

Studies have shown that people resistant to insulin, which before eating drank a little apple cider, had lower blood sugar levels after eating.

It helps with colds and nasal congestion

Because of potassium that reduces mucus and acetic acid, which prevents the development of germs, you can use it when you are having symptoms of colds and sinus drainage.
Treatment of Candida using apple cider vinegar

This vinegar is rich in natural enzymes that can help your body to cope with Candida, which is responsible for symptoms such as fatigue, poor memory, desire for sweets and others.

Find out more about this persistent fungus, as well as a diet that is to be applied in anti- candida diet.

Lose weight by using apple cider vinegar

Here's why: acetic acid reduces appetite, increases metabolism and reduces fluid retention in the body. Follow the following link; how to keep a diet with apple vinegar.

It helps with cramps in the legs, which are common at night

Leg cramps can be a warning signal that the body lacks potassium. As we said, in vinegar there is a lot of potassium. So help yourself and make a natural remedy of 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of honey and a cup of hot water.

Eliminate bad breath with the help of apple cider vinegar

In addition to being effective against acne and pimples, it is definitely not its only great advantage. If you swirl it in the mouth the problem with bad breath will disappear.

Whiten teeth with the help of apple cider vinegar

To remove stains, whiten teeth and kill bacteria and germs in the mouth, swirl every morning a little apple cider vinegar before brushing teeth with toothpaste. You can also use baking soda because it has the same effect.

It helps in the treatment of bruises and scratches

Soak a cotton ball with apple vinegar and adhere to bruise or scratch. It should reduce the colour and intensity of a bruise.

Increases energy

Stress and exercise sometimes leads to fatigue. Vinegar is often mentioned as an antidote for fatigue.

In addition to these healing properties and benefits to the health of the organism, vinegar is known for its use in cosmetic purposes, primarily for its undisputed role in skin and hair care.

Apple Vinegar for Cleansing

The natural way to use apple cider vinegar in the service of beauty is very simple. All you need is a bit of vinegar and water. When combined with water, you can spray it on the skin or apply it with gauze, it is easier and more convenient.

Here we offer a few tips and ways to use vinegar for face and skin care.

If you have skin problem, it is recommended to use apple cider vinegar in a way that it looks like a little refresher for the face.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water in a container with spray. Use 2-3 times a day.

Also, you can make your natural tonic for the face.
  • You need 1 tablespoon of vinegar diluted in water (2 cups water rate), soak and clean your face.

Is very effective for the treatment of acne due to acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar for face use as follows:
  • Dilute it with water at a ratio of 1:3, soak a cotton gauze and put on the problem area and leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse the skin.

For skin care it is used as a massage. Of course it is used diluted with water. The effects of vinegar on the face are quickly visible, it makes the skin velvety soft and hydrated.

A powerful product for hair; Anti-Dandruff effect

The effects of apple cider vinegar on the hair care have been known since ancient times by our grandmothers. Vinegar dissolved in water was used as packing or mask for the care and cleaning of hair long before modern products started to appear. Which are you better chemical or these natural ones, be the judge.

For the recovery and deep cleaning of the hair a mixture of a little water with a spoon of apple vinegar can be used. This mixture is used to rinse the hair after shampooing. The hair will be shiny and bright.

It is great against annoying dandruff

To get rid of dandruff make your natural product for the treatment.
  • In 3 cups of water, add 3 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Shake well the mixture. This mixture needs to be sprayed on the scalp, put a plastic bag on and let it work at least 15 minutes. Then rinse the hair.

This method of treatment requires a little time and patience. The effects will not be immediately visible, the first results will be visible only after 2-3 weeks.

Natural conditioner with apple cider vinegar, olive oil and egg whites

If your hair is dry, try this natural extra healthy mixture.
  • You need 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons olive oil and 3 egg whites. Apply to hair and leave on for half an hour.

You will be amazed effect.

In addition, you can use vinegar for blemishes, and nail care, as a preparation before coating.
  • Soak your fingers a few minutes before painting in a solution of water and apple cider vinegar, to remove dead skin cells.

Apple cider vinegar for face and hair experience

Here are a few comments from forums:
I have had acne since puberty. I do not know how and why they occurred but I have them all my life, now I'm 36 years old. I've tried everything, creams, scrubs, I went to facelift treatments. Then one day friend recommended that I try vinegar. I diluted vinegar of domestic apples with water, one glass of water with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. I dipped cotton swabs and applied on her face. It is like removing makeup, I've rubbed on the cheeks, chin, nose, where I had acne. After 3 weeks you could see the improvement. And after 2 months my skin was so clean. Now I do it from time to time when I remember to do it. Tiana Pine
I use it for hair. I do not buy expensive products in the stores. Vinegar is great for rinsing hair. My hair is soft and shiny. The packaging itself is also great, a little honey, vinegar and olive oil. After the application it is necessary to rinse well with lukewarm water. Mirka 
I used a variety of shampoos that advertise against dandruff, and they did not help. It already feel sorry to waste money on nonsense. My mother made a recipe with apple cider vinegar. Well, I have been using it for 2 months and it's great. Dandruff is not coming back and that is the most important thing. My younger brother has a problem with acne and he uses vinegar diluted with water. The results are quite good. Milan

Precautions and other important information

What you perhaps understood reading this article is that the vinegar for face, hair and skin is always used diluted with water or clear juice, honey and baking soda.

Consumption of pure vinegar is not recommended, because of the acetic acid that can irritate the oesophagus and intestines. In addition, its direct application to the skin can cause irritation, rashes and itching.

Consumption of apple cider vinegar is not recommended if you use laxatives, diuretics and insulin. It also can damage tooth enamel and irritate the soft structure of the oral cavity, and therefore must be used diluted with water or juice.

If you are a supporter and use vinegar for health care then you have to be careful to avoid these negative effects. Keep yourself informed about the product when purchasing and read the instructions noted on the label.

As you saw, vinegar for the face and hair care is often used, and its benefits to the health are obvious if used properly. We recommend that you try some of the above mentioned recipes because they will blow your mind and help solve your problems.