Sesame oil for face wrinkles and sun tanning

How to use sesame oil for the face and skin

Cold-pressed sesame oil is a real sensation around the world in recent years. An amazing fact is that the grains of these plants are used for almost 5,000 years, primarily because of the nutritional and medicinal properties. This yellow-brown, viscous liquid has a mild flavour that is reminiscent of a nut, and as such can be used in addition to many dishes.

What sesame oil makes it special is that it can be effectively used as a natural cosmetic product. Removing dark circles, pimples, acne and wrinkles is far simpler and easier with this gift of nature. In India, the women willingly used it for grooming the hair, and therefore it is no wonder why they have such a beautiful, dark and thick hair. Therefore, we will share with you more information about why is sesame oil good for the face and hair, as well as how and in what way can it be used.

The medicinal properties of sesame oil are numerous

Sesame seeds, as you know is a very powerful food that is much needed in the human diet. Although tiny, these grains have a use for more than five millennia, which is why to this day people love to grow and use it. The most famous product of this plant is sesame oil, for which you have probably heard that it is good for the skin and hair.

It is obtained by processes of pressing and crushing the seeds, causing it to releases its fat in liquid form. This is a standard procedure, although today chemical means and methods are used to get a real sesame oil. And, as you can see for yourself, we recommend the traditional way of making this product, and its preparation requires a greater amount of seeds.

Sesame oil is highly appreciated in India and in other Asian cultures. In fact, these people consider it sacred and used it in various religious rituals and ceremonies. This generally is not surprising, given that sesame seeds origin is from this area. Today it is cultivated mainly in China and the Middle East.
There are many medicinal properties of sesame oil on which we can talk to you. Since the nutritional value of the grain is used to make the composition, it can be used for prevention and treatment of numerous diseases.

Sesame oil is particularly useful because it contains minerals such as copper (0.7 mg), manganese (0.7 mg), calcium (277 mg) and magnesium (99.7 mg). But that is not all, because this beneficial liquid is rich in vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which is in dire need for your body for the proper functioning of the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The use of sesame oil and 10 health benefits

All medicinal substances, minerals and vitamins are combined in this preparation so that it has a very beneficial and useful effect. Therefore, we will share with you some information about what is a good sesame oil as a medicine.

It is rich in protein and is very nutritious

This is great news for all vegetarians, as well as for those who want to eliminate excess weight. Since the sesame oil in the diet is used by a growing number of people, certainly you need to incorporate it in your diet. Be sure that it will be responsible for the feeling of satiety, because in 0.2 dl there is 4.7 grams of protein.

It is beneficial for dental health

One of the biggest advantages that sesame oil has for men is that it very easy to remove plaque from teeth. It is sufficient to occasionally take a little of this mixture and rinse the mouth with it. In this way you will improve oral hygiene and strengthen the gums, which is certainly better than many expensive chemicals. Another interesting feature is that you can use sesame oil for tooth whitening, because it shows excellent results.

Preserves health of respiratory organs 

One of the lesser-known properties of sesame oil is that it prevents diseases of the airways. In Eastern cultures it represented the opinion that this preparation successfully protects against asthma, which is very important nowadays. We highly recommend that you include it in the daily diet, especially if you are already suffering from this respiratory disease.

Prevents diabetes

Thanks to the fact that sesame seeds are rich in magnesium, this product is rich in these much-needed minerals. It is very important to take magnesium into the body daily, because it is proven that it is of crucial importance when it comes to preventing diabetes. Sesame oil improves overall health, and if you use it in the daily diet, it will affect the regular maintenance of blood sugar levels.

Lowers blood pressure

As well as being useful against diabetes, sesame oil is recommended to be used by persons that have symptoms of hypertension. Because of magnesium which has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, relaxes arteries and veins and thereby provides better blood supply, the use of sesame oil in the diet will help you to prevent high blood pressure, and thus significantly lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

It protects the heart and removes the blockage of arteries and veins

Following up on previous health benefits of this product, we will tell you that regular use avoids the occurrence of atherosclerosis. Sesame oil as a cure for heart has an extremely beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system, because it contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effect. Cleanses the blood of all toxins, removes blockages in the veins and arteries, and the heart will function normally and with a lot less stress.

Prevents the development of malignant diseases

Not only do antioxidants that sesame oil contains protect the cardiovascular system, it already successfully keeps your body from the occurrence of malignancies. This product contains phytate, which in combination with magnesium reduces the risk of colon cancer by 13%. It is therefore important to use it, to protect your health and the health of your family.

Strengthens bones and makes them less brittle

Thanks to the fact that it contains zinc and calcium, we can easily conclude that it is useful to use sesame oil for bones. It is effective in that it increases the density of bone tissue, and thus reinforces the skeleton and prevent the occurrence of fractures.

In addition, zinc deficiency can be a serious problem that results most often in osteoporosis, the disease of the spine and hips. With regular use, sesame oil for the bones will give your body everything it needs for improved mobility.

It improves digestion and prevents constipation

You must have encountered unpleasant things that ''lazy bowel'' can cause, namely a constant feeling of bloating, cramps and constipation. Since this is a very frustrating experience, we recommend that you solve these problems by using sesame oil. Seeds and this preparation contain fibre that will help regulate the digestive process, get rid of the constipation and really feel a significant relief.
Removes inflammation and pain caused by arthritis

Anti-inflammatory effect of sesame oil is actually due to the fact that it contains mineral copper. It is known for reducing pain and swelling, particularly those caused by arthritis. It is important for young and the elderly to use it, because in this way it will protect and preserve the health of bones and joints.

Use it for face against wrinkles 

As it can be inferred, the benefits of sesame oil are many and practically it is amazing how it has a beneficial effect on the human body. What makes this product particularly stand out, is that it is also used for cosmetic purposes. Primarily it should be noted that the sesame oil against wrinkles to this day is used in Africa and Asia, but in recent years it has become popular in Europe and America. It has a lot of useful ingredients that will make your skin beautiful and silky.

The presence of fatty acids, especially linoleic, will positively affect the hydration far better than any cream. Sesame oil for face is very rich in vitamins D and E to reduce scars and remove the rash due to external irritation.

It is very important that you know the impact that this oil has on face, and it is very positive, primarily because it effectively fights bacteria and infection. It soothes the skin, eliminates redness, acne, pimples, and blackheads and performs deep cleaning and detoxification of the pores.

Feel free to use sesame oil every morning instead of products, and it is sufficient to put it on a piece of cotton and in a circular motion apply to areas that are problematic. We recommend that you treat your face every morning with it because you will thus achieve a balanced and beautiful complexion.

Sesame oil for the face can be used to clean the skin, because it is quite thick and sticky. Therefore, it easily removes dead cells, dirt and debris of lipstick. Your pores will literally breathe and thus will improve the circulation of blood. We recommend that you massage your face massage on a daily basis, and thus your skin will be stronger and firmer.

What will surely surprise is that sesame oil for the face has a kind of anti-aging effect. It slows aging and that is something that is imperative in cosmetics, and the use of this product will be of great help.

Sesame oil for wrinkles works by preventing oxidation and rejuvenates the skin, and above all prevents new wrinkles and pore expansion. The combination of this and lavender oil is recommended as a substitute for a night cream, and the next morning you will notice that there are no dark circles and you really look fresher.

Use sesame oil for hair care

Of all the vegetable oils that are the best solution for hair care is that of sesame. There are indications that it is far better than coconut oil. For starters, if you are tired of treatments with various dyes that do not provide satisfactory results, we recommend sesame oil to darken hair. A big plus of this product is that it prevents premature appearance of grey hair, which will surely delight many of you.

Improves circulation of the scalp and is essential when preventing hair loss. Sesame oil as a remedy for this problem turned out to be very good, because it penetrates deep into the scalp and stimulates the blood supply. In this way it will improve the health of hair, strengthen it, to prevent its decline and you will notice that the hair is growing much faster than before.

In addition, sesame oil for hair can be used to prevent dandruff. It is best to already stop the use of expensive chemical shampoos and preparations if you have this problem.

How to eliminate dandruff?

Take one shampoo that is pH neutral, and every evening massage the scalp using sesame oil for hair. Leave it overnight and in the morning just rinse with lukewarm water. In this way you will have a better volume, and dandruff will be a thing of the distant past. Best results are achieved if this treatment is carried out during 30 days.

Make effective natural sunscreen

If you are tired of using different creams and lotions, the price of which is often high, you will be happy when we say that it is better to use sesame oil for sunbathing. There is no more natural and efficient way when it comes to keeping skin from harmful solar radiation.

This extraordinary natural product forms a protective layer on the surface and protects it throughout the day. Bring a bottle on the beach or simply use as preventive when staying outdoors during the hot summer days, in this way to protect you from dangerous UV rays.

The secret of why sesame oil is useful for tanning is because of its beneficial vitamin E. Its presence in this preparation means that it is a powerful antioxidant. This gives us additional points to the fact that here we have a natural lotion, completely harmless to skin care.
Sprinkle a few drops of sesame oil, and it will give your skin fresh, soft and at the end - even a natural tan, which is why you will feel very happy and satisfied.

Price of sesame oil, and where to buy it

Good news related to this product do not end. The great advantage of sesame oil, compared to other products of similar nature, is that it is inexpensive and is readily available today.

You can find it in health food stores and herbal pharmacies, where prices move slightly above 5 dollars for a bottle of 200 ml. As the demand for them is increasing, it is possible to order it over the Internet. This method is the simplest but first research about the preparation before you order it.

It should be noted that sesame oil as a medicine can be used only with prior consultation with your doctor. Those who exhibit allergic reactions to sesame should not use it, because in this case it can be a problem for digestion, increased nasal discharge, tearing and redness of the eyes, as well as the attack of suffocation.

Use in moderation and recommended doses does not leave any negative effects, so it is important that this gift of nature is used in the prescribed quantities, because in that way you will take the best advantage of it.